Saturday, November 24, 2007

Autism insurance legislation in Michigan

november 24 2007

Michigan Legislative Update

Autism insurance legislation will be introduced into the Michigan
House of Representatives in early December! Representative Kathy
Angerer will be introducing two bills requiring insurance companies
to cover diagnosis and treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
These Bills are companion bills to Senate Bills 784 & 785 that were
introduced into the Michigan Senate by Senator Tupac Hunter in
September. A press conference is scheduled for Dec. 4th at 12:30pm
in Room 426 of the Capitol Building in Lansing. The press conference
will announce the introduction of the legislation. Anyone who wishes
to attend the press conference is welcome! Please come and show your

A hearing in front of the Health Policy Committee is scheduled for
Dec. 13 at 9am. The hearing will be held at:

MI House of Representatives

House Office Building

Room 519

124 N. Capitol

Lansing, MI 48933

Everyone who can come to the hearing is encouraged to attend! We
need a strong showing to let our Representatives know how
desperately this legislation is needed!! This is also the time to
get those personal stories written and sent to us. Each letter will
be attached to the written testimony at the hearing. Our email
address is: autisminsurancemi@ sbcglobal. net Please include your
address so a copy can also be hand-delivered to your local
Representative' s office in Lansing on the day of the hearing. We
have worked very hard to get these bills introduced, but we need
your help to ensure they pass and become law! Your legislator's need
to hear that Autism Insurance Coverage is an important issue to you
and your family. Together we can pass this important legislation!
For the latest news & information you can visit our blog site at:

http://autisminsura ncemichigan. blogspot. com/

Please forward this Autism Insurance News to others you know in the


A coalition meeting will be held on Nov. 28th at 7:00 pm at Judson Center in Royal Oak.
The meeting will be a coalition of autism groups from around the state and interested parents.
The coalition will be used to kick off the newly formed Michigan ACTION which stands for Autism Coalition Targeting Insurance, Options and Networking.

We want people to be prepared and knowledgeable about the new autism legislation that is finally HAPPENING in this state!


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