Tuesday, December 11, 2007

10 on tuesday

december 11 2007

10 things you want for christmas
For me alone?
  1. a gardenhouse
  2. a ticket to fly to my friends abroad and stay in a posh hotel
  3. smallpipes for both bellows and mouth blown
  4. hurdy gurdy
  5. dollhouse furniture and lamps 1:24 and 1:12
  6. new floor in the house
  7. something nice to wear at christmas
  8. a nice fountainpen
  9. a new watch
  10. just something nice

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  1. Hope you get everything you're wishing for!

  2. awesome list! dollhouses are so! much! fun! and yes, the exclaimation points are totally neccessary.

  3. I like your list of Christmas wants! I think I would definately go with #2 and #10, too!

  4. Get me a ticket too! I'd love to fly somewhere exotic and stay in a posh hotel. Room service is my friend!


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