Friday, August 3, 2007

august give-away

august 3 2007

I wanted to start a vacation give-away because for me it's a time at home, caring for the children, doing what I do all year long, but with most of my friends away.
A give-away is a great way to meet more people, so see blogs one would otherwise not find and to feel connected with people.
A huge give-away, the dog day's give away, was going on last month. It needs mentioning in the guinness book of records!
So I wouldn't start mine because I didn't want to come in between.
Now it's august and the rain is still drizzling down here, I think we can do with a little sun.

Want to participate in the august give-away?

Here are the rules. (Can't do without them, can we?)

  • Offer a gift at your site.
  • Display the image above... first download it to your computer and then upload it to your site. You can use for hosting. No linking to my site please, otherwise they might block it.
  • Link the give-away-image to or even better to
    That way others can come here and participate too.
  • Enable comments for those who want to enter the drawing of your gift at the end of the month.
    It's easy when they're numbered, because you can use a random number to draw the winner(s).
    Make people aware they have to leave an url of an accessible blog, or emailaddress. Ofcourse a contactform at a site is fine too to get in contact in case someone wins.
  • Sites that need registering for an account that is never used anymore are not accepted.
    Nor are sites that contain material that is not fit for children to see.
    If there's doubt, it's for me to decide.
  • Don't burden people with things to do, like subscribing to newsletters, searching your blog for an answer to a question or something else to have them show they're more interested than others. You can let them answer a simple question like 5+5= in case you want to prevent computerised submissions.
  • Don't use the emailadresses for anything else than contacting the winner. So no spam, advertising your site, your newsletter. Nothing.
    If you do I will get you off the list and report you to the authorities and your provider.
    This sounds terrible, but some now and then some people.... ugh!
  • It's OK to offer books and other items that have been used as a gift, but you can't let someone win a broken item.
  • To get more people to your site, you can set the give-away entry as a sticky post. That means it'll stay as the first post all month, and you'll attract more visitors.
  • If you offer more gifts, give them each a link at this site, so people can find them.
    You can find the link of the blogentry by opening your blog and clicking on the title. Some systems use the date to click to a seperate page.
  • Enter the link to Mr. Linky, and to be on the safe site, also to the comment section here, so when one system goes down, the other can act as a back-up.
  • Don't forget to enter my give-away!

Thanks for participating!!!



  1. I just post it. Here's the link:

    Maybe it will be as successuful as "dog day give away." Who knows.

  2. I wish more people were linking up here! LOL! I'm sure it's just b/c everyone's gifted out b/c of the Dog Days thing. I will try to find something to give-away and link up too!

  3. I love giveaways, they're so much fun and you're right, they're a great way to hook-up with fellow bloggers.

    I've got my giveaway ready to go and posted on my blog at and I've submitted my link!!

    Thanks for hosting, I know it's a really big undertaking!!

    God bless,
    Briggie ^i^


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