Sunday, November 25, 2007

unconscious mutterings

november 25 2007

  1. Filthy :: dirty streets

  2. Therapist :: the school of my son (see here ) could do with one.

  3. Duck :: Ducklings... Oohh I long for spring!

  4. Slant ::

  5. Artist :: I've seen an african painter the other day. Wow!

  6. Lease :: rental

  7. Wish :: travelling

  8. Doormat :: lots of mail

  9. Global :: peace

  10. Apartment :: wish I had a place of my own

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  1. Hi Laane,

    Very interesting association of doormat to lots of mails. Your mails come right to the door step? I mean not inside a letter box or something? :D


  2. Hi again Laane,

    Sorry for this double post. I just saw that you do sponsored posts as well. I wonder if you would like to do this tag? I will put your name and blog on mine for now, please let me know if you are interested.


  3. Hi, thanks for visiting.
    I love your "Don't comment on my english when you can't write Dutch." ~ lol! I have spent time in Holland (Ijmuiden / Haarlem / Amsterdam) and in France (where my parents live) with Dutch friends (from Utrecht) and it seems to be such a hard language! And you all speak such good English! So I shall stick with English, French, Welsh and a smattering of Spanish ... maybe Dutch one day ;o)

  4. I have a therapist (who is a dick) that we can send to your school... bet they would get along great! :P

    Nice mutterings!

  5. Hey, Laane,
    I'm not actually worried. I was indulging in sarcasm.

    Oo, I want to see an African painter, too!

  6. I enjoy your mutterings! Sorry about your son's school. It must be difficult to worry about.

  7. I'd almost forgotten the joy of having mail slipped through the slot in the front door to land on the mat. Especially on cold, rainy, or snowy days when I just don't want to go out to collect it - it's a little luxury.
    I also especially liked your answer to apartment:: I could really identify with it.
    As for language: I don't mock other people's language skills. I speak (or have spoken) enough Japanese, Spanish, German, and Turkish to start a conversation - which (if I'm fortunate) results in the other person trying out his or her English skills on me.


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