Thursday, December 20, 2007

ADHD Conference: Learning and the Brain

december 20 2007

New agenda ready:

February 7-9
San Francisco

Learning and the Brain

Cognitive neuroscience is discovering how the brain pays attention and remembers. At this conference, you will explore techniques to help students improve their focus on learning, treatments for attention and learning disorders, and the impacts of maturation, temperament, environment and gender on wiring the brain for learning and memory.

This conference brings you the most recent findings from preeminent neuroscientists themselves to help you enhance your work with children and adolescents.

An internationally acclaimed series of speakers will review the latest research in the following areas:

* Educating the Brain
* Mindsets & Attention Networks
* Teaching Adolescent Minds
* Brain Development & Maturation
* Gender, Personality & Temperament
* Reading & Math Intervention
* Training the Brain to Pay Attention
* Nature of Learning & Memory
* Treatments for LD & ADHD
* Self-Control & Self-Regulation
* Brain-Based Teaching & Learning
* Special Ed, Autism & Mental Illness

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