Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Romance Novels

november 28 2007

...when she arrived at the top of the stairs, she overlooked the visitors who were talking and laughing. The murmering noises of the party reached high up to where she was standing. Unseen.
Her winebrown hairs reflected the lights of the chandelier.

Suddenly the people at the main entrance moved aside and a dark handsome man stepped into the light of the party.

She felt the lace of her blouse against her skin, and her heart beating, when she walked down the stairs and his eyes caught her eyes in one long moment of endless eternity.

It's how I started one of the main projects at school.
My teacher was a writer and he wanted us to finish one major subject in our final year: the beginning and the end of a romance novel.

We, girls, used to read Witte Raven Pockets.
Little booklets with stories that told of young girls experiencing their first love.
Instead of studying we were caught in the almost real life phantasieworlds of girls that could have been us.
Instead of being kissed by a boy from school, we were kissed by the most handsome men of the world.

When real life grasped me at least I was warned what would happen with my feelings.
I didn't want the smelly puberty hormones driven classmates with acne, because I longed for the one and only love.

I didn't find him, he found me.
For two years I lived the live of a romance novel.
Then he got lost in university life and his lesser characteristics made him go for the money, the student society and independence.

Maybe that's the reason why I still love to read romance novels.
They take me to a world that I sense could be mine.
They feed my inner longing that maybe, maybe I'll find the man I need and who needs me.

I forget my loneliness when I read a romance novel before falling sleep.

A few months ago I read a whole series about a scottish family.
Each book featured another member, and the history of Scotland was explained through the lives of these people.
My few Scottish drops of blood were thrilled.

I hated history at school, but I love to read historical romance novels.
Many authors writing these stories have a thourough knowledge of their subject and while enjoying the passion and adventure, I learn about the habits and facts of the time the novel is situated in.

Romance novels often reflect the culture of the language they're written in.
Being multilangual has advantages. LOL!

There's a novel for every woman who wants to dream.


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