Friday, November 30, 2007

C*H Designs

november 30 2007

Caroline is a dear friend and a very talented artist.

Within the Country Graphics Community she's a wellknown and very valued artist, who has inspired many with her mandelas and who regularly surprises us with a new character.

These mandeals and characters can be found at her new online needlecraft pattern store called: C*H Designs.
Here she offers her one of a kind designs as embroidery patterns.
Payable through paypal, they come in a PDF file.
You're not limited by the colourchoice of the artist, you can choose your own fabric and other material, so you can experiment with colours and texture, which adds to the pleasure of needlework.

The designs on offer are not only suitable for birthdays, special events and everyday life, but some are also real christmasdesigns.
For example: Ginger Angel and Prim Kid Angel are perfect christmaspresents, either as patterns or as finished products.
Framed an embroidered pattern will be a real jem, but a wintersweater will look marvellous with it too.

Caroline offers a lot of information on her site, and ofcourse new characters will be added regularly.
When you've finished your embroidery you can display it at Caroline's site.

Need I say more?

friday's feast

november 30 2007

What is your favorite carnival/amusement park ride?

We're never going to amusement parks. Can't. They're too far away and too expensive.
I like the observation wheel, though. The higher the better.

How do you react in uncomfortable social situations?

That depends.

When I'm in a meeting I feel myself becoming more businesslike and observant. Often even before the situation becomes uncomfortable at a conscious level.
I'm thinking more strategic then.

When people are trying to start a row with me, I back out. Unless I need to get things done for the children. Then I clearly state that I don't want a row, but that I need to get things arranged for the children, and then I state my wishes.

Competition is often for me uncomfortable too, regardless whether I'm the best or not.
Most of the time I don't play the game.
When someone wants to compete, OK, but not with me.

When people are unkind to me I withdraw from the situation, but go back at a later time and ask why.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy discussing deep, philosophical topics?

At 100.
We Dutch like to discuss..a lot!!
Foreigners often think that we're arguing, but were just duscussing matters and can drink a beer later without any problem.

Main Course
Did you get a flu shot this year? If not, do you plan to?

Yes, I did.
I'm a diabetic and I have asthma, so I got the advice to get the shot.

I've had a bad flu just a month before the shut and was very ill. So I was motivated this year.

Approximately how many hours per week do you spend watching television?

Let's see:

  • 250 min As The World Turns 50 min a day 5 days
  • 50 Casualty
  • 50 Holby
  • 50 House

So that's 400 min, add the news, occassionally some cabaret.

Say 8 hours.

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After a week of unrest an earthquake of 7.4 in the Caribbean

november 20 2007

The earth has been far from quiet the last week.

Have a look at the dates:

  • 23 4 quakes between 5.3 and 5.8 (1 Papua New Guinea, 3 Tonga)
  • 24 4 quakes between 5.0 and 5.7
  • 25 9 quakes between 5.0 and 6.4 (6.4 and 6.3 at Sumbawa region, Indonesia; 6.1 Kepulauan Mentawai Region, Indonesia.
  • 26 9 quakes between 5.0 and 5.8
  • 27 8 quakes between 5.0 and 6.6 (6.6 Solomon Islands)
  • 28 2 quakes between 5.0 and 5.3
  • 29 7 quakes between 5.0 and 7.4

The quake of 7.4 has been at the Martinique Region, Windward Islands.
That's the eastern Caribbean.

Minor injuries have been reported from the Island of Martinique.
The earthquake was felt in Suriname, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

The quake was too deep for a tsunami. (90 miles.)

There has been damage, but how much is not yet clear.


Amaze the world

november 30 2007

We've had a talk a school about one of the girls.

She's had a difficult time with a bad teachers three years ago, and we've always thought she's intelligent, but not too good at doing schoolwork.

Well, I'm not thinking that anymore.

Looking back she has taken a year of relaxation after that bad year, started to work last year, and now she's at full speed.

Last year the teachers asked us to enable her to do the year again.
She didn't want to.
I told her that meant very hard work to keep up with the others... eh... to get at the same level as the others.

A few months ago she wasn't at the level of maths and a few other subjects as other children her age.

And now she's OK.

Next year she can apply for a place at the school she wants to go to, and not at the lowest level.

This girl is petite, but when she wants something she goes for it.

I told her: "amaze the world."
She did!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

works for me

november 28 2007

This week something about hiding Sinterklaas and Christmas presents.

With a family of 8 hiding presents can be terribly stressful. When they find something the fun is taken away and buying something new is often out of the question.

So for the little presents I keep the washingpowderboxes. The empty ones are stored between the full ones and none ever has told me I don't need much detergent.
I wrap the presents in plastic, so they won't smell afterwards, and put them in a box with a little washingpowder. I cut a little hole in one or two corners, so when someone wants to take a box, it starts leaking powder. (Ha...that'll teach them!!)

For the large presents I have created room at the attick.
In the winter there's a large collection of boxes with summerclothes.
Behind the boxes there's space for real large items, if we have them, and otherwise the presents are stored in a box with "summerunderwear of the girls", right under the lovely T-shirts. So when they start looking in the boxes they'll start fitting the t-shirts. By the time they have seen them all I have found them there. LOL!

I've been doing this for ages and it works for me.

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The shoes for sinterklaas

november 28 2007

The girls were allowed to put their shoes at school for sinterklaas.

They all got an orange and a few pepernoten.

I remember the days in the past, when the boys were still at school there.
The shops sponsored the event and the kids all got a toy in their shoe.

I still have one of the little cars.

The former principal did a lot more for school than this one.
He visited all the stores to ask for help, and he included them all in a thank-you evening at the end of the year.

That way parents, teachers and shopowners grew a little bit more towards each other.
Knowing each other helps a lot to give people more the feeling of home in a neighbourhood.

The twins are ill

november 28 2007

One of the girls has been ill since sunday.
Lots of coughing and coughing.

She looks even more tiny than she ever did before.

She loves to curl up in bed and doze off with a bit of music.

Ofcourse....when one is ill, the others will follow in a large family.

So noe her sister doesn't feel well.

She's got a fever and is coughing once in a while.

I guess we're turning into a little hospital here again


november 28 2007

School have to deal with bullies because they're legally responsible to provide a safe environment for all children.

The last month my boys had to deal with a bad case of uncontrolled behaviour , bullying, of a boy in their group.
After the bully physically attacked another boy, my autistic son said his school goodbye. He was afraid he would be the next target, and it was ofcourse the perfect excuse to skip school.

My other son kept coming home with stories, and the school kept replying they would deal with the matter.

But nothing happened.

Last monday my son was so fed up with the whole situation, that he got so restless in the group that he had to leave the classroom.

Again the whole normal procedure followed: boy angry, coordinator trying to calm him with tactless remarks, etc etc.
They landed in the principals office and my son told him very polite that he didn't see any results of the efforts of the school te keep that bully away from him.

The same day the father of another boy went to school and was less friendly than we are about the whole situation.

Suddenly there was movement...

The bully is now put in a completely different group.... Woohoo!!!

Now we have to find a way to get my autistic son to school.
He'slost one excise now.

Romance Novels

november 28 2007

...when she arrived at the top of the stairs, she overlooked the visitors who were talking and laughing. The murmering noises of the party reached high up to where she was standing. Unseen.
Her winebrown hairs reflected the lights of the chandelier.

Suddenly the people at the main entrance moved aside and a dark handsome man stepped into the light of the party.

She felt the lace of her blouse against her skin, and her heart beating, when she walked down the stairs and his eyes caught her eyes in one long moment of endless eternity.

It's how I started one of the main projects at school.
My teacher was a writer and he wanted us to finish one major subject in our final year: the beginning and the end of a romance novel.

We, girls, used to read Witte Raven Pockets.
Little booklets with stories that told of young girls experiencing their first love.
Instead of studying we were caught in the almost real life phantasieworlds of girls that could have been us.
Instead of being kissed by a boy from school, we were kissed by the most handsome men of the world.

When real life grasped me at least I was warned what would happen with my feelings.
I didn't want the smelly puberty hormones driven classmates with acne, because I longed for the one and only love.

I didn't find him, he found me.
For two years I lived the live of a romance novel.
Then he got lost in university life and his lesser characteristics made him go for the money, the student society and independence.

Maybe that's the reason why I still love to read romance novels.
They take me to a world that I sense could be mine.
They feed my inner longing that maybe, maybe I'll find the man I need and who needs me.

I forget my loneliness when I read a romance novel before falling sleep.

A few months ago I read a whole series about a scottish family.
Each book featured another member, and the history of Scotland was explained through the lives of these people.
My few Scottish drops of blood were thrilled.

I hated history at school, but I love to read historical romance novels.
Many authors writing these stories have a thourough knowledge of their subject and while enjoying the passion and adventure, I learn about the habits and facts of the time the novel is situated in.

Romance novels often reflect the culture of the language they're written in.
Being multilangual has advantages. LOL!

There's a novel for every woman who wants to dream.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

psychiatry and meds 2

november 27 2007

After calling psychiatry again for the meds, and have them fax it to the pharmacist, we finally have them.

What a relief!

I don't think it's a good beginning for the new psychiatrist, but for us it's a nice way to get to know here a little better.

How will she deal with this?
Will she ignore it, make excuses?
Give us an extra prescription in case of?

Well, I finally have my answer.
I now know how he is without meds.

He's just himself, but he's far more frightened, stressed and his meltdowns have the character of lightning: fast, loud, and fierce.

psychiatry and meds

november 27 2007

After all the mistakes at the psychiatry department another one is added.
Last week I called for a new prescription Risperdal for my autistic son.

Shouldn't have been a problem.
In the past we called, had the paperwork at home two or three days later, and that was it.

Maybe we had a little devil telling us problems were ahead.
We called 4 days before running out of pills.

It's 6 days later and still we have no prescription.

At least we know how he is without Risperdal. Thank you.
Or need I say that I completely understand again why we agreed with giving him these meds?

The day before yesterday we asked a friend for one dosage.
But he had a problem taking it because it was not his usual one tablet, but there were two little brown tablets.

I've phoned psychiatry again, told them he was without meds for two days already and I would carry him straight to their front door at the end of the afternoon, unless they faxed the recipe straight to the pharmacist.

The girl said she would take care of it.

Will she??

to be continued...

Monday, November 26, 2007

manic monday

November 26 2007

Which personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble?

Pfff... Can I answer this one next year?

I think the most troubles are caused by ... hmmm...

I'm a bit shy. Not when it's about the children or others, but when it's about me.
Not really on internet, but in real life I am.
I can make the perfect impression that I'm open and outgoing, but people won't see how I really feel.

I haven't had real troubles with it. Unless you count not finding a loving husband real troubles.

If you had to gain 10 pounds what would you eat to gain the weight?

Applepie, schwarzwalderkirschtorte, icecream, fudge.

How is your private self different from your public self?

People see me as the woman who stands up for her children, who has an outspoken opinion, who's never lost of a kind word and who can turn into a stand up comedian in a waitingroom.

I'm rather quiet at home...

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It's monday and no school

november 26 2007

We've had a terrible weekend.

My autistic son hasn't gone to school for a while because he was bullied.

Ofcourse there's a time to go again, but each week it has been a hige problem to get him started again.

Last week the school was putting considerable pressure on us.
Like we don't want our son to go.

So I had a talk with my son, and he agreed to go.

Ofcourse that was just to keep us quiet.

The whole weekend I have been clear about it all: he has to go to school.
Each time school was mentioned he got angry and yesterday he just panicked by the thought.

He's afraid to go, because that bully is still there.
And from his brother he knows that that bully hasn't stopped troubling others in the meantime.

Yesterday.. the nearer monday came, the more stressed and panicky he became.

So I mailed the school he won't come and they'd better wait for our next appointment with the psychiatrist.

Problem is that the person who needs to decide to accept this as sickleave or as skipping school, and thus has to report him to the authorities, doesn't understand one little bit about authism.

In the past he has made clear we have been bad parents and should have been more firm with him, the same remark ignorant people make when they witness an autistic child in the shops.

We, parents of autistic children, are confronted with remarks like these all the time.

I'm lucky.
I have three children who show clearly that my upbringing is perfectly OK.
Otherwise I would even start to doubt myself.

My autistic son is in his final year and has to do his schoolexams.

The school can't provide a quiet environment, can't provide a safe environment and doesn't even understand that he needs a daily routine which shouldn't be disrupted by lessons that are dropped, changing rooms and a lot more.
He has to read books he doesn't understand because he doesn't understand social relationships and emotions.

So we've had a very stressfull weekend and I can only hope the guy uses his brains and lets more educated people handle the situation.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

unconscious mutterings

november 25 2007

  1. Filthy :: dirty streets

  2. Therapist :: the school of my son (see here ) could do with one.

  3. Duck :: Ducklings... Oohh I long for spring!

  4. Slant ::

  5. Artist :: I've seen an african painter the other day. Wow!

  6. Lease :: rental

  7. Wish :: travelling

  8. Doormat :: lots of mail

  9. Global :: peace

  10. Apartment :: wish I had a place of my own

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

letter from school

november 24 2007

Got a letter in the mail from the school of my autistic son.

I'm getting a bit irritated by the way the school acts.

They don't realise that laying pressure on us doesn't change the handicap of my son.

What do they want us to do?
Hit him with a stick and have him run in front of us all the way to school?

We don't have a car, so we can't bind his legs and arms and carry him the car, drive in front of the schoolgate and let him out, right in the hands of that coordinator.

All those years we have been motivating, threatening, merchandising, begging, to go to school.

Thinsg went right, untill he saw that one of the bullies went to fight with another boy.
Yep, fight.
Like fists, black eye.

He has seen his brother come home after he was attacked in the street when he stood up for a friend who was robbed.

So I can completely understand why he doesn't feel safe at school.

The bullie has free reign... so who wants to live there.
Certainly not an autistic boy who can't see problems coming, and who's always the target, because he yells so interesting.

Autism insurance legislation in Michigan

november 24 2007

Michigan Legislative Update

Autism insurance legislation will be introduced into the Michigan
House of Representatives in early December! Representative Kathy
Angerer will be introducing two bills requiring insurance companies
to cover diagnosis and treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
These Bills are companion bills to Senate Bills 784 & 785 that were
introduced into the Michigan Senate by Senator Tupac Hunter in
September. A press conference is scheduled for Dec. 4th at 12:30pm
in Room 426 of the Capitol Building in Lansing. The press conference
will announce the introduction of the legislation. Anyone who wishes
to attend the press conference is welcome! Please come and show your

A hearing in front of the Health Policy Committee is scheduled for
Dec. 13 at 9am. The hearing will be held at:

MI House of Representatives

House Office Building

Room 519

124 N. Capitol

Lansing, MI 48933

Everyone who can come to the hearing is encouraged to attend! We
need a strong showing to let our Representatives know how
desperately this legislation is needed!! This is also the time to
get those personal stories written and sent to us. Each letter will
be attached to the written testimony at the hearing. Our email
address is: autisminsurancemi@ sbcglobal. net Please include your
address so a copy can also be hand-delivered to your local
Representative' s office in Lansing on the day of the hearing. We
have worked very hard to get these bills introduced, but we need
your help to ensure they pass and become law! Your legislator's need
to hear that Autism Insurance Coverage is an important issue to you
and your family. Together we can pass this important legislation!
For the latest news & information you can visit our blog site at:

http://autisminsura ncemichigan. blogspot. com/

Please forward this Autism Insurance News to others you know in the


A coalition meeting will be held on Nov. 28th at 7:00 pm at Judson Center in Royal Oak.
The meeting will be a coalition of autism groups from around the state and interested parents.
The coalition will be used to kick off the newly formed Michigan ACTION which stands for Autism Coalition Targeting Insurance, Options and Networking.

We want people to be prepared and knowledgeable about the new autism legislation that is finally HAPPENING in this state!


november 24 2007

A new list of recals is available at the site of the U.S. Consumer Safety commission.

  • Flashing Pacifiers

  • Visual Presenters

  • Pillow Slipcovers

  • Children’s Pencil Pouches

  • Children’s Metal Jewelry

  • Bracelets

  • Children’s Metal Jewelry

  • Necklace and Earring Sets

  • Crystal Innovations Jewelry

  • Shaving Paint Brushes

  • Fluorescent Shop Lights

  • Assorted Metal Jewelry

  • Wooden Storage Racks

  • Halloween-Themed Baskets

  • Birch Bark Candles

It's wise to subscribe to the newsletter so you know when you have dangerous items in your house.


Friday, November 23, 2007

friday's feast,

november 23 2007

As our chef is celebrating Thanksgiving and in his menu today is only turkey, for those who want to play anyway Gattina's put up a feast.
Here is the menu.

Imagine that you are deaf, dumb and insensitive to touch. What other image of happiness could you have?

Being deaf would be very difficult.
Music keeps me alive, so first I would try to find ways to restore a sense of hearing, even when that means feeling fibrations inside.

I've got a grotta. That's an instrument that is used for healing people.
I think I would use it far more than I do now.

Keeping my sight would be a real happiness.
I could travel all over the world, read and write.

Do you collect anything?

Oh yes: giraffes, little houses, fountain pens, teapots.
I love earrings and pendants, and musical instruments.
I stopped collecting children.

When do you start your Christmas?

Certainly not before Sinterklaas has gone. That's december 6.
Changing the home into a christmasfeel makes my autistic kid go nuts. He experiences it as a true change of the world and he has to find a new sense of home again.
So some years I decorate only minimal. Just depending how I feel about facing all the meltdowns.

Main Course
What would you do if you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down?

Stare back ...
Sheeshj...I don't know.
Maybe step towards it to make an end to the situation.

If you were in the library and had gas.

Who? Me? I never have gas???!!!


My friend is online again

november 23 2007

A dear friend couldn't be found online anymore.
I blogged about it the other day.

Her site was disappeared, and none had mailed with her.

It made me feel sick not knowing what was the matter.

A few years ago Star and her sister Gayle died in a car accident.
It was the day after we had a long international phonecall.
It took me weeks to find out.
And I still don't know where she's burried.

So I wasn't amazed I felt bad about not hearing from my friend.

At last I had the courage to send a mail to her son, and today I got an answer from my friend.
A lot had happened, but she's well.

I am soooo happy!!!!

Isn't that great for thanksgiving????

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Finding healthy recipes

november 22 2007

A daughter of a fried got an assignment in school that couldn't have come at a better time.

She needed to make a booklet with recipes that are healthy and reflect the culture of the countries.

Immediately she called me and asked me for help.

I had to smile.

Thanksgiving is a great time to find recipes. Especially now so many people are overweight, the healthy recipes get far more attention than in other years.

She managed to find some nice examples and went home very happy.

I adviced her to get in contact with some people in her street that are from another culture.
I know the woman is very nice and will help the girls with more than a written recipe.
She will cook and bake, so the girl can take the dishes to school so people can taste the different culture too.

I'm so glad I could help.
But I told you: thanksgiving made it really easy!

He could have made a photo

november 22 2007

One of the boys came home... calling me even before he went through the gardengate.

There was a lot of police near the highway, and he could hear the ambulance arriving.

A driver had lost control over his truck, so it drove straight through a grassland and the large thing was hanging partly in the water.

Ofcourse I told him to get his camera and make some photos.

Problem is that he had no batteries....

That makes me long back to my old camera.

It didn't use as much batteries as does my digital one, and the photos were much better.

Well... by the time he succeeded in getting some batteries from his brother and got back, he couldn't come near enough to make a photo.

I'm sure we'll see the whole situation in the paper tomorrow.

another mistake...

november 22 2007

Remember my autistic son needed bloodwork done and we went last friday?

Got the results today.

No glucose measured.
They didn't use the right tube.

I wonder if there will be a time in my life that I don't have to deal with the mistakes of others, just with those of myself?

Now I can either start calling around to get the person who is responsible and have us invited for another test,
or I can ask my doc for a new form and pay for it again.

I'm not pleased at all.

So I just mailed the complaints commission and asked them to solve the matter.

I haven't told my son he has to go again...

I'm mad at Google

november 22 2007

So google "outranked" my blog.

To be honest: it makes me sick.

Just because I try to earn some money they cut my well earned rank 3 into a complete zero.

Who the hell they think they are?

Now I won't get enough opportunities to blog for a little amount of dollars.
Well, hej... I know that working for an advertising company would make me earn a lot more, but blogging for a bit of money can be done in my own time, without all the additional features of a full blown job.

There's no need to communicate with collegues, fill in time tables, ask for sick leave and so on and so on.
I just sit down between putting the potatoes on the fire and pouring off the water and write an entry.

I blog for what's needed in our family, and what can't be paid from the normal income.

This month I'm blogging because the prizes of the groceries have gone up about 50%.
It's unbelievable!!

And now Google prevents me to write and earn some money.

I don't know why they have taken such an interest in sponsored blogs and why they boycot us.

Wish someone would sue them for taking away part of our income.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

works for me

november 21 2007

In time for the holidays I discovered a way to teach my puberty hormones driven boys some normal hygienic behaviour.
Many young people with autism spectrum disorder dislike water.

Showering is for some of my boys a delight. If I'm not turning the water cold from downstairs they would spill an ocean full of water,
others hate to wash themselves, which has made me wish the ceiling would burst and all the water from the showing person would just pour over them in one great big gush.

But now I've found a way to get those smelly boys to shower.

Hidden fore their eyes I've hung a little pot near the staircase downstairs.
As soon as I've told them to shower and they've refused, I'm taking an old bottle of perfume and pour a bit in the little pot.

I hate the smell of stale perfume, and so do they.

When they take the stairs, their nose passes the pot in cm's distance, so they'll get the full odeur.
They hate it. Yoooohooo!

I've told them that they won't smell it when they're showered, because they wask off the dirty hormones and they can't interact with the environment anymore.

Ofcourse they don't understand the clue... but it works for me!!!

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no presents in december

november 21 2007

Like last year, we're in the strange position that the father of the kids decided we won't get presents at Sinterklaas.

So december is again a month without anything special.

I feel so very sad about it, so very sad.

I've worked very hard to get my autistic son a new computer, but now I start doubting if that has been the best decision.
Well, ofcourse I know it is. It's the only thing he enjoys in life and when we unhooked the old one and wanted to put it to use at another place in the house it turned out all the life was gone.
So, as I thought, I was just in time.

But on the other hand, I feel sad, because it means there's not enough to buy presents for all the 6 children.

He said that the girls couldn't expect presents at sinterklaas because they've had a nice birthday.

That makes me soooo mad!

Just because someone has his birthday a few days before christmas doesn't mean santa won't come, ej?

Like so many people I think children should get presents, whether the presentfestival is featured at 5/6 december, that is at Sinterklaas, or whether it's planned at Christmas.
telling them that 12 is too old doesn't change things.

So I cried part of the day... it's not what I want.

One way or another my google page rank fell from 3 to zero???
I don't know why.
It means there's less sponsored blogging.
Well, if you want information about travelling, lifestyle, christmas shopping or if you want your site reviewed, just let me know.
At the moment each 5 dollar is 5 dollar.

Letter to grandparents of children with Asperger Syndrome

november 21 2007

When my boys were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, my family told me right in my face the diagnosis was an excuse for not being firm enough with them.

Well since it was coming from a mother who abused me, I didn't really think the comment was very valid.

We have no contact anymore.
Not accepting my children the way they are, making each visit end in telling them they're not behaving well, because they didn't take part in the conversation... it was just too much to deal with.

Your parents. the grandparents, and the rest of the family, can be a great support.
(Well, when they're open for information.)

I've found a site where the information to grandparents and familymembers is put in such words that it can't go wrong.

Nancy Mucklow has written a letter to grandparents of Asperger kids.
It's on the site of OASIS: Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support.

You can find it ::here::.

This is a non sponsored blogging post

Pens, pens and more pens

november 21 2007

I love collecting things.
Apart from giraffes, little houses, and a few other things I love to collect pens.

I have a nice collection of fountainpens. All with a story.
Some are from my grandfather, some given to me by my dad.
I also have some beautiful ones I received as a gift from friends.
One is a real Mont Blanc. Not the most expensive one, but a nice one.
I reported it to the police, but no one ever came to collect it.

The childs loved the hobby so much that they started to give me promotional pens, business pens, and engaved personalized pens.

I always carry a pen> with me.
Most of the time an eyecatcher, sometimes one aimed to influence people on a subconscious level.

Like when I had to talk with the schoolprincipal when I wanted him to stick to the law. I had a pen from a lawfirm with me and positioned it on the table in such a way that he could read the engravement.

Well, I am a psychologist after all. LOL!

Oh yes, it worked.


november 21 2007

Today is a special day.

It was my grandmother's birthday.

She was a marvellous lady.
Or should I say she was just herself?

She had the rare gift of not caring about what other's said.
In a way...

The only care-about-what-others-say was her big secret.
She painted her hair black.
Very black.

The older she git the more amazed people were.
She didn't have a grey spot... not a grey hair...nothing.

Until she was admitted to the old peoples home.
The nurses didn't want to keep up her secret, and I lived too far away to help her out.

She turned white...wonderfully white.
Like she got a present from above for keeping up her appearances soo long.

To the familymembers who put her in the old peoples home without her consent she said they'd made her grey.

The black lady died white.

And I miss her!

Worrying about a friend

november 21 2007

Some years ago an online friend died and it took me weeks to get in contact with someone to get the message.

So I'm worried sick about a friend whose site has disappeared and who hasn't answered her mail in weeks.

She is a irregular mailer, so maybe she's enjoying a vacation and has fun, while my mind is bugged. Maybe.

But today I couldn't wait any longer.

I've mailed her son at his work to ask what's the matter.

I hope he will find the mail soon, and answers right away.

Let's hope nothing is the matter... let's hope so.

In the mail

november 21 2007

I can't believe how much brochures and other advertisingpaperwork has been in the mail this week.

Ofcourse it doesn't get the attention it should get.
But we already have a couch, so there's no need to read all those booklets to gain an impression of the most priceworthy stuff.

I wonder how many people really take an interest in leaflets about stuff that is hardly used and certainly won't be choosen as a giftitem.

Well, the whole pile now lies resting in a box, waiting for the recyclingcar, which will come the first monday of the month.

The neighbourhoodcommittee gathers all the old paperwork, and sells it to the recyclingfirm nearby.

That'll give them enough money to buy some nice sinterklaas presents for the little kids in the neighbourhood.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

not the right forms

november 20 2007

It's unbelievable!

The former psychiatrist of my autistic son has just before we switched to someone else send in the applications for the short stay home and special support after he has finished his final year.

We got a reaction today... telling that they couldn't take the application to the administration because not the right forms were submitted.


This makes me feel so sick!!!

We could have been in the system for half a year already. The right forms were available for our doc, and he has got them when we that he'd be the right person to submit the request.
She said she could do it better.

If only she'd asked!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


november 19 2007

Oprah is travelling the USA again, visiting large cities and handing out an enormous amount of presents.

Her birthday is january 29 which makes her an aquarius. Just like me.

It's interesting that the people who most appeal to me are born in the sign of aquarius.
We're all giving, and kind of nuts.
We're dreamers, wanting to make the world a better place.

More than 6 years I've been dreaming to visit a friend in philadelphia. Even thought that it would be a great idea for Oprah to make a show on international internetfriendship.
Wouldn't it be nice to be surrounded by your internetfriends?

When I launched the idea in a group of online friends they were enthousiastic and then started to tell me that they wanted to look better.
Plastic surgery, activities to oppose gravity, wanting a new wardrobe and hairdo... it all was suggested.

Well, to be honest, I could do with some extra activity too.

But not today.

Maybe tomorrow... but certainly when Oprah has mailed me to let me know I'm invited to her show. LOL!

ABA international conference

november 19 2007

Take your agenda:

ABA International’ s 2nd Autism Conference
title “Issues and Recent Advancements in the Behavioral Treatment of Autism: Practical Strategies for Changing Behavior at Home and School”

Friday, February 8th - Sunday, February 10th, 2008, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia


Ten distinguished speakers will provide keynote addresses where the primary
focus is to present parents, educators, and other care providers with
resources and information to more confidently face the challenges of raising
and educating a child with autism.
The conference provides for your benefit: poster sessions, exhibitions, a
bookstore and networking opportunities.

Early registration (before dec 11) will save you $25.

mopping the floor

november 19 2007

Mopping is easy when you have a vinyl floor.

Well, it used to be easy.

When the kids were young and asleep I just put the toys away and mopped the floor.
Got a cup of coffee and waited for it to be dry.

Now I waited untill the last had left.
With one still upstairs who almost never comes downstairs at this time I should be able to...

Ofcourse he came downstairs.

After waiting a while I had a go again.

Nearly slipped myself... but hey, half the floor was mopped.

By the time the whole floor was mopped I saw from the corner of an eye a shadow...

Someone coming home...

I just want a clean floor!!!!


november 19 2007

After all the turmoil in the morning, matters settled when everyone found something to do.
Ofcourse the father of the kids kept doing difficult.

He's fighting to accept his own autism spectrum disorder.
At days like birthdays it becomes very clear he can't cope when his own invented dayplan is interrupted.

So I swallowed a lot of comments and then tried to ignore him.

The visitors showed up at a prefect time.
The girls enjoyed the visit and enjoyed the presents.

They got a lot of beads and other girly things, like a friend's book, a diary, and a barbie. (Well, the fake one.)
I gave them a dollshouse kit I bought ages ago. I caught it with the wrong price and couldn't leave it in the shop. LOL!

It's 1:24, so it's little.
That means special furniture.

I've also a 1:12 waiting.

I love dollshouses.

Do you?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

autism spectrum disorder and birthdays

november 18 2007

I hate birthdays.

With 4 kids with autism spectrum disorder it means dealing with their emotions as the main issue the whole day.

They need routine, no stress or pressure and no unexpected events.

So especially on sunday a birthday disturbs everything for them.

During the years I have learned to take as many matters the way they come, and to put my family first.

So that means I won't change the quiet and slow shower routine, not at all.
Because showering closes the early morning and breakfast time and sets out the feelings for another part of the day.

Someone who had told last week that she certainly wouldn't come to the birthday of the girls (like the last two years) phoned.
She wanted to come... how nice,
and she wanted to come now... no way!

I was in the middle of assembling yet another chair for my autistic son.
He can't sit quiet and he is able to get each and every chair instable, and after that completely broken. So it's Ikea for us, and we have them in storage. I can assemble them blindly by now.

So I was in the middle of assembling the chair, just before another one could enter the shower, and that wasn't me yet.

The woman was surprised I asked her to come an hour later, so we would be ready.

"You're not ready? How late did you wake up?"
I'm always prepared to open up about my family life, but it's either because I feel I need to or because it's of some help to someone. Not because someone wants to teach me something.

"It doesn't matter, we're just not ready yet."

"Oh we were up at 8, so we are ready."

"Well, it's the girl's birthday and they took it easy. Apart from that, we're a family that's twice as large as yours."
We were told not to expect anyone at this time, so we enjoyed a quiet morning."

We agreed she would visit at the end of the afternoon.
That's great.
Gives us plenty of time to put away things that can be broken by her children, and to find something to do for our boys, so they won't be disturbed too much by the morning problems

Saturday, November 17, 2007


november 17 2007

Just one day to go and the girls celebrate their 12th birthday.

Only yesterday they were little babies in my arms.
They were wonderful and I didn't expect them to stay that beautiful.
But they still are.

Right now they're with their friends to an indoor playattraction, where they can play, make fun, get a birthday meals and celebrate.
Their dad accompanies them.

It's sad I can't be with them.
But I have to stay at home with my autistic son, like all the other years before.
Had the psychiatrist of my son kept her promise of sending in an application for a short stay home, I would have been able to go.

Well, I have been angry about that, and it doesn't help.

In the meantime the three oldest have done some groceries and got a bowl with chocolate ice. The last weeks business has been quiet and they needed to get rid of it.

So I'm off...LOL!

Friday, November 16, 2007

friday's feast

november 16 2007

What was your first “real” job?

I worked at the projection bureau of the national post,telegraph and telecom organisation.
They had me clean up the archives, but soon I was more interested in how the designs were made, and I got the chance of making simple desingns on one of those enormous designtables.
I loved the work.

Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?

Depends on what creativity.
It's the balletstudio, my garden.
But I'm sprarked by music, a poem, or just a thought too.

Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when…

The children don't behave in public.

Main Course
What values did your parents instill in you?

Well, my mother abused me. My gram had the best influence on me.

To me important are:
honesty, respect for others (but only when they really deserve it. I don't mind a title. Just deserve my respect.)
And solidarity and altruism.

Name 3 fads from your teenage years.

I had to look that word up:
A fad refers to a fashion that becomes popular in a culture relatively quickly, but loses popularity dramatically

Hmm...3 of them.

hot pants,
long hair with one part in front of one eye.
seats with a very high back,
shoes with very long laces....
Oh that's 4!

Want to take part too?
Click the logo.


Leonid meteors

november 16 2007

The last years it was great to see the Leonid meteors.
The debris and dust entering the earth athmosphere caused wonderful sights of light flashing in the sky.

Some years ago I was utterly amazed when I saw a streak of light cross the sky in front of the full moon.
I've never seen something as beautiful in the sky again.

The evening was special then. Worth remembering.
We had a party, and I had great fun singing on stage with a good band.

Going home felt like moving into a soft silence.
The light of the moon was bright and I felt safe.

And then suddenly the spectacle in the sky.

This year we won't see many Leonids, because most of the debris will move past earth.
But wel...seeing one is enough!

domino day

november 16 2007

It's domino day.

The first domino stone was put straight up at september 26.
It was a golden engraved one.

Since then 85 young people from 11 countries have put stone after stone in long rows and on ingeneous designs to break another record.

An amount of 4.079.382 stones are needed to break the old record.
4.500.000 stones are ready.

KATIE MELUA will sing new songs from her new album.

I'm sure at least the people from the participating countries will have a great time.
Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungaria, Great Brittain, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Russia, Slowakia and the host counrty The Netherlands.

What do you think: will another record be broken?

One birthday at school

november 16 2007

The girls celebrated their birthday at school.

They had sweetnecklaces for the girls and another sweet for the boys.

The school has been hit by a healthy eating wave the last weeks and everybody seemed to be relieved they got something sweet.

It wasn't my intention to go against the schoolrules, not at all.

The girls intended to celebrate their birthday on monday, so I intended to get things arranged tomorrow. But suddenly it all was changed, and on top of that I suddenly had to babysit yesterday evening.

So the father of the children went with the girls to get the items to treat and they came back with sweets, not with cheese and sausages.

Well, the ladies in question have some strategical insight.
They managed to get the celebration today for one of the girls and on monday for the other.
That means they can visit all the teachers of school with a treat on 2 days, getting more stickers, pens and pencils.
And they are allowed to be in each others group, which is two days of utter pleasure.

Wish I was one of twins.

To the lab

november 16 2007

Went this morning with my autistic son to the lab to get some bloodwork done.

We're lucky that there is a mobile lab near our house, so he went straight out of bed to the lab, and had hardly time to think.
It was cold outside, so he was too fixed on that to think all sorts of thoughts. LOL!

There were just 6 people before us, so a few minutes to wait.

He sat down, she kicked the needle in (she really kicked it in), and that was it.

He hardly said a word untill we were nearly at home: "It's cold today".

These kids are so very amazing!

Snow in Austria

november 16 2007

In the Alps in Europe the skiseason has started a month early.
There's far too much snow not to.

Last night thousands of people were surprised by heavy snowfall and had to spend the night in their car.
The red cross handed out blankets and rescued mothers and children.
Some had spend 9 hours in the wintery landscape.

People were not prepared for this kind of weather and didn't have the special tyres on their cars, which caught trucks to slide and blocks roads.

For the next day less snow is expected and at many places the temperature will be up a bit.

New breastcancer risk test.

November 16 2007

Hopes are up high that researchers have found a means to predict the risk of breastcancer.

Right at this moment a test is developed which is easy to use and well to trust.

It's a solution that you have to keep in your mouth for a short time.
It collects material that can be analysed to predict breastcancer risk.

Using DNA and RNA is not new.
But tests are expensive and there is no massscreening done with them, as far as I

The new test might be approved in the USA within a tyear, maybe 6 months.

It can't prevent breastcancer, but it can indicate a risk, so the woman involved can take the right measures well in time, so she can be cured.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


November 15 2007

The cold has entered the country.

We can blow clouds again.

Most trees are bare now, which puts many places in sight that don't deserve a prize for beauty.

I only sweep the gardenpath free from leaves, so no one slips.
They are put in the back of the garden, so hedgehogs and other little animals can find a place to stay.

Some years ago we had a neighbour who got nuts from the trees.
He had obsessive compulsive disorder.
He cleaned his garden every ten miniutes and then started to tell the neighbours to clean theirs.

That was the time for his daughter to have him admitted, as he would turn psychotic soon after he started to tell others what to do.

They soon moved.

I enjoy the leaves, like I'm holding on to the last rests of summer.

diabetes news for type 1

november 15 2007

Diabetes type 1 often starts at a young age.
Those who have the disease need carefull monitoring and insulin shots.

Researchteams have identified the chromosome involved:
chromosome 6.

We're still far away from a cure or prevention, but it's a new step forward in identifying the cause and developing a cure.

Interesting is that chromosome 6 is believed also to be involved in autism.

I'm looking forward to new researchdata.

New chair and table

november 15 2007

One of the girls is growing so fast that the furniture at school doesn't fit anymore.
She's asked her teacher a couple of times for a higher chair and table, but with no success yet.

More and more often she comes home from school complaining about pain in her back and tummy.

So I've written a letter...

I'm so tired of fighting each time for the necessary changes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tsunami warning : update: withdrawn for Hawaii

november 14 2007

A tsunami alarm was issued after the earthquake in Chili based on the energy of the earthquake, not on obsercations.


The Pacific Tsunami Wanring Center has cancelled the regional tsunami warning it issued for another part of the Pacific.
There is no threat to Hawaii.

However some coastal areas in hawaii could experience some small non-destructive sea level changes and strong or unusual currents lasting up to several hours.


Earthquake in Chili

november 14 2007

Chili has been struck by an earthquake of about 7.7 on the scale of Richter.

It's not surprising that the earth shook that hard, because the last weeks there have been earthquakes of about 5.2 to 5.5 all over the world, which indicates stress in the outer layer of earth.

The earthquake was at Antofagasta, which lies at the top of western chili, and could be felt as far as Santiago.

It's too early to know if there are casualties, but people have reported that the shaking was forceful and lasted quite long. There was also a lot of underground noise.

The quake was at a depth of about 60 metres according to all long distance measurements of Orfeus, observatories and research facilities for European Seismology.
Nearer measurements seemed to record the centre of the quake at 38 metres.

The noise and the difference in measurements can indicate that there has been a large vertical shift in the area.


In 1960 Chili was hit by a severe earthquake.
It was the first large recorded earthquake, which was the worst in the history of recorded seismology.
It was not worst in amount of casualties, but worst in amount of energy released.

The quake was 60 m below surface in the ocean about 100 miles of the coast of Chili.
Towns nearby were Valdivia and Puerto Montt. There was a lot of damage.
People were warned by large foreshocks.

The energy of the earth causes enormous landslides.
The mountains were tormented by large flows of earth and debris.
They changed the course of major rivers and caused new lakes to develop.
Along the coast of Chili the land moved downwards and the Port city of Peurto Montt was flooded.

Tsunamis reached as far as Hawaii, the Philippines, and even Japan and caused a lot of damage.

Chili lies at the place where the Pacific Plate moves under the continent.
All through unrecorded and recorded histories severe earthquakes have been taken place. Like on March 3 1985 and July 30 1995. Both with a magnitude of 8.

Back from the dentist

november 14 2007

I'm back from the dentist.

Going there for a crown is completely different from a normal dentist visit.

He was already sitting ready with his instruments ready and all I had to do was jump in the chair.

No nice little talk, but work.

First he numbed the gumtissue.
The former dentist made this into a painful event, now I finally know how it feels when a dentist says: "It's just a tiny scratch".

He made an impression of my two mollars, and then for over half an hour he was drilling two molars in form.
He was so concentrated that he didn't even say a word to the assistant.

Meanwhile I tried to follow a TV program about fishing somewhere in a remote area in Canada.

Finally he was ready and now he asked the assistant to make an impression of the teeth of the lower jaw.
This time it was the great "thing" that had to be kept in place so long that I hardly was able to keep my mouth open.

Then the temporary crown was made.
Well, it had a good fit.
When she tried it on and wanted to remove it she couldn't get it out for quite a while. LOL!

The dentist made it in place.

Suddenly the assistant asked me to open my mouth and pushed in another rubberfilled thing to make an impression of the upper teeth.

... and then I was ready to go home and come back in three weeks time.

Now I'm dealing with painful gums, as he had to drill underneath the surface and a painful tongue. Well, it'll go away tomorrow or the day after, I hope.

Wish I had taken this step a lot earlier.

the electricity guy

november 14 2007

Each year at the end of the year we get two visits:
one to write down how much water we have used,
and one to see how much electricity we have used.

We missed the guy for the water, so we found a letter in the mail stating we had to write it down ourselves and send it to them.

OK, no problem.

Just when I had put a couple of bags in the little hallway, the doorbell rang.

The guy for the electricity.

Last time he ordered me around, telling me I had to put things away, like a basket with dustingcloths. And he and I didn't like each other well at the moment, because I told him that I didn't accept no one ordering me around without saying "please".
(Yep, I was in a bad mood and shouldn't have taken it out on the guy.)

Now he opened the door of the closet, just held the basket aside and took his notes.

When he stood up, I looked him in the eye and he grinned.

So he remembered. LOL!

To the dentist

november 14 2007

I'm off to the dentist to my first appointment to have a crown made.

Even though I have great care for my teeth, they're rather bad.
My parents had bad teeth and before they were 50 they were all removed.

I've had a long tough struggle with molars breaking, even when eating soft bread.
This molar was saved from destiction, but it was too patched up that the last time it needed repair the dentist said it was either a crown or another big hole in my jaw.

I hate spending money on myself when it's so much needed for other things.
But this time there's no way escaping from it.

I'm happy for sponsored blogging, so I don't need to use money from the household.

Makes me feel far less guilty than I did when the dentist made the appointment.

Let's hope it won't be a disappointing ordeal.

the sky at night

november 14 2007

For a long time now we've been putting data about solar winds, which are magnetic storms from the sun, and the colour of the sky after midnight beside each other.

There seems to be a correlation.

Yesterday more up north there were beautiful auroras.
Here the sky was a magnificent light and dark red.
It was cloudy, so we can't say what happened in the clear sky, but the sight when we left the house was amazing.

The evening before we could see red and green clouds against the sky at the horizon.
We often see here lumnicent clouds.
Some say they light up because the last rays of sun hit them, but how can that be at 3 in the night??

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

dinner at school

november 13 2007

This is a picture of the halloweendinner of the school of the girls.
They bought and made it all themselves, with the support of the teacher.

Considering the school has a "no sweets" policy the teachers need to be informed about healthy food and drinks a lot more.

The packages of orange drink contains about 10 lumbs of sugar, if not more.

Interesting is that the white boxes, for instance, contained sweets. Contained... because the sweets have been eaten and the healthy food was left over.

Only two days before there had been a nationaide campaign to make teachers and children more aware of what they're eating, and the teachers had to educate the children. least the healthy food was in the middle of the picture. LOL!


Comet 17P/Holmes

november 13 2007

Last night we had a walk to see Comet 17P/Holmes.

Even though there was a veil of clouds, the comet could be seen clearly.

What a sight!

I have a small telescope I almost never use.
When the children got a bit older I managed to hide it for them so it hasn't been used much.
But now the boys get older and some of them are developing the same interest in the nightsky, I should "find" it again.

Untill then I enjoy the pictures at Spaceweather.

Observing the sky at night always makes me feel tiny in this world.
I womder what I'm doing here, and it makes me feel that everything I do is of no importance.

People keep themselves bussy with wanting to be the best, wanting to gain the most, etc etc. But when taking into account we're just a tiny dot in time there is almost no relevance of our being.

Monday, November 12, 2007


november 12 2007

The visit to the doc with my autistic son resulted in an unusual response of our doc.

He doesn't often interfere with the treatment of specialists and certainly never tells them what to do, but like me he's appalled by the lack of support we're getting from psychiatry.
He's going to write the new psychiatrist a letter stating that we need an appointment short term and that there needs to be more attention for the meds my son is getting and his eatingdisorder.

I was so glad when he said so.

Just before that he really got to me when he looked at the last bloodtests and said nothing was wrong and my son is healthy.
He's obese!! And he grows kilo's instead of brains.

I'm worried sick.
He won't get anything sweet or chips or unhealthy from me.
But his dad gives in, so each evening we're caught between him having a meltdown or complaining like hell and his dad giving him something.

I have asked for help a hundred times and finally the doc did something.
But because he doesn't want to interfere with the treatment of psychiatry, he hands the problems over to them.

I hope we'll get real help.

I'm at the end of what I can do and want to do.

My girl is too tall for her schoolfurniture

november 12 2007

No rest for the wicked.

One of the girls came home again with pain in her back and her tummy.

She's sitting at a chair that is too little for her at a bench that doesn't fit her anymore.

The school got a lot of new furniture not too long ago, and the large chairs and benches went to the largest children and to one of the groups.
That's teh same group where a lot of photos are made, the same group that represents the school for contests (without giving others a chance) and the same group that goes on daytrips when the school has won them.

Something is wrong in the system... I know why, but I can't blog about it here.

Now I have to take action, because I don't feel it's right that my child comes home with pain.

I love to give people choices, so they can either agree my girly stays home or give her seating that fits her length.
Ofcourse I won't hesitate to go to the docter with her to put more pressure on the issue.

I'm a kind lady, but I've been dealing with this school for over 10 years now (without break).


november 12 2007

Went to the doc with my autistic son.

We had to wait a complete hour.

Waiting in a waitingroom isn't fun, but it's horror when being with an autistic child.
There was no place to sit than between people.
He didn't look up or down, sat there, completely stressed.

It was hot there, with so many people in the little waitingroom.
The door was closed, because otherwise we could hear what people were telling the woman at the desk.

When 4 people had left, it turned out the window was a bit opened.
And when there were only 4 left it was cold.

I didn't mind.

By that time I had a full blown asthma attack because of the dust.
Luckily I had my meds with them.


november 12 2007

I've written about the reconstruction they're doing at the park near the lake.

The large machines have gone now.
They've left the pavement of the paths broken, the grass turned under the mud.

It's a modern landscape now.
With curves and such a lot of bare area, that it looks desolate and painfully cold.

Only a few trees are left.
2 of the old willows, and some other trees.
The rest is gone.

Now the temperature is down and the wind is fierce, it's very cold there.
I can still feel it in the house, like I predicted.

We have to move through the area to reach our doctor.

From far the smell of the children's animalfarm could almost be tasted.

The area I like so much has become a kind of computerised area.

I hate it!!

someone in the night?

november 12 2007

I didn't sleep well last night and it didn't surprise me that one of the boys was awake a lot too.

Before going to bed he said he was irritated by the little fountain some people in the neighbourhood have, because it covers noises in the night.
He thought he heard someone on the path between the gardens, but he wasn't sure.

When I went to bed I put the window open for a while and I wasn't sure either there was only the fountain making noise.

One of the criminals has escaped from the closed facility for sex-offenders two weeks ago and he still hasn't been caught.
The guy looked kind of friendly on the photo they displayed on TV, which made me worry.

So maybe that was at the back of my head, or maybe there was someone...

I didn't find sigarette left-overs like last time.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

a nice thank-you

november 11 2007

Friday the girls had a special rehearsal at the choir.

Someone thought it to be a good idea to do something else.
The girls perform regularly and they try very hard.

So this time they were welcomed with cake, music and a thank you speech, followed by a kids-bingo and some other games girls of that age love.

Ofcourse diddle stuff could be won, and batbieclothes, pens with glitter and more of the girly things.
It's good there is no boy at the choir, he would be completely lost between the giggling girls.

Before they went home, they had dinner with frites.

We were told nothing, so I'd waited with dinner for them to come home. LOL!

They were full of stories and had won a pencilcase, a diddle notebook and a box with DIY things for making bracelets.

Just a week before their birthday and winning such nice things.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


november 10 2007

I found a card on the floor after putting some old paper in the old paper box.
A few little pieces fell out and I was about to sweep them in the corner to put them away with the stuff I swept together, when I thought it better to pick them up.
Sometimes pieces of paper get so flat on the floor that it's alsomost impossibel to take them up.

It appeared to be an identitycard.

One of the friends of one of my sons must have lost it.

I called him. No one answered.

So one of the boys weht there and luckily the friends just arrived home too.

He thought he'd lost the card in the bus.

Lucky guy!

Friday, November 9, 2007

stories about school

november 9 2007

One of the boys came home and started to talk to me when he was outside and had barely opened the door.

One of the worst bullies of school will get suspended because he attacked one of the other boys.

I got a full coloured description of how he raised his fist and how he looked when he aimed to hit the boy, and how he missed! LOL!

Ofcourse there was a reaosn for him attacking the other boy.

He had a fight with his girlfriend and just didn't know how to cope with it.
So he took it on on every body else.
On my son too.

Today he had a good day, so he just turned away without saying anything (might his aikido training pay off now?) and kept well out of range of the problems.

A teacher had seen the attack on the other boys and was able to step between them.
So no serious injuries were caused.

But I doubt if suspending the attacking boy will really help him cope with his emotions.


november 9 2007

Finally got the chance to cut the hair of my second son.

He's never liked people touching his head, so I've always cut his hair.

Now he's enjoying puberty (I'm not. LOL!), he's a terrible customer.

With a handmirror he controls everything I do, commenting on everything, untill I feel like leaving his hair half cut, hald uncut and start walking away.

To my surprise he was quiet this morning and had no comment at all, only that he likes the way it was done.

I asked him to clean up the mess, and I don't dare to go upstairs to see if he took an effort.

Bagpiping again

november 9 2007

Yesterday I started bagpiping again.
I think my lungs have had enough rest. And even though my bloodpressure is still far too high, I didn't want to wait any longer.

So I took it easy and used the pocketpipes.
They require far less air and less pressure.
The reed is easier to play, and makes kess noise than the highland bagpipes so all in all the instrument if more fun for playing at home.

It's at the moment enough exercise.
I can work on the melody and on remembering it.

I've found out that after major surgery a few years ago I have poblems with memorising.
But my musical memory is perfect.
So I first learn the song itself.

Which is in fact the old way of learning to bagpipe.
First learn to hum it properly and then play it.

There needs to be an automatic correlation between the tone in my head and the tome in my hand.
Well , I can still play highland cathedral perfectly.
So the rest will follow.

After that I'll start training my lungs again and then play the highland bagpipes again.

the storm wasn't as bad

november 9 2007

This morning the weather was beautiful.
We had some spots of sun and almost no wind.

Right now it's raining and the wind is getting firm.

At the coast the storm hasn't caused as much problems as was expected.
There are still places that need careful attention, and ofcourse the usual places are flooded. But it could have been far worse.

In 1953 we had similar conditions, but the storm was just a bit worse.
In England and The Netherlands 2000 people lost their lives when the dykes burst.

Here, inland, the storm was hardly felt. We had trememdous amounts of rain and that was it.

More to come, they say. We'll see.


november 9 2007

Sitting on the couch a whole evening hasn't done me good.

I'm used to walking around a lot during the evening, to help kids with their homework, do the washing up, fold laundry and a lot of other chores in the house.

And the evening ends with a walk and some computering.

I expected babysitting would be a relaxing experience, but instead I felt confined to one space and oh boy... I was feeling cold.

Some people in these houses have installed their own heatingdevice, and I didn't know how the darn thing worked.
I was getting so very cold that it was good they arrived home relatively early.
I was so glad to be able to go home and sit well and get warm again.


november 9 2007

Had to take over an evening of babysitting.

While he was enjoying a performance at theatre, I was listening to the babbling of one of the three children.

I was too tired to tactically move his attention to another subjects than reading me all his achievements at school, telling me the maths of his reportpoints and informing me about them too.
I saw a child that was moved up the ladder because he was considered to be very important, and now just couldn't keep up with expectations of his parents.

So maybe there was some good in me being too tired to stop him and make him talk about something else.

I'm OK with a barely sufficient mark, because to me it's more important that children try as hard they can and work as hard they can.
I think it's more important to have self-confidence than being a level higher than other children.
In the end the self confidence will be more important in life.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

storm coming

november 8 2007

We're prepared for a storm.

For the first time in 30 years there's careful surveillance of the coast this night.
It's not because the storm will ne as bad, but beacuse there's a high flood expected, because the northwestern winds will swipe up the water to our coast.
Especially the north will get full volume: an estimated 4 metres, which means 3 metres above the norm.

For those who don't know. I'm living in The Netherlands and most of my countries lies below sealevel.
We're protected by the dykes, if they break, millions of lives will be endangered.

I'm living in the eastern part, so there's no immediate danger.

The last full dykewatch was in 1976.

Right at this moment the most southern province at the coast: Zeeland/Sealand is already fully guarded.
South- and North-Holland are next on the list and in the evening the isle of Texel, and the provinces Friesland and Groningen get the advice somewhat later.

Not only dykes protect our country.

Gigantic waterworks are built to enable the rivers to be closed, so no salt water can stream into our country.
The Oosterscheldekering, which is part of the Deltaworks, will be closed.
The Maeslantkering is South-Holland has never been closed before, but depending upon the height of the water orders are expected around midnight.

At the north of the country the ferries to the isles Vlieland and Terschelling have been cancelled.
And those to Ameland are adjusted. The morningboats will leave earlier and after that it's cancelled.
The boats to Lauwersoog and Schiermonnikoog are adjusted too.
The morningboats will leave 2 hours early and the next boats will leave two hours later.

These are the normal preparations for autumnstorms, so we're not really worried.


november 8 2007

Sometimes I feel like I'm running a babysitter-desk.

With boys in the age of 16, 18 and 21 people regard us as a pool of babysitters.

It started a couple of years ago when the oldest was 16.
A friend asked me if he could stay with her two boys for some hours because she really needed to go somewhere.
So he did.

It was a hufe success due to the fact they all played the same game on the computer, and ofcourse the oldest had some very usefull tips for the kids.

A few months later she asked if he could stay during dinner, she would make pancakes.
This was politely refuses by the oldest.
He didn't like old pancakes, he wanted fresh ones, and as he did the honors here at home making them, he offered to make them there. With only two boys around him it would be far easier than 4 sibblings begging for more.

Now we're regularly asked to babysit.

But this evening I have to jump in.

No boys availabel.
One needs to go to theatre with his school, the other has another appointment and number three expects his girlfriend.

Well...I still know how it works. But I don't like helping one of the kids with homework. I've just finished helping 4 kids of myself.


november 8 2007

Yesterday I had to book so many appointments that next week suddenly became one of the bussiest days of the year.

2 doctor's appointments for the kids
3 parents evenings (2 at the same time)
and a lot more.

I'm going to get my red pen and scratch out a few appointments otherwise I won't be able to prepare for dinner.

Some appointments weren't meant to be anyway.
I don't like to go somewhere just before dinner, and come home well after dinnertime. Ha. And leaving the kids alone isn't an option at all.

Many people don't understand, because they have a car and an appointment of half an hour is just an hour in total.

Here it means at least 1 hour to and 1 and a half back.
Travelling back at a time the schools are supposed to be closed means less chance to reach our part of town because less busses are available.

Well, we'll see what next week brings.

engine falling off

november 8 2007

I get the chills when I read about problems with planes.
Maybe because people are so defenseless when it come to flying.

In Sout Africa a plane was able to return to the airport safely when one opf the engines fell off.

Yea, you're reading this well.

A Boeing 737 lost an engine, just like that.


It makes me aware of how many times friends have flown with this type of plane.

They all have been lucky.

The flu shot

november 8 2007

Each year the flue shot is different and so are the results.

Last year I was sooo tired, this year I feel cold.

Cold like ice. And a cardigan doesn't help at all.
I feel like a dressed up piece of ice.

Ofcourse that doesn't prevent me doing all the things I usually do.
Can't stop being a mom, can I?

I wonder why other shots don't even leave a little hole, and this one a large red blob on my arm.

I never pay attention to things like these, but I walked down the stairs with my arms full of laundry and hit the side.

I feel so stupid, I wasn't even running to the door to answer the mailman.

I'm one cup of coffee away from a shower...

mmm that tastes goooood...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


november 7 2007

I remember selling my first article.

It's long ago. At school.

A couple of our teachers were professional writers and they were always hunting for talent.
Those years were known for the long assignments we got, the short stories we had to write and the interviews thgat were arranged with people in the neighbourhood.

No chance to skip an assignment when they suspected just a glimpse of talent.

Oh, how I envied the boys that were allowed to help the librarian.
The old library was full of antique books and shelves, and I never experienced a problem to help there.
And the girls... their duty to sort out the costumes for the next schoolplay was filled with hot chocolate, cookies and fun.

I was a shy girl.
Didn´t speak up much, worked hard.
I was lucky to enjoy the phantasy world I was able to create, and happy when I saw my teacher enjoy me reading what had reached the paper in nice sentences.

The day came I walked into the classroom and found a grey dressed, blue eyed, and almost bald young man.
He wasn´t able to convince me he was a warm hearted teacher, and he certainly wasn´t able to motivate my group to work.

We had to though.
His lessons were efficient, full of information and always accompanied by lots and lots of homework.
I didn´t mind the homework, but I felt a strange spot of resistance growing in me,
an unknown process.

The day came he had a meeting with the other teacher of the section.
The day after he sorted his stuff on his desk, books on books, pens aside pens, took his glasses from his nose, and looked with his head forward around.

“So“, he said slowly. “this school uses a special system to enable students to stand out and discover their talents.
You all know where to go.“

The boys and girls with special duties almost ran away and I was simply not fast enough to make the choice to disappear too.
I was stuck.

The spot of resistance suddenly started to grow and I looked around.
Some of my friends and some who became my friends right at that moment looked back with asking eyes.

I looked back the same way my father always did when he wanted us to wait and see.

The blue eyes looked from behind glass again.
His mouth showed a faint smile.
So you are the talented kids that can write like no one else.
You´ve got phantasy, creativity, persistance.
Well, I can use that.
You all can write an essay about the best ways to seel flowers.
My wife owns a flowershop and she can do with a bit of creative advice.`

He sat down behind his desk.
No one moved.

He looked up.
No one moved.

`How come you won´t start writing`, he asked.

Before any of the others was able to make a move I stood up, whiped my hairs behind my ears and said:
`Permission to speak, sir.
We are always paid for our articles.
The others have their own fun activities and because our writings can be used outside the school, we´re paid.`

None dared to laugh, none dared to smile.
The silence was like an ugly presence between the benches and the tables.
During a few endless seconds it seemed to spread.

“OK, 10 for all and 10 extra for a good tip, such decided by my wife.“

I got paid a week later, and bought the whole group an icecream.


november 7 2007

Last week one of the boys told me that a nice boy he knew from school was attacked on the street.
Two boys tried to hit him with a bottle untill it fell on the gorund and broke.
They kept in hitting and kicking the boy and he fell on the street, with his hand right in the remains of the bottle.

When he put his hand up the glass stod straight up in his wrist.

The attackers ran off and soom people came and called an ambulance.

During 4 hours of surgery they removed the glass, stopped the bleeding and tried to out the end of the sinews together.
He now has steel wires through all his fingers and all we can do is hope and pray his hand will heal and he can use it again.

After the attack my son was called and threatened in a rather bad way.
He was attacked last year... not by the same boys, and he reported it to the police, together with some other people who had been called.
The phone was stolen from the boy who had been attacked.

Today the boys who did it were caught and put in jail.

The police has already interviewed my son and a couple of other people.


november 7 2007

The boys already got their reportcards and I'm not disappointed.

It's clear that the dyslexia of one of the boys is interfering with his hard work and his knowledge.
His points have dropped a great deal, but they're still sufficient.

It's such a pity that finishing the tests now requires to read and understand longer texts, and memorising them.

It really makes me worry about the central exam, which uses the same complicated texts.

bycicle lighting

november 7 2007

The last months there's been a lot to do about bycicle lighting,

Each year 200 byciclers are killed and 17,000 wounded. Figures that say not as much as percentages in our very bycicle rich nation.
Almost every inhabitant of our country has a bycicle. (16+ million inhabitants).

Someone somewhere sometime drew the conclusion that the deathrate could be brought down by sticking closer to the law of lighting, which means:
a white light at the front of the bike and a red one at the back, at the height of halfway the wheel.

This caused a lot of publications in papers are the last years people took the effort to buy lights that could be fixed on coats and bags, thus making them more visible in traffic.

The normal fixed bycicle lights break easily at the parking places, and at times bullies just kick them to break.

With a family of 8 we've spend a huge amount of money fixing thede lights over and over again, and when the attachable lights were sold we went in and paid 7,50 for two lights, not including batteries.

The last week someone called for a standard way to use lights, and wanted the law to be enforced.

Plenty of people had to pay because their bycicle lights were broken.

Some city police groups refused to let people pay as long as they were visible in the dark.
Safety first, they said, is far more important.

So the minister has said that it's inded more important that people are safe and well visible on the roads.
The police can bill people when they're not visible enough.

The debate is still going on.

Interesting is that those who want only fixed lights on bycicles don't often use a bycicle and certainly have no need to park them at shopping centres, schools and railwaystations.


november 7 2007

It's one of those week.
We have been waiting for a special paper from our doctor for the school of my autistic son.

We have been waiting months!

With in between memo's to remind him of it.

This morning it turned out that the doctors in this area won't hand out those papers anymore.

Why didn't he tell us?????

Even worse:

The school called and when the subject was raised the person said he knew.

Well, why on earth did he want that paper and put us under pressure to get it??????

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

not informed about the bycicle

november 6 2007

I can't believe it!

Just 1.5 month ago we sat at a meeting with the principal of the school of the boys and he agreed we should be informed by school the same day when something happens.

Today a boy took the bycicle of one of the boys, threw it in the bushes (it's on the surveillance camera) and another boy took an effort to kick it and jump on it.

One of the management was informed, and he looked into the matter.

My boy had to find a way to go to his work, and from his work to home.

Do you think we're informed?

I've checked my mail, checked the phone.... nothing....

Why on earth does that school not understand why the kids think agreements and deadlines are for fun???

Huge storm at the end of november?

november 6 2007

I love weatherforecasts.
The weather has it's own individuality and doesn't care one bit what we want.

A british weatherforecaster said we'll get a storm force 9 next weekend.
So what?
It's november, isn't it?
So we're supposed to have storms raging the country, otherwise all those stories and autumnsongs are old fashioned and history.
They're too nice not to teach the children at school and at home.

We're OK with a storm like that.
I'll just put away some things that are now standing in the garden.
Have a better look at some braches, maybe prune them.
I even wish I could go to sea the weekend. After seeing a storm there as a little child I love to be near the sea with that weather. (not to near.)

Piers Corbyn of the weatheragency Weather Action also predicts a storm for the north of europe at the end of november (24-27): force 12. That means hurricane speed.

Well, we'll see.

He predicts the weather from the observations of the sun.
Most scientists say that the solar wind is bended by earth magniticsm and has no influence on the weather on earth.

Corbyn states the solarwind has an influence on the weather.

Well, let's first see if we can find a hole in the sun's surface large enough to create a fierceful solar wind, and then see if there'll be a huge storm here.

Nature just acts the way it wants.

peeking in schoolbags

november 6 2007

Ooooohhhh, it's sooo good to have a peek now and then in the bags of the children.
Especially those of the boys.

I've learned quite a lot.

  • When they have a day off from school.
  • That they need paper of a certain colour to report arriving late with a letter of the parents.
  • What a certain teacher wants in an essay ("He never told me mom")
  • That the book for biology can be folded and put at the bottom of the bag, so mom can search the whole house for it and can't find it.
  • That one of the other classmates made a caricature of one of the teachers. (Not bad, I have to say that here. I won't tell them.)
  • That MY pens are in THEIR bags.
  • That the schoolpaper was issued last week.

I wonder why there were two laundrypegs in one of the bags.



november 6 2007

Last saturday we went for glasses for one of the girls.
There were so many people waiting to have their eyes checked, that we said we'd come back today.

After lunch we went and it was so quiet in the shop, that it was a delight to be there.

I was still recovering from the blinding of the sharp sun.
It was so very bright, and it reflected in the water, the windows, everywhere.

Yea...I forgot my sunglasses.. Don't blame me.
I haven't seen sun like this for weeks.

Well, in the shop a new woman helped my daughter.

All was very relaxed.
I got my coffee and enjoyed it all.

They always need a downpayment, but now they didn't care, so the glasses are ordered and hopefully she'll get them just before her birthday.

On our way home a rainshower caught us... brrrr.... it's autumn.

Teen Behavior Program

november 6 2007

Got this in the mail:

Anthony Kane, MD is developing a teen behavior program on DVD
designed to help parents who are struggling with difficult teenagers.

The aim is to develop guidelines to deal with

Rebellious behavior
Talking back

And 75 other common problems between parents and teenagers.

The program will give you a better relationship with your teenager and
will make you a much more effective parent.
Consequence is a better bond between you two.

The program is already available in audio format and has been
successfully tested with 70 parents over the last few months.
Now the program is ready to be tested in DVD format.

The program will be released early next year and will cost $597.

Executing this program will not take up more of your time. Actually,
as you apply the program you will be getting back time and energy
because you will be eliminating most of the exhausting battles that
parents have with their teenagers.

Want to start now:

7 steps to child obedience

More about Anthony Kane and helping ADHD children: ::here::

This is NOT a sponsored post.

Flu shot

november 6 2007

For the first time I didn't go alone to get my flu shot.
One of the boys who was recently diagnosed with asthma went with me.

I don't always go, but the last time I had the flu I was so very ill, and had to struggle for breath so very hard...
I can do with even half a day less problems.

We were lucky.

The sun was shining a bit, the wind wasn't bad, and there was no waitingline whatsoever.

There were two assistants waiting, so we both had the shot the same time, and then we headed home.

We were in, just before the rain poured down.

Monday, November 5, 2007

...and the winner is ...

November 5 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thank you all for participating.

After deleting double entries,
and people just adverting their products,
after adding the emailreactions
we had a long list of 151 numbered entries.

The girls used a random number generator and came with number....

which belonged to

Mavis Rose !!!


I will mail you.

Thanks all others for participating,
and thank you Shannon for organising this fall give-away.

Random Act of Kindness

november 5 2007

Yesterday evening I was prepared to sleep in today.

The alarms were all on the girls room, as they were the only ones that needed to go to school.
One of the boys would help them with their bycicles, and close the door behind them.

I can't sleep in often.

So I heard the alerm from far and dozed off again.

Then a sound pushed me straight up and I had the phone in my hand without even commanding my muscles.

It's built in habit, stemming from the time I worked in the hospital.
I could sleep at home even when I had sleeping duty, because I lived two minutes from hospital. All I needed to do was answer the phonecall, jump in my clothes and go there.

All I now did was answer the phone.

It was a woman nearby.
She found her baby with high fever in bed and needed someone to take her other kid to school. And the sooner I could come the sooner she could go to the doctor.
A friend gave her my phonenumber...

So I jumped in my clothes, washed my face on the way down, put on my shoes while putting on my coat and ran out of my garden, into hers and took over dressing her kid so she could go to the doctor.

The child was a bit surprised to see me.
I've never been there.

Well, this was not a large act of kindness, but certainly an unexpected one.

Want to take part in the RAK-carnival?
Go to
Wilson Six.

collecting and international mail

november 5 2007

In the past I collected teapots.
I never stopped officially, so once in a while I get an addition. Mainly on a special day.

Because I didn't have much room with the children growing, the teapost became smaller.

I also collect little houses.
You know, like Lilliput Lane.
They're far too expensive for me, so I have the other ones, that are almost just as beautiful.

A few years ago I received a teapot in the form of a house.
Now a couple decorate my room.

Looking around at e_bay, just for fun, I found "Lilliput Lane'esque Ornament", a Lilliput house as a teapot (or the other way round. LOL!).
Don't worry, I won't order it.
It won't be send to people outside the UK.

I wonder, is it so much trouble to send stuff outside the country?

Here I just have to go to the postoffice, fill in a form, pay a bit more, and that's it.

Is it different in other countries?

a day off

november 5 2007

Another week.

I planned to paint the rest of the livingroom.
Turned out the boys had an unexpected day free from school, so there's no way I can do it.

They're both a bit tense, because today is the teachers meeting about the test they had at school.
Other years they didn't care, but now is their final year.

I still haven't had an answer from the pegagogue of my autistic son if she applied for the other school.
So I can conclude that she has forgotten it.

Why do all those organisations want things done by people who just forget it?

I can understand they're bussy, I've done the work myself and a good friens still does, but I always had a nagging feeling in the back of my had that I forgot something.

The psychiatrist of my ADHD son forgot to put him on the list for therapy.
And the psychiatrist of my autistic son forgot to apply for a short stay home for a weekend in 2 months, and support after he comes from school in may.
That means I can't go to the caretakers weekend in december. (Would have been the first chance to leave the home for a weekend in more than 21 years!).
And what's worse... my boy is not on the waitinglist to get proper support for the rest of his life!

When confronted she said she'd do it, but after three weeks I haven't had a confirmation....

We've asked for another psychiatrist, and I really hope we'll find someone who can offer real support.
I don't live forever and I want matters sorted out so he won't land just somewhere when I can't go on anymore.