Saturday, December 1, 2007


So you want to know more about me.

Well, what do you want to know?

Are you interested in me as a person, in what education I have had, in my function in society, or do you want to know more about what really matters?

I'm a mom of 6 children.
4 of them have to deal with autism disorder.
  • the oldest: asperger syndrome and ADD
  • son 2: PDD-NOS
  • son 3: ADHD and dyslexia
  • son 4: classical autism

I also have two girls, twins. One of the has to deal with dyslexia too.

I'm a psychologist and writer. (I don't like to boast about my abilities, and I'm not a proud person, so I'll leave it to that.)

English is my second language, so I guess reading my texts might create a strange feeling at times.
But maybe that's just my way of writing.

I like to be as concrete as possible.
Ofcourse I know people who want to impress with their intelligence often write terribly long analysis in wooly sentences, using lots of generalisations and understatements.
If needed I can produce texts like those too.
But I've choosen to be as straightforward as possible.
I want that all people can understand what's written without too much effort to concentrate.

My blog is a mix of everything.

Ofcourse about my experiences with my family.
There's so much happening each day, so many things to fight for.

But I also write about politics, health, lifestyle... you name it (or ask it) and I'll write about it.

I love memes. They're just fun, but at times they make me think about certain subjects.

Music is very important in my life.

I sing (since I was 4) and I play all sorts of musical instruments (flutes, whistles, the violin, guitar, some african instruments, and bagpipes.)
I've been a balletdancer a main part of my life, I've been a balletteacher and a choreographer.

One way or another I was always able to combine my studies with my dancing.
I can't think of a more perfect balance.

One of my main dreams in life is travelling.
Now the children are growing older I hope I can realise some of my travelling dreams.

Right now we're too much struggling for money.
I've started sponsored blogging to be able to do something for myself at times.
It's interesting to write about all sorts of products and services, especially if it means that a few dollars are waiting afterwards.

I'm living in The Netherlands, a country in Europe.
It's a country that triggers a lot of phantastic stories by some people.
Especially stories that are based on phantasy.

It's interesting how many people (including Dr. Phil...) have an opinion about my country and the inhabitants without ever been there (longer than a 2 day Amsterdam trip), and without ever having engaged in a discussion which lasted for hours.

Our discussions are the way we think: fast, loud, enthousiastic, impulsive, straightforward, but also respectful for the opinions of others.
Some people think we're having a huge fight, but all we do is challenge each other to express our thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Blogging is to me a way to vent, to update my friends (abroad) about what's going on in our lives, to think aloud, and to enjoy the time I'm watching the children or waiting for them to come home.

I'm always willing to answer questions about me and my country.

So when this introduction isn't enough, just let me know.



  1. I share our views totally about how you write i.e. straightforward and also what blogging means to you (and me).

  2. I've tried three times to leave this comment on your most recent post but keep getting the same error message about my email being invalid (when it's entered correctly). I was looking for an email address to send it directly when I found this ... so what follows is what I wanted to say on your June 14th post.

    I'm saddened to read of this disappointment for all of you! Graduation marks a 'commencement' ... moving forth into the next phase of life ... and I'm hopeful the newspaper will publish the names in the next edition, acknowledging their oversight and apologizing.

    I noticed you opted not to participate in Saturday 9 this morning since your father died many years ago. I almost skipped it for the same reason, then decided to 'modify' it a bit and share a Saturday 6 ... using it as an opportunity to reflect and share memories of my dad. I hope you'll drop by Small Reflections if time permits.
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog. Bagpipes...I love to hear them and am always overwhelmed at how complicated they look. I have never been to the Netherlands, but hope to some day since it was the home of my grandfather. Your blog is lovely...the colors and graphics, perfect!

  4. Hi! I know this is off-topic but I not sure where else to post this. I got an award today and I would like to pay it forward. As a thank you for taking the time to visit my site, may I present:

  5. Hi Laane.
    Nice to meet you and know a bit more about you.

  6. Interesting introduction, especially the part of how we, the Dutch, discus.
    I can tell you: do that in Turkey and you're OUT. Many Turkish friends always accuss me of being so crtitical and biased against Turks and Turkey while I am living here for 7 years. Being critical is almost impossible here, since you are not allowed to be critical at school, at home, at work, college etc..))
    but I still love it in Turkey.


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