Monday, November 26, 2007

It's monday and no school

november 26 2007

We've had a terrible weekend.

My autistic son hasn't gone to school for a while because he was bullied.

Ofcourse there's a time to go again, but each week it has been a hige problem to get him started again.

Last week the school was putting considerable pressure on us.
Like we don't want our son to go.

So I had a talk with my son, and he agreed to go.

Ofcourse that was just to keep us quiet.

The whole weekend I have been clear about it all: he has to go to school.
Each time school was mentioned he got angry and yesterday he just panicked by the thought.

He's afraid to go, because that bully is still there.
And from his brother he knows that that bully hasn't stopped troubling others in the meantime.

Yesterday.. the nearer monday came, the more stressed and panicky he became.

So I mailed the school he won't come and they'd better wait for our next appointment with the psychiatrist.

Problem is that the person who needs to decide to accept this as sickleave or as skipping school, and thus has to report him to the authorities, doesn't understand one little bit about authism.

In the past he has made clear we have been bad parents and should have been more firm with him, the same remark ignorant people make when they witness an autistic child in the shops.

We, parents of autistic children, are confronted with remarks like these all the time.

I'm lucky.
I have three children who show clearly that my upbringing is perfectly OK.
Otherwise I would even start to doubt myself.

My autistic son is in his final year and has to do his schoolexams.

The school can't provide a quiet environment, can't provide a safe environment and doesn't even understand that he needs a daily routine which shouldn't be disrupted by lessons that are dropped, changing rooms and a lot more.
He has to read books he doesn't understand because he doesn't understand social relationships and emotions.

So we've had a very stressfull weekend and I can only hope the guy uses his brains and lets more educated people handle the situation.


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  2. Aah, yup, I know these problems. I quit going to college two years ago because of the silly school system. I totally couldn't get on with my classmates, and I spent the lunch breaks in a toilet cubicle just to get out of chaos. :(


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