Wednesday, November 28, 2007

works for me

november 28 2007

This week something about hiding Sinterklaas and Christmas presents.

With a family of 8 hiding presents can be terribly stressful. When they find something the fun is taken away and buying something new is often out of the question.

So for the little presents I keep the washingpowderboxes. The empty ones are stored between the full ones and none ever has told me I don't need much detergent.
I wrap the presents in plastic, so they won't smell afterwards, and put them in a box with a little washingpowder. I cut a little hole in one or two corners, so when someone wants to take a box, it starts leaking powder. (Ha...that'll teach them!!)

For the large presents I have created room at the attick.
In the winter there's a large collection of boxes with summerclothes.
Behind the boxes there's space for real large items, if we have them, and otherwise the presents are stored in a box with "summerunderwear of the girls", right under the lovely T-shirts. So when they start looking in the boxes they'll start fitting the t-shirts. By the time they have seen them all I have found them there. LOL!

I've been doing this for ages and it works for me.

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  1. Oh, that is very clever!! I need some more ideas for my very crafty peekers! Thank you for sharing it!!

  2. Very clever ideas! My son is just getting to the sneaking age (3 1/2)--first year I need to hide presents! Thanks!

  3. Sounds like you have things under control. I always wonder about my hiding places. I used to give coded names to each of my kids so they wouldn't know which packages under the tree were theirs!

  4. Great idea!!! I end up hiding everything at my mom's house...LOL!

  5. How very clever. We have an attic space that isn't accessible to the kids, and that's where things usually end up.

  6. My mom used to wrap my presents in white butcher paper and write "liver" on them then put them in the freezer... It worked!

    Laane- thanks for stopping by my blog!


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