Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

hair fundraiser

second sticky post

Aren't kids surprising.
One moment they have a fight about nothing and the next moment....

One of the boys had grown his hair for over a year.
Because he doesn't look forward to the moment
the computer of his brother breaks down,
which may be any moment now,
he offered to do a fundraiser.

He wants to cut his hair when he's sponsored for 250 dollar.

Today he's to school to see who wants to sponsor him,
and he asked me to put this on my blog.
As soon as he has it together he'll go for a haircut.
I think it's the biggest gesture he's ever made.
If you want to sponsor him,
you're also sponsoring us all,
because the computer is the only companion
my autistic son really likes.

I can't get the form in english, so here's a mini-manual.
You can put the amount in the open soace.
Then press the large blue button to get the total.

It's all in US dollars.
Then login the way you're used to.

If it doesn't work you can use the email at the top.


september 29 2007

Went to get my bloodworks done.
Because the hospitals are so far away 2 nurses come to the neighbourhoodcentre between 9 and 9.45.

I was there 5 minutes past 9 and already about 20 people were waiting.
Not in line like last time, but at the tables, chatting, reading, enjoying themselves.

A man came in and walked through, then came back and asked if we were a special club or if we were waiting. LOL!

I was away in no time.

The doc had written on the form that he wanted the results this afternoon.... so I waited all afternoon...

No results yet.....

survey for PDD siblings

september 29 2007

My name is Keri Anne Israelski, I am a doctorate student at the
Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In previous years I have
worked as a home-based Verbal Behavior therapist for children with
autism. As I was working in homes and getting to know the families,
the effect the child's disability had on the siblings became an issue
of interest to me. As a result, I chose to do my doctoral
dissertation on the coping processes employed by siblings of people
diagnosed with pervasive developmental disabilities (PDD). This
category includes the diagnoses of : Rett's Disorder, Aspergers
Disorder, Autistic Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder, and/or
PDD NOS. Having a PDD is also referred to as being on the autism

If you are a sibling of a person that fits the above criteria and are
21 years of age or over I would greatly appreciate it if you could
take the time to complete my survey. The first 25 respondents will
recieve a visa gift card for $20. After you have completed the survey
please email me at Ker1227@aol. com or K.Israelski@ with your
name and address and I will send out the visa gift card. The survey
consists of a few demographic questions, the Ways of Coping
Questionnaire by Folkman and Lazarus, as well as few qualitative
questions at the conclusion of the survey. It should take
approximately 20-30 minutes. The results from this survey will
provide information about the coping processes of siblings of people
diagnosed with PDD. Others working with siblings to help them explore
their coping resources can use these results in the future. Thank you
for taking the time to read this and if you have a minute and would
like to earn some extra money please take pity on a desperate doctoral
student and take a look at the survey, thanks : )

Just click on the link or cut and paste into your browser.

on becoming a blooddonor

september 25 2007

My twins where rhesusbabies.

Due to a mistake of a doctor in the past I have very active antibodies, and as their blood wasn't compatible to mine, they needed exchange transfusion right after birth.

My father uses to be called to hospital when a rhesusbaby was born. He was a compatible blooddonor for those babies, we lived near the hospital and the nurses knew he would never say no.

This time the donors didn't say no to the nurses that cared for my girls.
I'm so grateful!!!

The girls are healthy little ladies due to their help.

If you've ever doubted to become a donor, maybe the thought that I'm so happy with my girls, makes you to choose to become one.

Friday, September 28, 2007

About kilts and Heritage of Scotland

september 27 2007

OK, you caught me here: I'm smiling all over my face.
It's such a joy to be asked to review a site that has my utmost attention: Heritage of Scotland.

Well, most of you know I'm a bagpiper, and yes... all of our band wear kilts, sporrans (those little bags), ghillie broques (kilt shoes), glengarry (on the head), and all the other items that makes one look like a real scotsman.
And yes, I blow the highland bagpipes.

Interesting too is that I have Scottish blood flowing through my veins, so I don't feel everything stops with wearing the band's uniform.

I play the smallpipes too, and to me that means I want to wear a more ladylike kilt outfit.
Something that fits the picture of a scottish lady with smallpipes.

And that's where the site of Heritage of Scotland comes in.
I want a women's kilt.

Which one would you choose?

The left lady wears a semi kilted skirt with extra deep pleats.
The right lady wears a hostess kilt, a kilted skirt with extra deep pleats.

Don't let your preference be guided by the tartan.

I'd choose either the tartan of the band, or the tartan of the family.

Hmmm...maybe I should make a wishlist, because they have everything I need for my uniform, for my own outfit, and for fun.

They even have baby's first kilt.

What a pity I didn't know about this online shop when the kids were little.

Well, I can order kilts for the girls. I can combine the royal steward kilt with a royal steward waistcoat.

While I'm writing this, I'm in fact surfing the site and found a ladies inverness cape. I love it!
But first I have to buy The Bandspec - Inverness Raincape.
That's the best way to protect myself and my bagpipes against the rain.
It has special features like a non-slip patch under the arm to keep the bagpipes in place, inside pockets which can hold everything I need when I'm performing, including an extra long glengarry pocket.

Well, I can blog about each and every item in depth, explaining history, special features and uses.

Did you know the kilt patterns are called tartan, and that many clans/families have kilts for daily wear, dark weather and special occasions? Did you know they're made of wool, and that there are different weights of fabric?

Oh, there's so much more to tell.
You can find it at the site, and in case you have questions: I know they're willing to help you with enthousiasm, but you can contact me too.

When you decide to buy a kilt ask yourself when you're going to wear your kilt.
Ofcourse there are casual kilts available, against competing prizes.
Even PVC and real leather kilts.

But when you're serious about buying a kilt, that means you're buying it for life. And with a bit of care and attention it will last even longer than a lifetime.
I inherited a kilt and it's a 100% perfect. It still looks like new.

Consider buying a kilt package.
It saves you the trouble (or fun) of looking and choosing each and every item apart, and when you buy it all at once it saves money.

The next formal meeting of the band I will ask the board to look into the Jacobite outfit.

Well, whatever you choose, you'll get the best quality, and there's no need to expect long waiting times. Heritage of Scotlans has over 2000 kilts in stock.

coughing and meds

september 28 2007

The meds I got to keep the coughing under control work fine.

Last night I slept even better than the night before.
I take half of what's prescribed and it does the trick.

Woke up at the same time, took a quarter, and woke up at exactly the right time.

The only problem is that it causes a tremendous headache.

The doc told me not to take them during the day.
Hmm... after experiencing the headache I won't.

During the day I feel a bit better, but now I have an infection in my leg.

It's time it stops!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

to school, finally

september 27 2007

We managed to get him to school!!!

I got a response from the autism centre, telling what the duties were of the school.
And she mentioned the choices which were open for us.

One of them included to let him do an extended final year, meaning that he won't do exam in one year, but in two.

So I had a talk with him and he asked me what that meant: doing exam in two years.
When he finally understood the concept his reaction was : "Oh no! Not two years!!!"

"Well, if you won't go to school, it might mean they decide it for you, because you need to go to school a certain amount of days to be able to take the exam."

Later his dad came from the parents ecvening and explained that all teachers were informed about the bully and that all teacher were instructed to take action.

So he went to school...yoohooo!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another day

september 25 2007

I'm feeling a bit better, even though I only slept two hours last night.
The rest I've spend coughing and trying to sleep....sitting up.

Well, a mom can't be ill.

My autistic son refused to go to school again.
Well, I can't accept it and I certainly won't accept other people telling me I'm a bad mother because I can't get him go to school.
His irrational fears are taking over and it really gets to my nerves.

I've written a letter to his psychiatrist who made so many mistakes, to ask her to hand his case over to another psychiatrist.
I need good medication for him.

When we first used Risperdal it did wonders.
His meltdowns almost completely disappeared, which was such a relief.

But that's years ago.

I know of other children that they need adjustments of medication, especially during puberty and especially as they're gaining weight.

First thing in the morning I mailed the autism centre for advice.
It's past midnight now and I haven't had an answer.

I'm not sure how long I can cope....

opening of the library

september 25 2007

At the school of the children the new library was opened today.

We expected a lot of special festivities, but instead it was a kind of incrowd moment of some teachers and some mothers.

One of the girls witnessed it, because she ran an errant for her teacher.

This new principal doesn't have the ability to see a party where there is one.
He's not a real teamleader.

The former one was.
He was able to group people together, make fun out of nothing.
And the children were relaxed and happy to go to school.

Now the joy of going to school depends upon the child and the teacher.
That's OK to me, but in a way I miss those schoolfestivities.
Well the girls do.

I have precious memories about those of mine...a long, long time ago.

Heavy rains washing leaves from the trees

september 25 2007

The weather has changed tremendously.
We had such beautiful weather this weekend.
And even monday morning the sun was shining beautiful.

Now it's fullblown autumn.

The gardenpaths are slippery from the wed leaves, crushed cherries everywhere.
The bad weather of this afternoon raged through the trees.

We already saw it coming.

First within seconds, like yesterday, it started raining and getting dark.

Then one of the boys called me and told the sky was greenish.

It was.

It was frightening.

But all we had was a lot of heavy rain that washed the leaves of the trees, flooded the garden, and left the area damp and dull.

Internet went down, so I guess there has been bad lightning elsewhere.

breathing again

september 25 2007

I planned to see the doc this morning, but me being ill caused my autistic son to feel uncomfortable and so he didn't want to go to school. He said he was bullied.

Well, I informed school, and finally got him reading one of his books for his exam.
He said he's read a 100 pages... would be nice if that's the truth...

So I couldn't see the doc and went on using too much of the regular stuff to get my lungs under control.

For a couple of hours three times today, it worked. The rest was heavy breathing.
Couldn't even lay down. Ugh!

I hope I'll feel better tomorrow so I can check the mail and catch up on visiting you.

When you're bored with my blog at the moment, just click one of the images at the right, or the one at the top of the bottom.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


september 23 2007

Well, the flu, or what it was, really hid hard.
I tried to blog yesterday, but it just didn't work out.

Even lying at the couch and let life pass by didn't work out.
My autistic boy got a meltdown so bad, but even though I had an emotional response, I was too tired to bother.

Then I got a fever, so I went to bed. Listened to the radio and found out that a certain program is aired 4 times this weekend. Exactly the same version. What a waste of radio time.

My lungs were a mess, my head a large balloon under pressure and my muscles too old to tie my bones to the right direction.

I immediately went to the heavy regime with my inhalators. If only I could get the firt out...
Looked for a certain painkiller to get my head under control... there was none.

Being ill in my being ill, is an amazing experience.
The girls were away, so that meant no one bothered to have a look, none thought about bringing me something to drink, let alone some food.

I'm not often ill like this, I don't even have a lof of me-time.
So thoughts and memories had free reighn.

At a feverish time I remembered the room of my gram so clearly, that I could sit down in the large chair and feel the warmt of the coalhearth.
When I stayed with her we used to get up in the morning, light a candle and eat a little bread.
Then she would make tea while I got coal from the cellar in the coalbin.
We both would clean the hearth, try to find gems and diamonds in the dirt, and then fill the hearth with new coal.
I loved to light the long match and see the glowing of the fire spreading, untill the warmth could be felt.
Gram would make us both a cup of tea, some sandwiches with butter.
We would pour sugar on them, and eat with little bites.

I used to be afraid of death, like everyone at a young age, but now I'm not.
My girls would be sad, but I doubt who really minds when I slip away.

When I woke up again, a blackbird was looking into my room.
The sky had an autumn look.
I could have done with a hug from someone stronger than me. I couldn't even remember one, it must be more than 5 years ago... time to party and have a celebration of loneliness.

The neighbour was singing when she cleaned her bedroom. I heard her faintly in the silence.

Then suddenly it was almost dark outside. The trees started whispering, I could hardly hear them as my head hurt so bad.
A lady on the radio read the news. Not for me today. What a luxury.

The girls brought me some bread, they asked me if they should call the doctor. But I don't want a stranger telling me to sit up so that he can put his stethoscope on my aching muscles.

The bread tasted like grounded wood.
I only eat because I don't want to stop taking my diabetes meds, but my throat can hardly tolerate it. So I take a menthol sweet and start controling the bloodsugar after taking the diabetes pill.

My memories start playing around again. I try to cling on the sunday afternoons with my dad, walking in the forest. The huge trees, and spotting birds.
Then I find myself playing in kindergarten in my favorite kitchen.

It's time to have a good shake and have all those memories fall in place and feel better, but instead the night catches up, broken by coughing and trying to turn...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Twelfth Annual UNCA Awards


Announces its 2007 Awards for Coverage of the United Nations and its


United Nations President Tuyet Nguyen
New York NY 10017

The UN Correspondents Association invites media worldwide to submit entries
for its Twelfth Annual UNCA Awards for the best written and electronic
media coverage of the United Nations, its agencies and field operations.

There are no entry fees of any kind for submissions.

The UNCA Awards include the $10,000 Elizabeth Neuffer Memorial Prize for
written media (including online media), the $10,000 Ricardo Ortega Memorial
Prize for broadcast journalism, and the $10,000 United Nations Foundation
prize for any entry in any medium that best covers the humanitarian and
development aspects of the U.N. and its agencies.

The awards are made possible by the generous support of the U.N.
Foundation, Antena 3 TV of Spain, The Boston Globe, and UNCA itself.

Secretary General Ban Ki Moon will present the prizes at the UNCA Awards
Dinner at UN Headquarters in New York, 8 December 2007. The deadline for
entries is 27 October 2007

Elizabeth Neuffer, The Boston Globe bureau chief at the United Nations,
died while on assignment in Baghdad in 2003.

Ricardo Ortega, formerly the New York correspondent for Antena 3 TV of
Spain, was one of the leading Spanish journalists of his generation who was
shot dead on mission, in Haiti in 2004.

The judges will look for similar qualities in entries for the UNCA
Journalism Awards

The awards are open to all journalists anywhere in the world,

Work in print, internet, radio or TV between 1st October 2006 and
September 30th 2007 covering the UN and its agencies in whatever
capacity. The judges will look for entries with impact, insight and
originality, and will take into account the courage and assiduity of
the journalist. Investigative work is welcome.

Entries not in one of the official languages of the UN should have a
translation into English or French, and video entries should be in
VHS (preferably NTSC) format. We particularly welcome entries from
outside the USA and even more so from developing world media.

A written transcript assists judging of radio and TV entries.

Multiple or joint entries will be accepted

Internal entries, or those arriving through UN pouch should go to

UNCA- Awards 2007, UNCA, United Nations, New York NY 10017, USA

Mail, Fedex, registered or couriered packages should be sent to: Awards
Committee Correspondents Association Mailbox 613The Chrysler Building 132
East 43rd StreetNew York, NY 10017, USA
+1 (212) 867-0001

and scanned or email entries to unca-awards@

Any questions, please email that address or telephone Awards Chair Ian
Williams at +1 212 686 8884

Check for details, results and lists of previous winners.

Friday, September 21, 2007


september 21 2007

I've got a bad lunginfection, so excuse me when I can't visit you all.

recall of cribs

september 21 2007

About 1 Million Simplicity Cribs are recalled in the USA.
What an amazing amount!

2 children died because the dropside was installed upside down.
Another 7 entrapments are known and another 55 other incidents.

1 death of a child is under investigation.

I have never used cribs with a dropside.
There are not many sold here in the country, if any.

We call them hospitalcribs and that says it all.

Everything that moves is a danger for children.
It sounds strange, but it is.
They're clever, even at an early age.

My feelings go out to the parents.
The manifacturer says that these are self installed cribs, and that parents themselves have installed the dropdown part incorrectly.

What an ectra burden for the parents who grief the death of their child.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

balletlessons started

september 19 2007

Balletlessons started again.

The girls were very excited.

I'm always amazed how different girls are from boys.
No need to tell them to get their things ready.
They had their balletslippers and everything else ready in a very, very pink bag and had their hair done with light pink bows.

I'm very strict in how they dress during balletlesson.
Nothing should distract, so their long hair should be well up.

I've been a balletteacher and I know their teacher very well.
She doesn't mind the bows, so that's OK, but I wouldn't mind of she didn't accept them.

When the girls came back they were full of stories about the other girls, and one boy.

The room wasn't large enough to have them show everything they have done, and outside it was fresh enough not to ask me to come and see them there. LOL!

I'm so happy they love ballet.
It's good for their posture, self confidence and even self discipline.

Kids with ADHD and meds to better

september 19 2007

Fox news reports on mediaction, ADHD and scghoolperformance.

What parents already know is now scientifically proved: children with ADHD have better performances at school in the short and long run with medication like Ritalin.

Mayo Clinic researchers compaired children with ADHD without meds and those with meds during an 18 year long study.

Wow... I didn't know ADHD medication excisted as long as that.

Well, I have seen improvement in the behaviour of my son immediately after he started taking Ritalin. At school he did far better than before.

Right now I doubt if the mds are still working as they used to.

new diabetes meds

september 19 2007

Yesterday I was reading about a new diabetes treatment that can take the place of insulin treatment.
I don't mind shots, but because I have an amino acid metabolism disorder using insulin is out of the question for me.

I forgot the name of the new stuff and searching for it I landed at a site that said there is even another pill on the market: sitagliptine/Januvia.

It enforces the hormones in the metabolic tract and it only works when the glucose levels are too high.
So no fear of hypo's anymore.

I think it's a far better option than the meds I'm taking now.
They make me fat, heighten the level of cholesterol and make me feel crap.

I have to see if the insurance pays for them, if so...I'm going to ask my doc.
It's better to medicate near the cause of the disease than near the symptoms.

Wise Traditions Conference

september 19 2007

Wise Traditions Michigan
1st Annual Conference 2007

Friday Evening, September 28th (6:00pm-9:30pm) &
September, Saturday 29th (9:00am-6:00pm)

Speaking at the conference will be Dr. Natasha Cambell-McBride.
She's a mom of an autistic child and speaks on the root causes of children's diseases including autistic spectrum disorders and other learning disabilities, allergies, asthma, ADD, ADHD, obesity and other epidemic diseases.
Some of you will know her book: "Gut and Psychology Syndorme".

Wise Traditions Michigan is offering all Autism Society of America - Oakland County Chapter members and staff Half Price admission to attend Dr. Cambell-McBride' s talk. Tickets are only available until the session sells out.
Log onto for complete details.

Also speaking at the Wise Traditions Conference is Sandra Steingraber, author of "Living Downstream" and "Having Faith: An Ecologist's Journey to Motherhood.
One of the subjects is fetal toxicity.

ugh...foot infection.

september 19 2007

I have stepped on something without realising.

This morning I woke up, landed on my feet and found out the hard way there's an infection trying to ruin my day.

As a diabetic I have to be aware of these things and take them serious.

In the past I just thought "bad luck, but it'll disappear", but now I have to sit down and have to take care of it with antibiotic cream.
Little wounds and infections don't heal fast in diabetics, and little infections can create such a mess that a foot amputation might be the result.

Want to read a bit about this?
Go here.

The City of Tampa

september 19 2007

Who could have imagined in 1855 that the City of Tampa would be the third most populous city in Florida?
That year the city was officialy founded, but already in 1528 the Spanish were impressed with the beauty of the area. And in November 1823 Col. Brooke was issued orders to establish a military post on Tampa Bay by U.S. Secretary of War Calhoun.

The interesting history of the city is reflected in the diversity the City of Tampa offers.
It has many faces. Some of them are: the activity at the industrial area, the variety of cultural life, the dynamics of the harbor, and the change of the seasons of nature surrounding the city.

In case you want to know more: the City of Tampa official website offers loads of information and two videos.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

photos and school

september 18 2007

There's a problem I want to adress at the school of the girls.

Only one of the groups has photos on the site. Lots and lots and lots!
The other groups have no photos at all.

I've been waiting for the photos from schoolcamp.

But that group went later than my girls and they have about a hundred photos online.

I think that either we have to buy a photocamera for each group, or have to make a timetable so the camera spends equal time in the groups.

economical plans

september 18 2007

Today the Queen has read the governmental plans for the next year.

The last years we were used to rather concrete plans, but this time, with a new government, the text was more a series of ideas, with only a few concrete items.

We won't get more money to spend, so that means a problem for the next year, because the taxes, even on consumer goods that are daily needs, go up.

I'm worried.

We still have 5 children here and at least 4 of them will be going to a new school.
That means the girls need new bycicles, they all need schoolbooks and a lot more.

Well, we just have to wait if they live up to their plans.

We've seen so much the last decennia, that I have learned not to worry too much before I really need to sell one of the children. LOL!

Monday, September 17, 2007

special care means special rules

september 17 2007

We have been stressing here for months, because the oldest stopped school.

In itself it was stress enough, because we think that children need to focus on their future.
In fact it was just another confrontation with his handicaps.

He didn't think one moment about the financial consequences of it, so we really really worried how to get through to the right people in the right organisations to get matters settled right.

Up till this afternoon it was a regular subject of conversation and concern, because we thought he had to repay quite some money because he kept the travellingcard. (Told us he didn't).

Today he told me that his counselor had talked about this and told him that there was a rule somewhere it wasn't a problem if he started studying the same year.

Well, keep your fingers crossed the guy is right.

toys exchange

september 17 2007

When this part of town was newly built the people organised about everything.
People were happy and did everything to keep happy.

Nowadays almost all women spend their day working or attending courses and workshops.
Here and there some woman care for their children.
That's it.

I was waving the children goodbye to school when a woman started talking to me.
She hopped from one subject to another, she needed an ear, that was for sure.

Then she started to complain about the prizes of toys.
Ha...I know!!

I suggested a toy-exchange.
We used to have one and it worked perfect.

I helped her write a text to motivate other parents and the kids will help her tomorrow to bring them to the adresses where young children live.

I've planned to have a look on the attick at thursday to start things up.

It's so easy to help each other!

fourth graders needed

(near Atlanta Georgia)


To help me with my doctoral dissertation study, I am looking for fourth grade students who have a disability in written expression. The study is entitled "What writing methods will successfully motivate students with a disability in written expression to write." Students who agree to be a part of this program will be enrolled in one of two writing programs that I am offering to compare which one works better. Six instructional sessions will be provided at no cost to parents!
Thank you for your help. Please contact me for details.
If you know anyone who might be interested in participating in this study please have him or her contact me!

Bonnie Cohen-Greenberg

coberg4@prodigy. net


september 17 2007

Staying with the news...

In england there's a hedgehog which did something else than hog a hedge.

He went inside a house and snuggled up in a pile of laundry.
He must have valued the smell... eh the warmth... I guess.

While having a confortable nap he landed in the washing machine.
The story doesn't tell if he wake up when the water streamed in.
Anyway, he was washed at 40 degrees, before his or her presence was discovered.

A visit with the animal revealed he or she is now the cleanest hedgehog on earth.

Well, the eco program on the laundrymachine works perefctly well....

a boa in the car

september 17 2007

At times I get the creeps when I read the news.

I'm still looking at the floor, while writing this. Ugh!

In Vienna people found a boa constrictor in their car!


Those snakes have their habitat in south and central america, not in europe in a car!!

It's wasn't a tiny one, that must have come out of a box bananas.
No.. it was 3 metres long.

Imagine finding one....

Well, the police was called, and they called the firebrigade and animalprotection (who needs protection with a boa in the car??) and they got the snake in a more quiet environment.

Oooohhh.... now I'll have the creeps all day long...

strange story - dead and alive

september 17 2007

In Zambia strange things are happening.

11 year a woman died and was burried, but now familymambers claim she is resurrected.
They say they have seen her alive.

Her ex is in shock.

But some other family members sat in in a police conference and had their say.

Maybe it's a case of look alikes, because 2 pairs of parents claim to be her parents.

We are lucky nowadays to have DNA-testing.

Let's hope this will solve this strange story.


september 17 2007

The devastation many people feel here...

They have removed/killed about all the trees that surrounded this part of town.
It's disgusting.

I have no words for the way people behind desks make plans without consulting the people who live there (me!) first.

It's the same in many parts of the world.
Small areas, large areas.

Like the amazoneforests that are killed off, thus removing the breeding places of many species and the breathing aeras of our world.

The forests in Lapland are doomed too.

I feel so sad.

strange lights

september 17 2007

Strange lights have been seen the last weeks.

At Spaceweather, at the dates september 16 and 17, reports are cited.

Last week lights like these have been seen above one of the cities nearby.

One of the boys wanted to go there at night in an attempt to see them, but we were not too keen on him going there in the middle of the night.

This morning I had a quick look in the paper before they went to school.
One of the headers pointed to an article about these lights.

They're considered a kind of partylights. LOL!

Well, imagine the aliens are coming....


september 17 2007

Many people think osteoporosis is a women disease.


At least 30% of the men get a fracture in their life due to osteoporosis.

It's important to take enough calcium and take it in a way that is no burden to the body.

We all have grown up with the information that dairy products are calcium rich.
But not many know that also leafy greens are a calcium source.
Dandelion, turnip greens, collards, kale and Bok Choy are the best.
You can get used to them by adding them to the regular dishes in very small amounts.

Using whole grains like brown rice, millet, barley, buckwheat, quinoa and spelt is important too.

Calcium is better absorbed when used in combination with foods with lysine, which you can find in nuts, poultry, fish and legumes.

Consuming plenty of calcium (at least 1000 milligrams per day) combined with Vitamin D is one of the ways to prevent weak bones.

dairy-free and egg-free recipes

september 17 2007

One of the problems I have to deal with is that I can't use too many proteins a day.

I feel very lucky to have found a site with recipes that are all dairy-free and egg-free.
So no need to carefully scan each and every ingredient.

Many of the recipes, those in italics, are gluten free.

The woman who have made this list uses organic products.

I've already found a recipe to try today: pita bread.

One of the girls won after the schoolcamp a package of pita bread, and here they all loved it.
So we can make them again.

recall: iced tea maker

september 17 2007

Another recall.
This time for:

IT400 Iced Tea Makers with the date code of CA1307 or CA1307-A.
It's embossed at the bottom.

You have to bring it back and choose between a replacement or a refund.

Firm's Recall Hotline: (800) 874-4084CPSC
Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772CPSC
Media Contact: (301) 504-7908

Sunday, September 16, 2007

are they nuts?

september 16 2007

One of the boys called.
He needed equipment to screw his bike together.


Tirned out he had been with some other young people at one of the city parks. Nothing wrong with that.

But when he wanted to leave his bycicles was unscrewed.

I was all over the place...
Are they nuts?

He needs to bycicle at the side of a very bussy road with lots of busses passing.
Imagine one of the unscrewed screws popping out and he falls under a buss?

Oh...I'm so very mad!!!!

a weekend to sea

september 16 2007

Yesterday I got a mail from the organisation of caretakers I recently became a member of.

They try to make life a bit easier for people who take care for the elderly, ill family members or for handicapped people just because they're family and there is no other help available.

I liked their booklet because what was written reflected understanding for the difficult decisions that need to be made at times.
They offered short stays to relax, but none of them was still open when I became a member.

So they send this letter with special arrangements for new people and those who haven't taken part in the past.

I didn't feel like making bonbons, get cookinglessons, or have a sing along with others.

But there was one weekend that reaaly struck me as being the perfect outing for me.

3 days at sea.
It was the only long weekend without a program.
It's for people who are very tired or suffer from burn out.

Looking honestly to the way I'm dealing with life at the moment that weekend is the perfect fit.

A special coach is available, which is great, but I can imagine that I just want the pampering, and a take-with-me lunch, so I can have a long walk at the beach and let the sea and the wind take care of all the clouds in my brains.

It will be nice not to be alone at night, and to meet others at breakfast and dinner.

Now I can only keep my fingers crossed there's still a place available.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

ego and politics

september 15 2007

Being the victim of political decisions I'm not often happy, but as an observer I'm often amuzed.

Usually I feel sorry for people who suffer a downfall of some sort, but when it involves people who have freely choosen to enter the arena of politics my feelings are often different.
Especially when it concerns people who thrive on public attention and see nothing wrong in searching the media even if they have nothing new to say.

Living in a country that has suffered the occupation of WW2, I don't like people who work the public with statements that seem logical and acceptical, but have a hidden push into the corner of racism and other sorts of hatred.

It's my opinion that people who are part of the government have to serve the country, and shouldn't hunt for votes or popularity.

We have someone in the arena again who has worked her way through all the tricks of politics.
They like her, because she was firm in throwing asylumseekers and fugitivies out of the country.

Ofcourse she told them she was only living up to the law, she was telling them it was to have more work for the people here, that our country was too little, that other countries did the same.
Ofcourse people thought she was right.

And so they fed her feeling of standing above every human characteristic.
She waved, smiled, and became more and more egoistic in her statements.

Her ego grew so much that she stood up against the foundations of her own political party, until she was thrown out this week.

Now she's sulking.

She needs more time, she says, to think about leaving the government alltogether, giving her seat to the next person on the list of choosen people, or to start her own party.

People in favor of her help her.
Suddenly large research is done in polls and other means of research and the outcome is that a party of her own would be larger than the party she came from.

Oh my dear... that's food for the ego... a lot of food.

But she forgets that people in the government have to do what they are choosen for.
We choose for the outer limits of the governmental decisions, and we don't want people to colour the outlines out of the paper.

So I'm waiting with fear in my heart for her decision of starting her own party, this introducing her own harsh inhuman views in a setting that was not open to them before.

I love democracy, but at moments like these democracy acts against the will of the people, or should I say against the wellbeing of the people.

She looks like an average old fashioned young grandma, and I think it appeals on the memories of people of warmth and hot stew on the oven.

I can only hope that those who vote for her will never end in another country seeking asylum and be treated the way she has treated thousands of people.
I can only hope she'll never make it as far as the befriended and uncontroled polls want her to come.
I'm not ready for a dictatorship, I'm not ready for an even more inhumane society.

I was born in a country that stood for openness, democracy, humane treatment of those who were different. We welcomed people... we welcomed them...

How I wish that my parents had made a contract with the government to have everything stay the way it was...

at the lake

september 15 2007

We're shocked.

We live in a part of town that is kind-of outside.

There's a bussy canal between the centre of town and our part, and it functions as a natural border.
Our part lies lower. It used to be a swamp ages ago.

To keep the area relatively safe from flooding wer have dykes ofcourse, but we also rely on an age old system: building the houses a bit higher than roads and other areas.

Our little part of town is bordered on one side by a bussy road (ugh), the lake, and a forest.

So it's very nice to have a walk.

I like to walk in the evening, watching the stars, enjoying the rest of the animals at the lake.

Now.. a nut at the council has decided all the shrubs and lots of the trees need to go.
I haven't seen any announcement than when it was too late, so there haven't been any protests.

They have made a complete mess of the whole area.
They pulled the shrubs out, some trees, made a messy mud of the grasslands, and made piles of sand at many places.
They plan to make a beach.... just at the place where I stand at night, looking over the lake.

Another stupidity is opening up the area around the children's farm.
It stincks!

It smells very bad, because there is not enough money to clean it the way a city farm should be cleaned.

The bushes and shrubs kept the smell in place without any problem.
Now it's all bare land the smell drifts anywhere with the morning mist.
Oh..the mist is really misty now. Bah!!

Those guys at their desks at the council have no understanding at all of wild life, smells and everything.

The only positive thing is that many birds have found their way to my garden.

Friday, September 14, 2007

2 asleep

september 14 2007

The TV was on, and 2 of the boys wanted tp watch CSI.

I never watch it, but they like it.
So they had something to eat, and something nice to drink.
School and everything was forgotten.

I was bussy cleaning a bit in the kitchen and doing some of the odd jobs that need to be done at friday evening.
We spend the saturday on getting the groceries in, so the storecabinet needs to be neat and accessible, a list needs to be made, and special requests need to be written down.

After that I sat down at the computer and looked up a few things, when suddenly it hit me that it was so vetry quiet during the commercial break.

Both boys were asleep....
I woke them up and had them move to their beds.

Never experienced such an early night. LOL!

A day with only 5 children

september 14 2007

It has been a long time ago I had a family with only 5 children at home.
It was almost 12 years ago, when one of the twins was released from hospital and the other had to stay there. Just a few days.

Today was the first day with only 5 kids at home.

I've enjoyed it tremendously.

That might seem strange, but the oldest often created a lot of stress around him, almost always without realising he did.
I don't blame him. He can't help it to have Asperger syndrome, but now he has moved out I felt how much stress he added.

Early morning, after the boys were to school, I went to the room and started cleaning.
All the papers and other stuff.

He often pulled out his clothes and put them behind things, so there was no need to stand up and pause the game he was playing on the computer to get his clothes to the bathroom.
So I found denim trousers, socks, T-shirts that went straight to the pile of laundry.

It felt like a kind of freedom to be able to clean up, vacuum the floor, swap it.

The other boys value cleanliness, and we have agreed to make turns vacuuming and tidying.

In a way it feels like the way life should be.

warm weather

september 14 2007

It was cold in the morning.
Autumn is well on it's way.

During the morning the weather changed.
The clouds disapeared and a bright blue sky gave birth to... the sun!!!

I needed to get the labforms for the allergytest of my second son.
Ofcourse he could have gone for them himself, but the weather looked so great, and it was warm already that I went myself.
I thought the fresh air would clear my head from the headache I had.

It didn't, but I enjoyed the bycicle ride, and that was the most important.

Had a chat with the doctor's wife.
She worked at the same lab as mu husband during our studies, so we all know each other for a long time.

Now the practice assistant is on vacation she fills in and the practice feels like in the old days.

On my way home I found myself singing.

Had to pass some geese near the lake. They were standing on the path and I had to go past them as the normal way was blocked due to construction work.

The geese looked at me in surprise... a singing woman!


september 14 2007

Years and years and years my nights were broken because the oldest didn't sleep or wemt to bed hours after midnight.

For the first time in ages I went to bed, fell asleep and woke up because it was time to wake up.

I heard my autistic son in the bathroom in a good mood and felt so content.

We all slept a complete night without being disturbed and boy, did it feel good!

It's a pity we're dealing with a bad case of cold or the flu.
Coughing, headaches, congestion.
But it all is not as nig a problem, because we all have had a good night of sleep.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

the room

september 13 2007

Well, I've seen his room.

A friend helped to bring a table, chairs and some other things to his new place. She's got a huge car.

The room isn't as big as I expected. But the windows are huge and look out over the street and a small part of another street that leads to a shopping centre.

The bed is very nice. Pity was he had all beige on it.
He liked it at home, but there it's a bit boring.
So he'll get a more colorfull cover, which will make a world of difference.

At the other side is a wall with lots of shelves for his stuff and a large bureau.

In time it will be a cozy room.

I hope he won't feel lonely this first evening and night there.

He has moved out

september 13 2007

He has moved out, my oldest.

Right now he's riding on his bycicle through the fresh autumn air to the trainingshouse.

My little baby has gone.

Not too far away though.
Just to the other side of town.
Too far to go for a cup of coffee, but close enough to have a morning out ánd a cup of coffee. LOL!

Ofcourse he didn't know what to say or what to do, so if I hadn't said anything he would have left without a word.
It's just how he is.

I gave him a hig andthat was it.

He didn't even look back, didn't wave.

baby slings

september 13 2007

With the oldest moving out my mind goes back to the time he was a little baby.

He was so very cute.

We didn't have those cute baby slingsyoung children are carried in nowadays.

I got a peruvean woven shawl from a friend who came from south america. He studied at the same department and he could hardly speak english.
I still wonder how he made it to finish university. Wow!

He told his mom a friend was pregnant and she send him the sjawl.
He instructed me how to carry a baby in it.
It felt so good to have the baby near me.

Now he's grown up and is diagnosed with Asperger Disorder I often wonder if the baby sling gave us the chance to overcome certain social problems these children have.
He had social contact modelled, just like he saw people walk. He copied that, didn't he?

At you can see all the different ways you can wear a baby sling.
They have over 60 fabrics you can choose from, against affordable prizes.
Don't worry you're too long or too short, they come in sizes, so your baby and you will have a very confortable time.

Using a baby sling makes your time as a new mother so much more intense!

taking meds

september 13 2007

At the moment I have to take so many meds, it feels like I'm taking them all day.
Well I do.

In the morning I take the antibiotics, use my inhalers.
Then later the diabetsmeds.
Followed by the antibiotics,
and the diabetesmeds...

and it goes on and on.

I can't swallow them at once, between some meds there needs to be about 2 hours time so they won't interact.

Will I be glad when that bladderinfection is over and all the antibiotics are gone.
That means 4 moments less.

And when the cold is gone, I need a couple of weeks extra to get my lungs and nose calm and OK again, so that means only 2 times inhaling for lungs and nose.

Well, with the oldest moved out I sure will get more sleep....

oops... that'll make the day even shorter. LOL!

The ADD Book Club

september 13 2007

For all those adults who've got ADD/ADHD a special bookclub is available on internet.

Each month a different book about ADD/ADHD will be read.
Each week you'll read a portion of the book, followed by a phonecall at a conference line

The regular rate of $47 a month, but the first 10 members will pay only $27.

You will learn about ADD/ADHD step by step through life interaction with other people and 2 well educated instructors.

Those who followed know the concept and know how important a bookclub like this is.

Oh, and the url? ::click here::

second girl back from camp

september 13 2007

My second daughter came back from schoolcamp last night.

She has a bad cold, like we all here.

But far more important: she's had a tremendous good time.

Unlike the other group, this group wasn't woken up in the middle of the night, and she was very happy about it.
Two children left, because they felt ill. This cold is a nasty one, a very nasty one.

She was so full of stories and happiness.
She has sung in front of the whole camp, and did some acting.
The woodfire was as large as 3 metres high and she loved it... but was very surprised by the heat it created.

I think I'll hear stories that pop-up in her mind during the next weeks.
We don't mind!


Thank you all for your comments and mails.

My oldest is moving out tomorrow, so I haven't spend much here.

Tomorrow or friday I'll revisit and answer your mails.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


september 12 2007

I'm feeling a bit better, apart from a cold that has nested itself on top of the anitibiotica. Grrrr...

Went with my second son to the lungdoc.

It took ages of waiting in the waitingroom. We were lucky to sit in a section with no one staring at us, so we could talk and joke and see the time pass on the clock right in front of us.

The ladydoc seemed to be young, but when we sat in front of her she looked a lot older.
She explained the tests of a few days ago and told us that he had asthma.

Well, I already knew that.
Our familydoc owes me... he doubted it.

We have asthma in the family.
My uncle died from it.

The doc told my son not to smoke and was a bit amazed he was so very clear about not wanting to.
"Many parents bribe their children with drivinglessons and such."
Well, we didn't.
I've always told my children they are responsible for their own health and I don't allow smoking in my house and I won't wash clothes from those who smoke.

Well, I'm very happy he doesn't like smoking at all... but I feel so sorry he has to deal with the same problems I have to face.
Luckily he had a good role model.

Monday, September 10, 2007

to the doctors service

september 10 2007

I was lucky the neighbourwoman was at home. So I asked her to drive me to the doctor's service at the other side of town.

I've never had a bladderinfection, but the assistant on the phone told me I had.
Hmm... didn't know it meant such an amount of loss of blood.

The nice lady doctor took my bloodpressure and it was so very high that she called the hospital to have me admitted.
Ha..... the doc of internal medicine she had on the line was ready to go home and didn't want to admit me.

So I had to stay at the doctor's service, laying on one of the uncomfortable beds, so the bloodpressure would lower.
Forget it!.. Two times someone entered the room without knocking, one left thetap to drip---drip---drip..., a child was brought in with earache, alsmost causing me one...
By the time another woman walked in and told me she thought the doc was forgotten me and didn't even listen to my explanation and started calling, I was ready to chase and murder the moth that was flying there.

When the woman put down the phone she appologised and when she heard why I was there on the bed she smiled and told me: "that doesn't work".
She started talking and asking me questions and soon I felt a bit more relaxed.

So when the doc came back my bloodpressure was lowered a bit.
We agreed I would go to my doc on monday and would call if I felt bad during the night, so she could admit me anyway.

With the neighbour I went to the pharmacy nearby to get my meds...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

on being different

september 8 2007

It's always interesting to see if you're regarded as being a member of a group.

In the past I needed the feeling of belonging to a social entity.
Whatever wisdom my gram spread, I kept that inner craving and that pestering feeling of knowledge I would never fit in.

When I was young I had glasses in a time that every other child had sharp eyesight. I didn't even have those bottlebottom thick walls of glass in front of my eyes.
Just when kids started to realise I was like everyone else I was send to a children's home and when I came back the teacher was so happy and I was able to catch up with everything so easy I was further away of fitting in than ever before.

I've never understood why I stood up for children that were different, untill I met again the girl that was "backwards", strange, clumcy, and always in need for help and a kind word.
She'd become a very handsome woman who was leading one of the finest open hearth shops in the country. She had a smile that opened all hearts and a mellow voice that enabled me to lean backwards en just enjoy the words.

"You were the only one at school who sensed what was behind the facade of a stupid, ugly kid", she said.
"Maybe you are able to sense what's behind the facade of the shy and insecure kid you were yourself."

In a way I started to accept I was not worthless, I was just different.

So when I started university I made it my day- and nighttime job to be different.
I was wearing a bright white skirt and a summerskyblue blouse when others spend their dizzy early hours of their day trying to close the zipper of a pair of too small denim jeans.
I was so skinny I knew I could close the zipper of the smallest jeans standing up, it wasn't a challenge.

Life made me different.
I had to work to pay for my studies (why is a different story), so I decided to make the money well worth of intense joy and studied at different faculties.
Because I needed so much energy to keep life going I had to keep spending and gaining it in balance. A party for a week of work, was my slogan. And when there was no party in town on friday night my friends organised one.
I was different, but they accepted it and it gave me the feeling of fitting in.
What a marvellous time!

I never expected that grown ups would have another way of dealing with misfits.
But life is hard and so are the people in it.
One has to adhere to unwritten social rules.
Being different is committing social suicide.

It's not about what people say they want of you, it's about what people consider good for themselves.
Don't be critical when they tell you they want honest criticism.
When you give your honest opinion you might trigger their well hidden insecurity or they feel you question their abilities and opinion.
Their is the same simple reaction as one so often used to see in the medical world... suddenly people choose the be of the same opinion of the person they see as highest in ranking.
The circle is closed and you're either lonely inside, or kicked outside, or your head is chopped off when you're standing in the circle when it closes.

So I did it again... I was naief and honest.
And people ran to the rescue of the leader.
I think they didn't even realise.


So I'm different.
"The spice of life", a friend told me long ago.

Time to smile and not to feel hurt anymore.

the girls to a sing along concert

september 8 2007

The girls are invited by the neighbour to go to a sing along show of the kids-for-kids choir.

They are thrilled!

The neighbouring woman and the girls have a special bond.
She doesn't have any children, even though she would be the best mom of the world.
A few years ago she asked if I would grant her the honor of giving my children a day to the zoo.
She wanted to go, but being on her own was not half as fun as going with the girls.
And so they went.

It has become a tradition.
Each year during the vacation they go ...somewhere.

And now they have an extra event in their agenda: a sing along concert with the most famous choir of our country.
No worry...they already know all of the songs. LOL!


september 8 2007

They're nuts in the shops.

We don't have presents at christmas, but we celebrate Sinterklaas.
It's a special tradition that ends in the night of 5 to 6 december.

From the moment Sinterklaas arrives in our country, this year at november 17, we have special treats for children and grown-ups alike.
Speculaas, taai taai and pepernoten.

Instead of putting the harvest and autumn items on the shelves in the shoppes they have pepernoten!!! Argghhhh!!!!

It's like christmas in august.

symptom checkers

september 8 2007

I had 6 small children and didn't often go to the doctor.

Ofcourse they had their regular checks by the schooldoctor, but I never went for advice with the normal childhood problems.

If necessary I used a symptomchecker like this one.
Or had a quick look in one of my books, and that was it.

I wasn't feeling rushed like many people nowadays.
No need for my child to be brought to daycare or a sitter, so there was plenty of time to recover from all those illnesses that are the basis for a healthy mature system.

In case you need a checker. Here are some others too: lus/symptoms.html lus/

cerebral palsy conference in Detroit.

september 8 2007

The United Cerebral Palsy of Metropolitan Detroit is organising a conference and expo at October 8, 2007 with the title:

"Life without Limits through Assistive Technology"

UCP/Detroit provides information and referral services, employment program (Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach Project), individual and family support services (Advocacy, Everyone Together and Parent Coaltion), community inclusion and independent living supports and community education.

They stand close to the people so the conference will be well worth a visit.

Among the subjects:
  • Working through AT Issues;
  • Obtaining AT for Adults;
  • Obtaining AT for Kids and
  • Employment and AT. Y

You can access the full conference brochure and download the registration form/register on line at or call (248)557-5070 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to request the registration form.
Registration is a MUST.
  • FREE to people with disabilities and family members.
  • $35 for non-profits $50 for all others.

Register now so you won't have to deal with the deadline.



september 8 2007

Most humans dislike sharks, even though they've never seen them in real life conditions.
Most species of shark are not dangerous to humans.
And the species that are dangerous hardly come in contact with human beings.

The few incidents each year all reach the papers, but often it's not mentioned that people ignore warningsigns.

As fearful people are, quite a few don't care to eat shark.
Shark fin is seen as a delicacy, and is often used in western countries in soup.
It has the taste of chicken and is a very good substitute.

Humans kill each year over a 100 million sharks a year.
Usually only the fins are taken and the shark is tossed back to die a slow, painful death (as it can't swim without its fins).

By diminishing the population of sharks the whole ecosystem is influenced in a bad way, which in turn may cause disease and other problems in humans.

Pledge to save sharks.

Your pledge will make a difference.
http://www.sharkwat to_save_sharks. asp

Petition to the European Commission to Save Sharks
http://www.sharktru /?rootid= 6246&toptab=8

Petition to Establish a Global Ban on Shark Finning
http://www.thepetit takeaction/ 345265363

Stop Shark Finning -send an email
http://www.sharklif asp?Content= 125

Tell UK supermarkets to stop selling endangered fish
http://www.bite- campaigns/ campaigns. htm#top

special education acronyms

september 8 2007

One of the challenges I experience with dealing with professionals is talking their speech.
I have found out they take me more serious and try to base their opinions on scientific research.
With other words: they're more careful.

The first step for yourself as a parent is feeling sure about what acronyms mean.

Here's a nice list with acronyms from Georgia Parent mentors.

Please have a look at the rest of the site too. There's a lot of good info.

Attention Disorders

september 8 2007

Having two children with different types of attention disorder I always value good oversights and explanations.

I've found a site that give a good overview here.

In the sideline the discussion is mentioned between professionals that state that attention disorders are just the natural differences between people and the professionals that ADHD is a biological/neurological disorder.

My oldest has got ADD.

It's often said it's ADHD without the hyperactivity.

Forget it!

It's a complete different disorder.

He can focus when he's able to control the input to his brain. So he can play a computergame, read a book, and watch a movie.
But oh my dear when you distract him.
It means you'll pull him out if his selfmade prison and expose him to far too many influences.

He can stay kind and listening, but when you ask him what you have said he will use all he has to escape from giving an answer.
He just doesn't remember.
Either because his mind is clinging to what he was doing in a desperate attempt not to forget what he was doing, or because he can't make a choice between impulses.
He needs to focus his mind a 102% to puzzle all the impulses into meaningful information.

My ADHD son can do many things at once.
He's not paying attention during conversation it seems but when you ask him he will convery the message loud and clear...only you will have the job to choose between a lot of information he just pours out over you.
When you were telling him a story life was not on halt. A fly was flying to the window and landed just a cm under the curtain, there was a faint smell of the lemon in the ktichen and the neighbour started his car.

There two are not opposites on a line...they're different. Completely different.

counting musical notes

september 8 2007

For some people it's difficult to remember how music is counted.

Phil Tuliga has a wonderful site about counting music.

You can surf zround at his site and find a page with home made music instruments.
A great idea for parties or a dark grey autumn afternoon.

Postsecondary education for students with intellectual disabilities

september 8 2007

Wayne State University Developmental Disabilities Institute organises at November 5th a conference on Postsecondary education for students with intellectual disabilities.

There are 60 scholarships for family members and persons with disabilities, so people are encouraged to register.

Michigan Superintendent of Public Instruction, Michael Flannagan, will be speaking during lunch.

The links for the PSE Symposium Website and Brochure are listed below:

http://www.ddi. postsecondary_ symposium. php

PSE Brochure:
http://www.ddi. pdf/pse_symposiu m_brochure. pdf


september 8 2007

The amount of recalls these last months in different countries on the world is amazing.

It ranges from food and drinks, to toys and babycribs.

Sometimes I wonder if the brains of people are not working at all, if they only run on money and exportfigures.

When I buy something I trust that it's safe.
That the controling organisations have sampled and tested well enough to give at least a minimal guarantee.

back from schoolcamp

september 7 2007

One of the girls was to schoolcamp and came back today.

She told us she had a good time with the girls, but the boys were a pain and the teachers "not wise".

I'm not very happy with her teacher and the camp hasn't made me change my mind.

At 3 in the night all children had to get awake and dance... only if they danced well they were allowed to go to bed again.
The principal joined the teachers in waking children.

It makes me feel visiting the camp of my other daughter and waking up the teachers and have them dance in front of the children...

My little girl is OK with a special event in the night, like ghost hunting, but she feels a short break like this is complete nonsense.
She didn't feel well yesterday (there's a bug going around) and she told her teacher she hoped that sleeping a good night would give her more energy.
Well, I would have assumed a teacher would take this into account and let her sleep.

Today they went for a skying lesson, and ofcourse she went through all the movements here at home.
She lovvvvved it!

Let's hope we'll get enough snow this winter. She can go to the hills and enjoy some skying there.

She's happy to be home again with her twinsis... and us ofcourse.

They're laying in bed, head to head, with their hands intertwined.

A gigantic mountain of laundry is waiting for the machine...

Friday, September 7, 2007


september 7 2007

My second teacher at school was a marvellous lady.
She was interested in her pupils and she was teaching with all she had.

When she taught us about vulcanos she took us to the woods and at a sand dune she constructed a vulcano in such a way that I've never ever had trouble explaining the working of vulcanos to children.

At high school I had to write and present a paper within a day and as the choice for a subject was free I had no doubt: vulcanos it would be.

I wrote and wrote, constructed a vulcano of coloured paper, and got a gingerbread as first prize for the best presentation.

I'm sure you won't be surprised that I have taught my kids all about the subject and they impress their teachers in the same inspiring way and my teacher did me so many years ago.

It's a pity I've never been able to visit a working vulcano, but internet has opened a rich world for my hobby.

A couple of years ago I started watching Mt. St. Helens through the webcam of the Johnston Ridge Observatory.
Recently they added a high definition camera with full size (1024x768) images.

Watching the vulcano before going to bed provides me a feeling of rest.
Whatever goes on in the world, nature lives its own life.


september 7 2007

Went with one of the boys to the hospital for a lungtest.

At times he keeps coughing and coughing, times he looks like he's washed with bleach. And a couple of weeks ago he became so congested that he was brought to the ER.
They said he was hyperventilating, but it sounded much more like a short asthma attack.

So I wanted to know what's going on and so did our doctor.

Today he had a histamine test.
He did quite well untill his second round of sprays with histamine.

The nurse and I heard he had difficulty breathing, but he himself didn't realise it fully.
"Breathing out was a bit of an effort", he said. But he had been through worse.

Well, the test was stopped and he got quite an amount of ventolin.
It kicked in, so we were allowed to go home.

Next wednesday we get the results.

I think I know what to expect.


september 7 2007

Went to the dentist this morning.

I have one very bad molar and we agreed to make a crown on it.

This morning he had a look, and made an appointment for the 29th to fill a cavity and start preparations for the crown.

I came home, did some laundry, sat down for a coffee.
Didn't even take a sip yet, and had the whole filling and a part of the molar in the middle of my mouth.


I called, but they couldn't fit me in today, because I had to go with one of the kids for lungtests.

So: monday...

Right now I have a hole as big as an upside down Mt. Helens in my mouth...


september 7 2007

One of the girls came home for lunch.

She was angry with a boy at school.

Because his pen was empty he asked her if he was allowed to use one of her.
Ofcourse she was OK.

When the lesson was ended she asked her pen back, and he wouldn't hand it over.
When she stood up to take it fromhim, he walked to the cabinet and when he came back he had a tape on the pen with his name on it.

As it was her favorite pen, she got really angry and grasped it out of his hands.

He threatened her...

She has learned a lot last year, because I've always backed her up in her decisions, gave her advice and got the teacher on her back in such a way (involving the press always is a good threat!), that her teacher takes action everything she gets a signal of bullying.

So a little letter was enough to get things in motion again.

I hate those little boys.... just like I hated them when I was young.


The school is looking for new projects.

In the schoolpaper it says that when the pupils and/or the parents can't come up with ideas there won't be no projects at all.

I think it's written by someone who had a bad mood and just wanted the whole world to disappear.

Ofcourse we have plenty of ideas for projects.

Look around and the ideas are there:
water/autumn/furniture/should children watch TV a lot or not/old childrens plays for outdoors, etc etc.

More important though is that almost each schoolbook for teachers is accompanied by a workbook for teachers with plenty of ideas.

One just needs to motivation to pick up the book and start reading.


september 7 2007

Well, let's hope you can see my blog.

Internet is crap here at the moment. Pages won't load completely. Not even at my own site.
One of the neighbours came asking, to make sure it wasn't only his service.

Thanks for your support.

My second boy who didn't go to school this morning, got quiet.
Realism didn't jump in yet, but he agreed to go with me to the lungtest that was planned for tomorrow.
The mail brought his traincard, but I kept it away from him. When he won't use it for school it goes back to where it came from. The same with his books that will arrive tomorrow or saturday.

He fell asleep just after dinner and is still asleep. He has no fever, so I think the whole issue took far too much energy. Or maybe was caused because he was far too tired.
There's a bug hanging around.
One of the other boys had got a sneezing cold and I woke up with a headache and a very red and painful throat.

Tomorrow will be a bussy day.

At 8.30 I have to be at the dentist. Far too early...
I have to leave with the last one who goes to school.

At 13.45 I have to be with the second boy at the hospital for his lungtest.
Hopefully he'll be the first in the afternoonprogram.
We'll be at home just in time for one of the girls arriving home from camp.
Her oldest brother is going to fetch her, so she won't be alone...

What a pity moms can't split themselves up in two or three parts.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

again... and his future?

september 6 2007

The second boy has had a very hard time at school.

Then, when he stood up against some bullies who were trying to steal the cellphone from a friend for the second time, he was kicked in the face and the body by a group.
The boys who did it are convicted by now.

My son was offered therapy, but he wasn't able to talk about his emotions.

He wanted to become a photographer, so we tried what we could to get him admitted to the special school. With all the help of the former school, he was and yesterday he went for the first time. (After several times before the vacation.)

He came home, told me it was boring and that was it.

He's all stuck in himself again, refuses to go and blames everyone else...

He's 18. Old enough to make decisions about his future one would think.

It all looked so very promising, and yesterday when he was to school I was looking forward to next week, when I finally would have the house for myself and start giving it a big clean, paint here and there, and the necessary changes after the oldest has moved out.

Now I'm dealing again with someone who doesn't want to do anything, who blames the world for all his problems and who moves around like he has a big dark cloud hanging around him.

No, he isn't depressed.
He has got an autism spectrum disorder, and is not able to feel the conncention other people make with him. He can't accept hands that are reached out to him.

Problem is he doesn't want to coooperate to get diagnosed.
He doesn't want to go anywhere with us to get help. He cooperated in finding the school, in getting admitted, in going to the introductiondays. That's all.

I know this isn't about me.

But I feel desperate.
I can't do anything with someone who doesn't want to move into social situations anything further than his little circle of friends. (Some with an autism disorder too.)

All problems we've had with him in the past are back again.

I am sooo tired, and stupid enough I feel a failure too.
With all love in the world I can't do anything for him.


I had a discussion with him about yesterday and he came with information that was wrong.
One of the items was that each and every item would be reviewed for his final exam. He also told me he had to stay there 4 years.
The first seemed to be ridiculous and the second was absolutely untrue. It's 2 years.

So I told him, but he insisted he heard it well, so school was called.

Turned out they had made a mistake and he had been in the group of the last year and the highest level.
Not his mistake!!
But a thousand appologies won't work at this moment.
I even offered to go with him this afternoon...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

hair fundraiser update

september 5 2007

My son offers to cut his hair to a reasonable length when he has collected a certain amount of money.
He wants to help raising money for a computer for his autistic brother.

One of his teachers allowed him to talk about it in the classroom and together with a donation of Melissa he has reached 30 dollar.

Thank you all!!

He was grateful and also a bit disappointed.
He expected everyone to jump on the fundraiser, because they have been bothering and bullying him so much about his long hair.

I think his offer is great!

He started growing his hair to show his independence.
It was at about the same time he started aikido (japanese martial art).
Many people have long hair and have it in a tail/braid.
So he wanted to fit in and his puberty protest against rules suddenly changed in adaptation to the group.

I was amazed he took so very well care of it.
He washed it properly, combed it well.

Sometimes I was very annoyed or a bit angry.
My asthma doesn't combine with certain gells and hairsprays. (Yea.... LOL!).
He used them to keep his braid well in order.

His long hair became part of his personality.

When he applied for a vacation job, he was accepted and so was his hair.
We all were very amazed.

He's been working very hard during the vacation and now school has begun he keeps working. For instance: today he has school untill 2 o'clock and then he will go to his work and stay there untill 10.
He likes to work a long shift, because they order food for all the people who work there... and I have to say....they order well. LOL!

His money goes on the bank.
In the past he has travelled with a dancing ensemble to Bulgarya, and he was impressed how poor the people were.
He stayed with a family and he was so touched by the fact that they had nothing, but nevertheless did all they could to make him feel home. He wants to go back and bring the man the equipment he needs to work faster and without less effort.

Quite some goals in life for a 16 year old, ej?

So I want to thank Melissa and the people at school for helping him realising his goals.
And he will reach his goal, I'm sure of it.


september 5 2007

The Etna vulcano is active again.

Have a look at the Etna webcam ::here::

Monday, September 3, 2007

buying a buscard.

september 3 2007

The weekend wasn't easy.

My autistic son isn't used to school yet, but he already experiences the weekend in a different way.
So his saturday felt new, and he felt lost in space and time.

His mood was terrible.

Luckily he calmed down on sunday... only the evening was a problem.

This morning I expected his bad mood all over the place, but he went to school quiet.

20 minutes later he was home again.
Angry at his dad, because he had a flat tyre again.

I had no card for the bus, and couldn't leave the house to go with him, so I gave him the money and told him where to buy a card.
He's been there often enough, and the guy selling them knows he's autistic.
He has an autistic brother himself and goes in slow motion, and explains everything he's doing.

It looks weird, but he's found out that autistic children get focussed because they can understand his movements, and they forget where they are.

Hours later my son came home.
He was happy.
For the first time he managed to buy a buscard!
Woohoo! (He's 15).

He gave the card to me, but I told him to keep it for tomorrow.
He was delighted he could go by bus again.

Last week he told me he never ever would go with that stupid bus again, because all people where smelly and bothered him with perfume and other strange smells.
And on top of it, a bus was not convenient, because he had to walk to school anyway. (2 minutes opposed to 2 hours. LOL!).

Today he was happy he could go by bus again.

Well, with a flat tyre it's a long walk to school.

Middle Name, Middle Name, What Can It Mean?

september 3 2007

Melissa tagged me with this neat little meme to find out what middle names mean.

The Rules:

  1. You have to post the rules before you give the facts.
  2. You must list one fact that is relevant to your life for each letter in your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name than use a name that you like.
  3. When you are tagged you must write a post containing your own middle name game facts.
  4. At the end of your post you must tag one person for each letter in your middle name.. Don’t forget to comment them telling that they are tagged and to read your post to get the rules.

It's just Laane at this blog, to grant my children a bit of privacy.

  • L Love is all important. And I mean unconditional love. Far too many people deal with other people in a kind way only if they match a certain image.
  • A Altruism, to care for others without any hidden or obvious motive than to help them is one of the central characteristics I learned from my gram and dad, or maybe I just inherited it. Many religions preach it, but far too often altruism is only targetted towards people of the own faith. So I wonder if that's realy altruism.
  • A Alternative. I like to see things from a different angle than others. It makes life interesting.
  • N Nederland. That's the name of my country. Do you know that the english name is The Netherlands? Many people call it Holland, which is very wrong, because only part of the west coast is called: South Holland and North Holland.
  • E Ethics. I've got a strong sense of ethics. When I was still working at the university I as even asked to become a member of the ethical commission of gynaecology and obstetrics.
    I refused because I didn't want that the decisions of women were granted or not granted on the basis of the outcome of discussions of a commission I was part of.

And I'm going to tag:

A slice of life


Saturday, September 1, 2007

winner of august give-away

september 1 2007

We've had a family meeting here to debate if we would draw the winner between those who had a give-away organised too, or between everyone who entered their name.

Reading that one of the other give-away organisers didn't want to enter any contest that month the amount of real participants was too little to have a real draw.
I can't afford to send them all a gift, so it was decided to put all names in the cowboyhat we have, and have the oldest draw the winner.

It'll be his last official deed here, before he moves out next weekend.

He was still sleepy when we called him out of bed, so there are no pictures taken.
He was too sleepy to open his eyes properly,(lol!) so it was an honest draw.


I'm very happy to announce that Jennieboo has won the august-give-away!!!

She's a wonderful lady who is never too far away for a kind word and a smile.
And she's a fellow member of SheWhoBlogs, a nice bunch of blogging women. (You're welcome to join!)

I'm sorry the other wonderful ladies haven't won, but get your give-away things ready, because the september give-away is announced tomorrow.

Thanks for your participation!!!


I've been trying to make my rounds, but it's almost impossible to load a page.
Internet is so very slow and disconnects often.