Wednesday, November 28, 2007


november 28 2007

School have to deal with bullies because they're legally responsible to provide a safe environment for all children.

The last month my boys had to deal with a bad case of uncontrolled behaviour , bullying, of a boy in their group.
After the bully physically attacked another boy, my autistic son said his school goodbye. He was afraid he would be the next target, and it was ofcourse the perfect excuse to skip school.

My other son kept coming home with stories, and the school kept replying they would deal with the matter.

But nothing happened.

Last monday my son was so fed up with the whole situation, that he got so restless in the group that he had to leave the classroom.

Again the whole normal procedure followed: boy angry, coordinator trying to calm him with tactless remarks, etc etc.
They landed in the principals office and my son told him very polite that he didn't see any results of the efforts of the school te keep that bully away from him.

The same day the father of another boy went to school and was less friendly than we are about the whole situation.

Suddenly there was movement...

The bully is now put in a completely different group.... Woohoo!!!

Now we have to find a way to get my autistic son to school.
He'slost one excise now.


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