Tuesday, November 27, 2007

psychiatry and meds

november 27 2007

After all the mistakes at the psychiatry department another one is added.
Last week I called for a new prescription Risperdal for my autistic son.

Shouldn't have been a problem.
In the past we called, had the paperwork at home two or three days later, and that was it.

Maybe we had a little devil telling us problems were ahead.
We called 4 days before running out of pills.

It's 6 days later and still we have no prescription.

At least we know how he is without Risperdal. Thank you.
Or need I say that I completely understand again why we agreed with giving him these meds?

The day before yesterday we asked a friend for one dosage.
But he had a problem taking it because it was not his usual one tablet, but there were two little brown tablets.

I've phoned psychiatry again, told them he was without meds for two days already and I would carry him straight to their front door at the end of the afternoon, unless they faxed the recipe straight to the pharmacist.

The girl said she would take care of it.

Will she??

to be continued...


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