Tuesday, December 18, 2007

10 on tuesday

december 18 2007

10 New Year’s Resolutions

I'm not a person to make new year's resolutions.
I can't plan things, like other people can, because the children pose surprises almost every day.
Life is difficult enough without burdening me with things I need to do, but hej..I'm lucky. I don't smoke, drink, steal, gamble. I just let life pass and hope the future will be better than today.
  1. Get the best care for my children.
  2. Write a book about my experiences with them, the schools, and those who "care".
  3. Don't gain more weight (I managed this year. Woohoo!)
  4. Work a bit more or make more money in the same time. LOL!
  5. Bring even more topics under the attention of those people in the government that can change things.
  6. Try to find some time for myself, not like blogging and watching the kids, but just doing something for myself.
  7. Go to Scotland or visit friends abroad
  8. Get in contact with my university friend again.
  9. Study the bagpipes more often.
  10. Buy myself something once in a while

Merry christmas!

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