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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

works for me

november 21 2007

In time for the holidays I discovered a way to teach my puberty hormones driven boys some normal hygienic behaviour.
Many young people with autism spectrum disorder dislike water.

Showering is for some of my boys a delight. If I'm not turning the water cold from downstairs they would spill an ocean full of water,
others hate to wash themselves, which has made me wish the ceiling would burst and all the water from the showing person would just pour over them in one great big gush.

But now I've found a way to get those smelly boys to shower.

Hidden fore their eyes I've hung a little pot near the staircase downstairs.
As soon as I've told them to shower and they've refused, I'm taking an old bottle of perfume and pour a bit in the little pot.

I hate the smell of stale perfume, and so do they.

When they take the stairs, their nose passes the pot in cm's distance, so they'll get the full odeur.
They hate it. Yoooohooo!

I've told them that they won't smell it when they're showered, because they wask off the dirty hormones and they can't interact with the environment anymore.

Ofcourse they don't understand the clue... but it works for me!!!

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