Friday, November 23, 2007

My friend is online again

november 23 2007

A dear friend couldn't be found online anymore.
I blogged about it the other day.

Her site was disappeared, and none had mailed with her.

It made me feel sick not knowing what was the matter.

A few years ago Star and her sister Gayle died in a car accident.
It was the day after we had a long international phonecall.
It took me weeks to find out.
And I still don't know where she's burried.

So I wasn't amazed I felt bad about not hearing from my friend.

At last I had the courage to send a mail to her son, and today I got an answer from my friend.
A lot had happened, but she's well.

I am soooo happy!!!!

Isn't that great for thanksgiving????


  1. For Friday Feast the Chef is away so I put up a feast on my blog if you want to join.

  2. i am very glad that you get back your friend.
    thanks for your post.

  3. congratulation. you find your friend.
    keep posting.

  4. I'm so glad you found her again! :-)


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