Tuesday, July 31, 2007


july 31 2007

Today is called: "bookday".

Not because the name was already on the agenda. Oh no.

It was because books were an item all during the day.

More than two weeks early we got the schoolbooks for two of the boys who're going to a school for children with special needs.
Being a day early means a lot for that shop, I guess.
Now we have to pay the books before the end of august instead of the end of september.
They'll have their money early... and we have to see how we manage now everything comes all at once.

In the afternoon a friend called and asked if I was able to proofread her book.
It's a pity my dutch language is perfect, because everyone is able to find me for these kind of jobs. So those little minutes I use to do the garden, look out of the window, listen to some music... gone.
I'm lucky the book has not too many pages. LOL!

And the third moment of attention for books?
When I hit my head at the boosshelf at the boys room.
It's there for over ten years, and it never has found one moment of contact with my head when i was cleaning on top of the wardrobes.
Now it did...

I was planning to paint my hair tomorrow... maybe it has to match the nice vulcano-like mountain that is building itself on my head... LOL!

Message from Meg 2

july 31 2007

Meg asked me to send her greetings to all of her friends.

The baby is still OK, Meg is still on the drip to inhibit her contractions.
She's very tired and looks forward to giving birth.

A few of her friends are at her home finishing the baby room. Ofcourse with a redline to meg, who wants it done the way she would have done it.

All her love to you all!

Monday, July 30, 2007

e-foot in mouth

july 30 2007

Ugh...Well, let's start at the beginning.

The vacation was only two days on it's way when it was announced it would rain for at least another week.
So I started looking on internet if there was something special to do for the girls.

Living with 4 brothers with autism spectrum disorder in the house isn't easy, especially not when you have to stay inside because of the weather and because everyone else you want to play with is on vacation.

I landed on a special site that stated that they had something to do in the vacation for every child.

"Well, that's it!", I thought.

It was about a photography contest for children, or a video contest. I don't remember.
It said that the children had to use their own camera (not from someone else)to make photos for a contest and with those photos they would make a mobile photo-exhibition that could be invited to schools.

None of my children has a camera.

They asked if they were allowed to send a mail.

So they wrote that they felt excluded from an activity that was announced to be for all children.
If they had cameras for hire, at libraries for instance, so they could realise their claim the contest was for every child.

That was more than a month ago.

Today a reply was in the mail.

Clearly adressed to a grown up. Stating that it's life that some children don't have a camera, and that the exhibition can come to their school too, and they can attent an event in another town. (You have to buy tickets.)

The tone of the mail, and the abslute lack for understanding, really made me angry.

Why organise something for children when you're not even willing to express even a little bit of understanding, or complimenting that they have written the mail... or something like that?

So not the girls, but I wrote them back.
Stating that this contest is not for all children at all.
It's not for children that aren't mobile, that haven't a camera, and don't have parents who can afford to get them to the other town.
They exclude a large group of children and they know it, otherwise they would have organised a drawing contest, a poetry contest or something like that.

And I ended: "I think the commercial gains outweight the feelings of the children."

Then I hit the send-button.


I'm not used to sending unkind mails... so I feel I'd better put my e-foot in my mouth and shewed on my toes.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Love for Parker

july 29 2007

I had a baby in my arms.
She was beautiful, and looked well and healthy.
Her wonderful eyes discovered mine and looked and looked and looked.

A day later I looked at her dead hands, her face... and never ever saw her eyes again.

So I know that we all must fight for the life of a child.

Love for Parker

Parker needs prayers,
and your donation to help him get the care he needs.
That sounds strange in such a rich country,
but insurance companies only care for numbers,
not for lives.

Just donate 2 dollar from your paypal,
or more...

Send him white light, energy, prayers,
all the good in the world,
so his bright eyes
can be among those of other children
for many years to come.

Click one of the images to get more information.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

The winner of the give-away is...

july 28 2007

The winner of the give-away is.....

Well, because we extended the time for entries we decided to do the draw before the girls went to bed.

We made numbers for each comment, put them in a cowboyhead, and waited until the first boy came in the room.
Our second boy was the lucky one to take a number...
and... it was ...

drums are rolling.....

Grandma Susan from Grandmasblinkies !

Susan, I'm going to mail you and ask you what I need to know to send you the earrings.

All other contestants: thank you very much for entering!

Maybe you'll win next time!

and the winner is.....

july 28 2007


Making my rounds I have been amazed that so many people don't know how happy they are, and how rich.

I don't consider myself poor. Not at all.
When I can give away things I'm not poor.
And when I can see the beauty of nature, I'm not poor.

I can feed my children, give them a roof above their heads, give them my love.
But we don't have a car, no diswashingmachine, no fan or airconditioning, no meals outside the house, no vacation, no financial support, no room for each child.
We don't feel less however.
So may in this world have less than we have, and that's why I participated in the give-away.

Visiting new sites the past week has made me aware once more that many people don't know that they have a central role on this earth.
I'm not talking about that little pleace of earth of the ego, of their home, of their own world.

I'm talking about our Earth.

We all take part in this huge event of life on this world, and we all carry our responsibility to make it the best place there is. For other people, for animals, for plants, but also for the future.

I have started another blog: We're earth
It's about this theme.
Feel welcomed to subscribe to the mailinglist so I can inform you when it's up and running.
I have won in the contest a free header designed by Becky and she is going to make the header for the new site.
I want to thank all those who hosted a give-away.
It was great to be at all those different homes on the web.
Thank you Becky and Dawn for your wonderful gifts!
I'm looking forward to the header and the book that I have won.
Can't believe I have won!
I'll keep my contest open for a few more hours, so those who still want to participate can.
Then we'll draw a winner and I'll contact you by mail.
So when you forgot to give your emailadres: please do.


it's night

july 28 2007

It's night here.

I'm waiting to be able to make a sponsored post, but nothing is available at the moment.

Maybe I should have written all those computerfactories and simply ask them for a computer for my son.
I know there are people who do such a thing.

When I really get the money that is promised for sponsored blogging I have made about 80 dollars. That's about 58 euro.
Not all posts are approved yet, so it might be half of it.

I wonder if it's worth the wait in the night, to be present at american daytime.


A post became available.
I clicked it..got the links, entered it and it was gone...

This is so disappointing... And I can't understand that it can be gone so quick.

I think I'm nuts to wait here all night long for only 5 dollar...

Friday, July 27, 2007

little kid

july 27 2007

They've been on vacation for three weeks.

So my girls found other things to do, and with the bad weather we've had all vacation they created a nice dolls vacation centre at their room. The fun they have there... It makes me feel happy that they can play with so much dedication and so content with what they have.

Early this morning a little girl entered the garden gate, just as I went there to lock it.
(My autistic boy sometimes panicks when he sees someone entering unexpectedly.)

The little girl told me... yep.. told me to fetch the girls, because they have to play moms and dads. She even told me which roles my girls had to play.
She's not even 4... and telling 11 year olds what to do is not in my jobgdescription for her.

So I told her that playing is for fun, and it should be fun for everyone.
So that means my girls should have the freedom to play, and the freedom to choose what to do and what not.

Hmm... that gave a moment of silence before she told me to fetch them.

"Little lady. You can't order me around. I make my own decisions.
You can ask me, politely, with a thanks you included, whatever my decision is."

She stared at me... while I was thinking how she orders her parents around.
Her parents adore her for her lovely face, and they tell her every day how intelligent she is, so she thinks she's better than others.

"Will you get the girls"

"No. They're still asleep and I won't wake them when it's vacation.
But I'll tell them you have been here, asking..."

A few moments later my autistic boy almost freaks out because he sees shoes coming from under the gardengate.
It sure looks like someone is walking right through it... invisible.. with visible shoes.

Not even 5 minutes later the little girl is at the front door, with her larger brother.

"We want the girls to come to play."
"I have waited long enough now they should come"

"No, you have waited not even 5 minutes.
Let's be clear: they are asleep and I won't wake them up.
It's vacation, which means we have some freedom to do what we want.
So you have to give us that space.
You're not supposed to ring bells at front doors, walk into gardens of other people, before 12 o'clock.
You force me to answer the door before I even had the chance to shower!

If you wake up early, play at your house. Find a way to enjoy yourself and be silent, so your parents won't feel disturbed.

I'll inform the girls that you have been here when they wake up. It's up to them to decide what they want to do."

Ofcourse I didnt feel kind.
But I have to tell these children so often that other people should have a choice and the world is not centered around them.
They feel so much better than others that it makes me feel sick.
It's not an attitude a child should have.

Self-confidence... OK.
But overestimating yourself?

getting to know people by means of a give-away

july 27 2007

Taking part in a give-away with more than 500 participants was such an experience!

I liked the idea of offering something for someone unknown, and entering drawings from others.

Little did I know I would learn so much about other people.

There are very generous people in this world. Very generous.
They offer what they like themselves and give it with a heart full of love.
I've been so touched by some participants, and even had tears in my eyes at times.
No, it's not about huge and expensive gifts, but by the kind way they were offered.

I've also been very disappointed in people.
Some put on offer what they clearly don't like, never would use themselves and when you have wresstled yourself through a long piece of text you'll find out they won't send it to other people than those in their country.
Well, it's up to them, but why not put that at the beginning of the entry?

Don't think I don't understand that some people can't afford the extra dollars, or that some countries have very high mailcosts. I do.
But it's the way how people make that known that makes others feel pushed aside.

Still, the good feeling of people who want to share their best stays, as those people make a lasting impression.

I've also been at sites that entered the give-away as a means of advertising their site.
Well, you can buy advertising space at my site (lol) without the investment of giving away something.
I'm willing to put links up for other people here, especially when I get a link back. But the whole thing is a give-away. Not a way of getting 200 to 300 links in exchange for a little present for one of them.

It's amazing with what people come up to get people work for a little gift.
Some people have made the free give-away into a kind of quizz, making the participants look up answers at other pages or blogs, finding names for their babies, giving them ideas for new items for their shop, do market research etc etc.
Well, my internetconnection is so slow this week, that I've hardly been able to post at some sites. Some sites didn't even load well enough to read the entry, see a photo or get the comment section working.

Disappointing too was that some sites need registering at a site I don't need to be registered, some wanted a sign-up for newsletters of online shops I will never buy a thing.

So all in all I've visited quite a lot of sites.
More than half of them were not a real give-away or were not meant to be for all visitors of their sites.

But hej... some people have made a lasting impression and maybe they will be my future friends.
And that has made the whole adventure worthwhile.

I'm thinking about a give-away in a few weeks...stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Theatre nuts

july 25 2007

I think I'll be completely nuts when the vacation is over.
Well... I'm already 99% insane, so there's only a little needed to tip me over the edge. LOL!

Children with autisme need a usersmanual.

No problem there, we all have our manuals and when we think we don't need a pile to hand out to others, we certainly have a look at the manuals for washing mashines and other equipment.

Like most manuals the one for my son contained a huge mistake for today.
It might be the storm that hissed against our house, might be the damp of the rain, that was unseen sitting on our shoulders already all week. It might even be a difference of taste of the bread.

I don't know.

But he got a major meltdown again and thought he needed public.
He went into the garden and started yelling there.

If there's something I hate it's that. And he knows it.

So I had the mind enlightened with the insight that he knew what he was doing, and he was already over his meltdown when he came downstairs.
I had a look at the pile of clothes I always have there. He needs to throw things when he is angry. So instead of vases splintering through the room, socks will fly.
(Ever observed socks flying? They do graciously.)

So I had a look at that pile, and it was still there in perfect disorder as always.

So I told his majesty he'd better come in and get quiet before someone in the neighbourhood might call ambulant psychiatry services.

To my surprise he walked in and sat down.

It took him 5 minutes and then he wanted to go computering again.
Huh... not before I told him that I won't theatre like this anymore, because other people don't know if he's seriously nuts or just theatre nuts.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

all too is too much - cholesterol, statines and cancer

july 24 2007

cholesterol, statines and cancerA few years now I'm in a friendly debate with my doctor.

Coming of a family with all people die from cancer on both sides, I'm very aware something must be in my genes that makes me more susceptible than others.

I've always had very low cholesterol and was praised by the doctors.
I assumed it was a lack of something, as I valued french fries, whipped cream and other cholesterol boosting stuff in more than average amounts without gaining a single gram.
I was 56 kilo when I got diabetes and soon after I gained weight like a freighter is loaded.
My cholesterol stayed down.

Then I got the medication. My glucose had to be kept down, and as a sandwich already made it rise sky high there was no escape.
My cholesterol raised when my glucose levels dropped.

So I got statines.
I tried several kinds. Some made mee feel pain in, as it seemed, almost every muscle of my body, some made me dizzy and others made me loosse control over my movement.

I sticked with the last one. I take a quarter of the prescribed dosage, which keeps the cholesterollevel just below maximum.

Researchers in Boston now came up with the conclusion of a reviewstudy of 13 trials with 40,000 people.
(So they didn't conduct the studies themselves)
The concluded there's one cancercase more per 1,000 people who cut their cholesterol levels with statins, than those with higher levels of cholestrol.

I'm always delighted with results like these.

I love how the media try to get out of it whatever they want.
Some say you get more cancer when your bad cholesterol is low, others say different things.

Problem is that we don't know exactly what they have found in this study.
  • The raised cancer incidence might be related to the use of statines. It's plain dirt.
  • It might be related to low bad cholesterol, not to intermediate or high levels. It's already a finding that is accepted among groups of doctors.
  • It might be related to the combination of statines with low cholesterol (an option the researchers forgot.)
  • It might even be the result of the ways the studies were designed, conducted or to the statistical tests used or the wording of the results.
As in the past the benefits of lowering cholesterol with statines has been proved, they write in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that the benefits of statins outweigh the risks.
The risk of heart disease (heart attacks and strokes) is lowered, and that is proofed and accepted worldwide.

I still think that too much about medication is decided without input of the patients.

Isn't it up to us if we want to take the risk, which risk and if we can life with the side-effects of medication for the rest of our lives?

England is flooded

july 24 2007

How awfull!

Large parts of England are flooded and an uncountable number of people are directly confronted with the devastating effect of the water that has made it's way everywhere.

My heart goes out to all these people.

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes.
So many people have lost their houses, more than 350.000 people are without tapwater, more than 50.000 people are without power, and when Walham Station breaks down another 250.000 are added.

So many are afraid of what more will come.
The worst is not yet over.

A few years ago I had to move things upstairs, because there was a huge chance the dyke would break and our part of the country would be flooded.
We are lucky to live near the bridge and a higher part of the town, so I wasn't afraid for our lives. But the preparations were of a huge emotional impact.

Living near a large river I'm used to high water warning. Used to the walls being closed with two thick layers of wood and hore menure between them. It's an age-old and very tested way to keep the water out of the part of town near the river.

But at the site where we live we had no walls... just the dyke.
And that day it kept us safe.. just. The rains stopped just in time.

But now the rains won't stop anymore.
On the movies at the site of the BBC I see places I have been. Water everywhere.

I'm worried...

The winds are getting stronger here at the other side of the Channel.
Warnings about heavy winds and storm at the coast are issued.
I can't sleep, which usually means nature can't stay calm.

How will those winds and the storm affect England?

Where are the international help organisations?

My heart is with you...

Give away!

july 24 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I woke up far too early, had a look at the mail and found out that there's a huge give-away going on this week.
An almost endless list of people have joined and no links can be added anymore at the moment.
But who cares?

I'm looking around if there's something to give away, but I don't have something at the moment, and certainly no picture of it.

Or do I have....

Oh yes, I have an idea!

I'll participate with a little pretty something that's still a surprise.
Tell me if your or your daughters ears are pierced. (LOL!)

I'll cover the costs of shipment, so no worry there.

Just leave me a comment and tell me in which country you live.
And ask me something you want to know... I'll answer in my other blog.

Because there are so many people participating, we'll draw the winner saturday. The girls will help me making little papers with your name, add them in a head and the first boy to wake up that morning will draw a paper.

And now hop over to Shannon of Rocks in my Dryer to read the rules and see the links to the other participants!
Thanks Shannon, thanks !!

I have seen many take only participants of the USA and Canada. That's a pity. I live in Europe, but I have a friend in the USA who is pastor and I'm sure she knows someone to make happy and who is in need of a gift.
So if you see my entry.. think about this..


Monday, July 23, 2007

The father

july 23 2007

Last week I read somewhere online about a man who drowned while trying to rescue his daughter.
Someone complained that no local paper mentioned a word about it.

The story popped up in my mind each day, and I tried to reach a journalist I know who could have managed to get the story published. But he was on vacation.

I told here at home about this man.

His family went on vacation and that certain morning they went to the beach.
They didn't know they were not supposed to swim there on that day, they didn't know about the currents to sea, and the underwater currents.

The son and daughter went in the water and swam a bit. Then they got caught by a current and were washed away from the shore into dangerous waters.

3 men ran and swam to their rescue.
One of the men got a heartattack. He knew about the dangers there.

The father nearly managed the girl.
He yelled to her: "Swim to the coast. Don't look back, swim, swim, swim. You can do it."

Did he know he would never be able to reach her and bring her back?
Was he already caught in an undercurrent himself and did he know he would only be able to stay above water long enough to yell, before he was pulled down?

No one knows.

The water gave back the daughter and son to land. Alive!

But the father didn't make it.

I told the story a few times to the children.

This evening one of the boys read it in the paper and saw the death announcement.

Turned out it was the father of one of the boys he went to school with.....

Sunday, July 22, 2007


july 22 2007

I don't understand why people want cats and then have them walk all day around in the neighbourhood. Bothering people and other animals, and being a nuisance everywhere.

They say the owners of dogs are look alikes of their dogs.
Well, the same goes for owners of cats.

We have a family here in the neighbourhood... ugh.
They just don't care about how other people feel.

When they want to burn wood, they just do. Even if that means that everyone else has to shut all doors and windows, even when it's tropically hot.

They yell and shout, even late in the evening and many people here wish they would move and never come back.

They have the same feeling about their red cat.

He sneeks into gardens, hunts down birds and just walks in houses as if they are his.

I say he... but ofcourse it also might be a she.
I just don't care. The animal is as stupid as the family, as non caring as they and as invasive in our daily life as the family.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

men and klikos

july 20 2007

It's so interesting to see what happens during vacations.
It's like there's a threshold for empty houses, before people feel free and claim their whole neighbourhood as theirs.

We all have "klikos" here.
Containers for "green waste", from gardens, vetegatbles and plants.

Each two weeks the local wastecompany comes to emtpy them and all the green waste will be turned to compost that can be bought for a low price at the shops.

Each house has a kliko. And it's enough space during winter, but in summer most families can do with a second one.
That's why we have a compost container in the garden, where I put all my garden waste and most of the vegetables and fruit waste.
My compost is very good..

I know... Oh yes I do.
For 5 years on a row I've found my compost stolen at the beginning of spring.
That says enough, doesn't it?

But back to the subject.

More and more families are on vacation.
Like last year all the klikos were standing still and firm at their places in front of the houses. Some hidden behind bushes, some proud to be seen by everyone.

Next monday it's "klikoday". The green waste will be fetched.

I expect we need about 3 or 4 families to go on vacation this weekend before people start weeding and pruning like their lives depend on it.

Huge piles in the garden with all that they can do without.

When the evening spreads grey and dark over the neighbourhood, men will come out of their houses and snatch the kliko of someone else, fill it in the dark and bring it back to its place.

In the dark of the night from sunday to saturday the same men will slip from their houses and bring the kliko to the special places to be empties in the early morning by a car that makes lots of noise and wakes up everyone.

So all those men will be seen bringing the empty klikos to their lonely places in front of the empty houses.

Friday, July 20, 2007

international 4 days marches

july 20 2007

Today will be the last day of the international 4 days marches.

It's a huge walking event with 37.505 participants.
They walk either 30, 40 or 50 km a day.
More info here.

The saturday before many festivities start and they also last untill friday(night). Open air concerts, dancing, sing alongs. You name it.

The event is the largest of it's kind in Europe with about a million visitors.

In case you're interested and you want to have a look, there are several webcams on air.

Via Gladiola

wedren and other places.

The first three days were the best ever, people said.
The weather was not too hot, not too cold. It was a bit humid, but there was no rain, and a little breeze kept it pleasant.

The last day started with a weatherforecast of tremendous rain, thunder and lightning at the end of the afternoon. But there was sun, and it looked great.

I'd seen the news at TV, where it was told the bad weather was drifitng out of the country, and then suddenly thunder and lightning started.

I ran with the girls to check the house of friends who are on vacation, and when we came outside we saw a thick beam of lightning come straight down not too far from here.
It's just a few hundred metres to our house. We were just in time to keep dry from the rain.
Then we got a call from a friend nearby the centre of town that lightning had struck near of them.

Rain was splashing down not by buckets but by whole pools. The lightning was right above town.

Musicbands at the marches were told not to play, the endtime of the marches was delayed half an hour to give people the chance to stay out of the rain.
Two of the three trainroutes out of town were dwon because of lightning.

But people had a tremendous time and soon after the rain stopped the marchingsbands were making music again.

The rain made it all even more festive, as all people tried not te feel down because of the weather.

That's the true spirit of the 4 days marches.
Going on, going on...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Message from Meg.

july 19 2007

Yes, it was Meg who was admitted to hospital.
She asked me to update her friends at my blog.

The drip manages to stop the premature contractions almost completely, but she feels like she's running a marathon at Mt. Everest. That is bad stuf that has a grip on nature's labourforces.

She in a room with another woman who is on a drip too, and who also have to go 7 weeks before the due date.

Her mother is on her way from Canada to take over the care for the others at home.
Meg worries it might be too much for her, so she asks those who live nearby to take her out once in a while, for diner, a movie or a concert. (Meg pays. Just send the bill).

Jade is arranging summercamp for the oldest two. Now they can't go out with Meg, or be with her all day, they have agreed to take the opportunity. So they'll have a good time after all.

Those who want to send Meg a card can send it to her home. No problems as each day someone visits Meg.

She sends you all her love and hopes all will be well.

ozone...good and bad

july 19 2007

First we had cholesterol...later we had good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

Well, I was taught about ozone. It smelled good, but it was bad, they said then.
But now NASA tells us we have good and bad ozone.

Well, let's start with the bad ozone.

When there's ozone in the sky right above earth up to 10 miles (the troposphere) you have a real problem.
Ozone molecules consist of 3 oxygen atoms, where as the molecules of the air we breathe contain 2 oxygen atoms.

Pollution caused by, for example, cars consists of nitrogen oxide, which is a gas. Each nitrogen oxide molecule is made of one atom of nitrogen and two atoms of oxygen.

On a sunny day nitrogen dioxide sheds one of the oxide atoms, and they find their way to the 2 oxygen atoms of our air and binds to them, creating ozone.

Lack of healthy air, and/or an abundance of onzone cause eyes to get watery, but even worse, it influences breathing of people with lung diseases and with vulnerable lungs, like small children and the elderly.

There's far more happening to all human bodies, but we don't know the extend of the damage at the moment. We're not even able to measure all the chemical reactions that are caused by sunlight (photochemical smog).

At higher levels of the atmosphere, 10 - 30 miles above sea level (stratosphere) the energy of the sunlight splits up the air molecule in 2 atoms oxygen. Lik at lower levels the stray atom adheres to the normal oxygen molecule, thus creating ozone.
Ozone at those levels protects us from the sunlight. That means we are protected from for instance skin cancer. It also prevents plants from dying from the ultraviolete radiation.

So whereas good and bad cholesterol are different, ozone is the same everywhere, but depending upon the place it's good or bad.

We can prevent the formation of bad ozone by lowering the output from polluting processes.
Industry and cars are the main polluters, so we have to be more careful with what we want and how we travel.


july 19 2007

Ugh... I have to vent here.

Last week I asked for new batteries for my camera.
So yesterday he gave me two... rechargable ones.
Oh yes, they were OK, no problems to be expected, blablabla...

So this morning I put them in the camera.
And when I wanted to take a photo... red flashing light.

The photo would have been a winner.

In front of the new shopping centre, built in black brick, was a man sitting on a 3 metre high white sack with something. Sitting like a buddha...


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm tagged

july 18 2007

Oh dear...I'm tagged.
By Jackie

Here we go:

The Rules:
Each person posts the rules before their list, then they list 8 things about themselves. At the end of the post, that person tags and links to 8 other people and then visits those peoples’ sites and comments letting them know that they have been tagged, and to come read the post, so they know what they have to do.

  1. Music is my life. I can't do without music at all.
  2. I'm aware we have to protect the earth and I try to live accordingly.
  3. I love flipflops.
  4. Travelling has always been my dream. It still is. (Anyone want to hire me to present a travelling program?)
  5. I got glasses when I was 4, reading glasses when I was 44. I can do without my readingglasses now, and it's such a relief!
  6. I'm very idealistic. I can't stand injustice, lack of democracy, the way people justify certain actions with peace and/or religion, and the way women in this world are pushed into roles. I withold reacting too loud, because I want to protect my children.
  7. I love everything that has to do with bagpiping.
  8. I feel much younger than I look.

I'm tagging:






july 18 2007

One of my sons is with his girl to an open air concert of Krezip.

It's a pity I have to stay at home.
No, not because I want to be with those two. I don't feel the need to be with them...
Young love is beautiful. But they don't need mom to watch over them.

I like Krezip.
It's a group that has evolved from a kind of teen energy group to a mature pop/rockband.

The face of the group is Jacqueline Govaert.
She sings, plays the paino and writes the songs since she was a high school girl.

She's one of the first students and graduates from the Fontys Rockacademy (Tilburg, The Netherlands), among Floor Jansen and Intwine.

I like the way she sings. It's bold, strong, and yet in a way delicate.
It was so nice to see her grow from a young girl with bravoure into the promising singer she is.

So now my son and his girl are enjoying her and her band.
I'm sure they'll like it.


july 18 2007

I often wonder what in a human being makes him try to find someone to blame when something major happens, instead of looking for survivors.
Do we really think it will make us understand why so many people die at once?

No-one really knows how many people didn't survice the crash.
A number of 200 is mentioned: 170 on the plane, 6 crewmembers and people on the ground.
So many lives changed forever: family, friends, but also those who saw it happen.

Someone who saw it happen from the other runway said the plane still had an enormous speed when it happened. Let's hope the people didn't suffer.

Thank you for your comments at the site and in the mail.
They have touched me.

That people missed the flight.... I think there is indeed something like fate or guidance to our life... or is it coincidence?
It seems unreal that people can die just by coincidence....

plane crash at Sao Paulo

july 18 2007

A Tam Airlines airbus 320 has crashed at the midtown airport of Sao Paulo this evening.

As far as information reached the plane tried to land, slided from the runway, over a highway at rushhour and hit a gasstation.

The plane had between 150 and 170 passengers on board and burst into fire.

At the TV I can see fireworkers bussy with several fires.
Enormous clouds of black thick smoke fill the air.

There is no word yet about survivors or how this could have happened.

The airport dealt in the past with water on the runways, but the last months renovation has taken place.
At the moment it's raining, but there is no indication it has been a problem for this plane.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I don't like this weather.

july 16 2007

They expected for this weekend and today tropical temperatures and lots of sun.

We got the temperatures... oh yes we did.

But we didn't get the sun.
Only clouds that sprayed some rain every now and then, so we were soaking in our own fluids.

I hate this so very much!!!

With everyone at home it's keeping trac of moods, irritabilities and everything else. Including laundry that doesn't even dry in the wind.

I got my autistic son persuaded to take a shower, which we all valued very much.

Many autistic children don't like showering, taking a bath and/or swimming.
"Too much noise, too much on the skin, and no freedom to keep the eyes open", summarised one of the autistic boys I know a while ago.

We all sat down in the afternoon and took a cup of tea.
We were talking about climate change and rising sealevels.
It was quite an interesting discussion untill dad joined and told us that the concept of the rising sealevels is nuts.
"When ice melts into water, it gets less volume, so there's no way the sealevels will rise."

There was a huge silence......

16 july

You scored as Babylon 5 (Babylon 5), The universe is erupting into war and your government picks the wrong side. How much worse could things get? It doesn't matter, because no matter what you have your friends and you'll do the right thing. In the end that will be all that matters. Now if only the Psi Cops would leave you alone.

Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)


Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)


Serenity (Firefly)


Moya (Farscape)


Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)


Heart of Gold (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)


Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)


Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)


Enterprise D (Star Trek)


SG-1 (Stargate)


Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)


Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in with? (pics)
created with QuizFarm.com

Sunday, July 15, 2007

nothing thrown at my house

Remember I went to that homeopathic doc with one of my children?

Something is bugging my mind ever since.
Nothing really special, but still.

He asked if my kid ever threw something and got it broken.

I said he never had the chance.

The man was completely amazed.

I told him I considered it my responsibility to teach my children not to break anything.
Not they toys and certainly no nother things.

Again he asked if he never broke a thing.

"No"! Because at the critical age I was present all the time or had things that could break put away."

I've never thought a child needed to throw something precious around the room and get it in thousand pieces to learn not to throw things around.
When they were old enough to learn not to touch things I said no... at a maximum of three times.

Then I took the child and put it at the free space in the room or in the kitchen and had it sit there untill I thought it was time to stand up.

For a child a big empty space is far bigger than for grown ups.
Just sit down at the ground and get at eyelevel of a child.

The man I was talking with made me feel like I was some witchy mom, who didn't give her child the opportunity to break things.

Well, I taught my children to respect the belonging of others.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

New laws on insurance

july 14 2007

Got a letter this morning.

One of my children is visiting a psychiatrist at a certain organisation.
When we visited for the first time they gave us lots of paperwork to do, and when reading some questions I wondered about the privacy of other family members.

Today I got a mail stating that they needed names etc of all the children in the family, including social security numbers and a lot of other semi-private information.

It just goes against my feelings.

As a parent I have to guard the privacy of my children, and when one gets therapy that shouldn't mean I have to tell everything about the others.

Our society is more and more getting the "controlling big-brother-is-watching-you" we despised in so many other countries.
People are identified by numbers.
A new law will come targetting young people. When they don't live up to certain requirements at school they're send to special institutions where they discipline kids as long as they fullfill the requirements, not because they feel they want to do it, but because they need to do it to get some freedom again. No difference is made between criminal young people, those who're lazy and those who suffer from a psychiatric disorder.

It gets me sick to see how much freedom is taken from us in the name of ecomomy, safety, society.

I think I have to give all these data about the other children because they're creating a databank with all information about families.
When something is not done welll in the eyes of "professionals" they can barge in and take your children away.

One of these subsystem enables "professionals" to send in data about a child.
When 2 or 3 time sthe same child is mentioned they're starting an investigation, dependent upon the person who conducts it the child is taken from the home or left there.

I don't feel well knowing the system is waiting for a mistake in the family, without having an open eye for the lack of professionality of teachers, doctors and others.

One of my children is very thing and very pale. She's all bones and muscles. Has a hell of an energy all the day and is as healthy as can be.
I know for sure, as I go to the doc each 6 months to get her checked. I think it's nonsence and so does our doc. I was looking the same as she was at that age. (Don't look at me now. LOL!)

Why I go with her for these check-ups?
Because one of these socalled professionals, a teacher, thought it wise to inform childcare, because she didn't get enough food, not enough sleep and was abused at home. !!!

Ofcourse they couldn't find anything, but a mother that was over the roof of anger about that teacher. Oh dear, how angry and hurt I was! I've never abused a child and I would never do that.
The struggle I went through to get pregnant and to get my children, the care to bring them up safe and sound.

So now they want to have a system to follow families wherever they go.

I know I'm doing nothing wrong, but I feel looked over the shoulder with a gun and it doesn't feel good at all.

I'll first find out if it's really requesated by the law to give all that information at a place where only one child is treated with a resipe of a couple of pills each 3 months.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter

july 13 2007

The kids went to the Harry Potter movie: The Order of the Phoenix.

It was quite an ordeal to get tickets. Ofcourse most of the covenient times were sold out, so we had to settle for 20.30 hours, so they would have to go home on bycicle and arrive at midnight.

After a small dinner they went... loaded with drinks and snacks.
Going to the movie is a vacation outing, so everything to make it special was pulled out of stock.

I had to stay home with those who didn't want to go, and to be honest, I've never had the time to watch a full Harry Potter movie, so why go to one later in the sequence?

When they came home I wondered why they had gone.
When I asked: "How was it", I got answers like: "Best", "Hmmm it was OK.", and then they started to tell how the cinema was loaded and the line for the toilets was far too long.

This morning, they were more enthousiastic.
And when they started to tell about it they couldn't wait to tell more and more, untill I had quite a good impression of the story, the effects, and their wishes for the next movie.

Well, it's clear they want more Harry Potter books and movies. LOL!

Call for participants in research

My name is Shital Gaitonde.

I am a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Oklahoma State University.
I am interested in parent stress and experiences of parents with the diagnostic and intervention process for children with autism (0-8 years).
I am looking for parents who might be interested in participating.

If you are interested, then please email me at shital.gaitonde@ okstate.edu or call me at 918-691-1237.
Please include your address in that email, so that I can send you a packet.
Even if you are just interested in seeing the packet, please feel free to email me.

This does not cost you anything.
I will be providing you with a postage paid envelope and you just have to send the survey back to me.
If you decide not to particpate in the middle of the survey, thats fine too.

Thank you so much.

Math at Score!

july 13 2007

Blogging can make a great difference in the lives of people.

Today I wrote about the boost in reading of my daughter.
Just a couple of moments ago I received an email to thank me.

A father thanked me for writing about the SCORE! Educational Centers. The way children regain joy in learning was so appealing to him that he enroled his son in the Personal Academic Tutoring program.

He's impressed by the thourough approach of his son's difficulties with math.

First the son will be assessed in order to analyse his academic level. Then goals will be set and a personalised learning plan will be made.

Each instructor has three students, not more, so a one-to-one approach is perfectly possible.
It's what his son needs.

At Score! the math tutors are available at times that are convenient for the child and the family, so no extra stress is added to the extra learning sessions or the family's schedule.

To be precise: no stress is added at all. It's taken away by giving the child positive feedback, by enabling it to solve mathproblems and feel it's confidence growing.

The real world examples in math develop the problem solving skills of the child, they offer a knowledge and insight in the basic rules of logical inference up to insight in difficult math theorems.

Father and son paid a visit at one of the Score! Education Centers and came back full of hope and motivation.

I'm sure his son will catch up with his group, so he can feel confident and relaxed in the classroom.

Go and have a look at the site for yourself, and don't forget to read about the summer camps.

Learning is fun again!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

the homeopathic doctor

july 12 2007

I never thought I would go "doctorshopping" outside of regular medicine.
Not that I don't believe in the many stories I've heard about miraculous changes in people, but it's financially out of reach.

Like all parents with an autistic child we've been trying this and doing that before we finally agreed with psychiatric medication: Risperdal.

He did fine for a lot of months, then at school so many things changed that he couldn't cope anymore. Talking, guiding him thorugh difficult moments...nothing helped and we were confronted with a child that was unable to be happy.
So we gave him more Risperdal, but it didn't help much.
Only taking him from school for a while gave him rest and the ability to have some control over his own emotions.

We lowered the dosage of Risperdal and when things went bad again I took the pill I saw from the corner of my eye: valerian.

He did so well, that we thought it might be worthwhile to have a good homeopathic doc have a look.

So this morning we went.
I'd mailed his history a few weeks ago, so I assumed this doc would have taken the trouble to look up what autism means.

He didn't make a good impression when we came in and he took note of the normal data like birthdate and insurance company.
I mentioned the town of our insurance company with the name.
It's done in the hospital as they immediately know where the bill needs to go.
This doc started a discussion about the fact that no matter what town I mentioned the insurance stays the same.

An hour later he was still struggling with the list he'd made during the conversation.
He kept asking questions, waiting for me to answer, after which he started to define the question. So at times I had to modify the answer.

He clearly had no idea what to do, and after some time he told me so.
"Yes", I said. "It's always difficult when a psychiatric diagnosis clouds the person presents itself.
Some of your main diagnostic traits are those of the psychiatric disorder, so it's the question how to deal with them when you want to cure some physical and psychological problems."

He looked at me like he woke up, then dived in his cabinet and gave my son a little tiny ball: homeopathic medicine.

"Next time I'm going to put everything in the computer and see what it comes up with...", he said.

Well...give me the computerprogram and I can find out myself...

I didn't say it, ofcourse, but I thought it almost aloud.

On our way home I told my son he might observe in himself some changes, and that he might get cured from some symptoms and behaviours we don't like.

Can't have homeopathy for 110 euro without suggestion, can we?

The SCORE experience

july 12 2007

As a mother of two dyslectic children I've lived in constant worry my children won't be able to live to full capacity, just because language is a handicap.

With the oldest I've spend vacations rehearsing schoolbooks and workbooks, and to be honest, we had no fun at all. It was work and the huge incentive at the end of summer made him work, nothing else.

My daughter has to deal with more severe dyslexia, but she doesn't experience it as a handicap anymore and learning a bit extra is fun.

We've found reading tutors, developed at Score!Educational Centers, that really made a difference for all of us.

For children age 4 to 14 books, a computer program and an personal tutoring are available.
She enjoyed the interactional computer program so much, that she managed to get ahead of her group at school within a few weeks time. Which is amazing.
Well, I know she's a hard working girl, but I've never seen her as motivated and enjoyed with learning.

The interactive program consists of choosing a learning companion, which can be fully customised and named, and the story of climbing a mountain.
This companion goes along with the exercises that are scored and after finishing a level succesfully they have reached a new basecamp at the mountain.
Th festive way each new level is celebrated gives a good feeling of self confidence, and it did her so much good!
After finishing all the levels of her year succesfully, she gained the top of the mountain and got fireworks and a lot more.

I've never been glad with rainy vacationweather, but we're not bothered by it anymore.
I'm glad I've found the program because I'm sure she's given a lifetime commitment to learning. And next schoolyear she won't have to struggle as hard as she did in the past.

Thank you Score!Educational Centers for this innovative program!

a searcher

july 12 2007

At the blog of MightyMorgan is was reading about the way people are.
We want to feel wanted, accepted, approved, and in the proces we forget who we are.

It made me remember a very important time of my life.

I had a friend, long ago.
A searcher. A very interesting person, I thought. A traveller.

He struggled his way through school, being in conflict with those who cared for him.
The only way he could see it was that they wanted to mold him into someone he wasn't.

Now I think he was afraid to discover he was as normal as us all.

I was his best friend. A kind of little sister.
Seeing him made me feel happy, because he made me discover parts of myself I'd never known.
In his presence I wasn't shy. I danced the night away. laughed, and felt a freedom that made me embrace the world.

In my presence he was the guy he wanted to be. Telling long stories about his travels. Baking unions and eggs, smoking sigarettes slowly, holding them between his long fingers.
By the time I found out I loved him, he was over loving me and was courting a sweet little lady I could never compete with.

So I struggled with my feelings, and I guess they never disappeared completely.

At university we saw each other often. Laughing, having endless discussions about life and being.
I can't count how many times he told me I had to be myself, I shouldn't smile when I was talking about something serious. When I tried to find out more about my feelings he told me I needed to go in therapy.

His search for freedom made him tell people who loved him that they didn't fit into his life.
I was one of them.

He walked out of my life with the feeling he had done his life well, but with each footstep he crushed my feelings of care for him.
Something might happen in those strange lands... a snakebite perhaps...

Years passed. I became aware of his importance for my life.
Far too long I had taken his presence in my life for granted. Like brothers and sisters do in some families.

Many years later we met again.

I felt the same comfortable feeling of being with someone I could completely trust.
But life had matured me.

I saw how unacceptable he was of my smile.
He was old enough to know it was my way not to burst into tears, to be able to tell the stories of life that hurt without placing the burden on someone else.

When I tried to talk with him about my experiences with mediattion, he told me I'd never meditated properly.
Like I was taking away something that was his precious belonging.

When he showed me his keyboard and I was enthousiastic about it, he told me I didn't know anything about music.

I grew up with a musical family. I joined my father's choir when I was 4, and I've never been without music. I've sang in the schoolchoir...solo too, sang in a folkband, and at 45 in a rockband. LOL! I've played piano, churchorgan, guitar, whistle..oh...and triangle once too. LOL!
And lots and lots more.

I suddenly saw why we were like brother and sister in the past.
I provided him with the adoration he needed to feel whole.

He kept telling me how to be, and it made me snuggle into the way I was... not needing to grow or develop beyond the boundaries of the moment.

The years that had passed before we met again enabled me to have enough distance to see hwta had happened between us and what was happening.
First it felt like the roles were changed, like I was accepting of his struggle to find a way to accept himself.

I was.
And it made me feel old, a bit wise maybe.

And I saw him building cages around me, fences, walls.
Each step I took aside met with him telling me in words or deeds what I was supposed to do.

But I was myself, and couldn't stop being the person I am.
A bit shy at moments, longing for music, watching the clouds and enjoying the sounds of an old town in the rain.
I loved to see his movements in his son, read stories with his spitting image before he was going to sleep.
Telling him just to be himself and don't give in to the stupid way of thinking of those who bully others in such a way that they don't know what to do anymore.

While the clouds faded away above the buildings at the other side of the street, it was like a circle was closed and his son just opened another.

Again he told me I didn't fit into his world.
His son did, but I wasn't allowed to see him anymore.

He's 16 now.
Forgotten the fun we had before he went to sleep.

I feel I've lost a child...
I feel I've lost a brother and a great friend...

If we'll ever meet again?

I don't think he'll ever accept me in his life again with welcoming arms, because he was never good at acknowledging his mistakes.
He judged others very harsh.
He wanted them to fit into his images, his boxes.

But my heart goes out to him.
He's a searcher... and he'll never find...
because he'll never look well...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

hair do day

july 11 2007

Because most children with autism spectrum disorder don't like to be touched I cut the hair of my children.

They're lucky, because I was taught how to do it by 3 of my nieces who were national champions coiffure at the time.

We were young and were with lots of children at the sunday afternoon.
The house was huge! So many rooms that little ones had to be watched so they wouldn't get lost.
I have so many happy memories about that time.

Well, my nieces gave me a round broom and told me to cut it nicely. My aunt didn't mind those things at all, if only we would clean up the mess behind us.

So I cut the broom, and after that O got a mirror in front of me and a mirror in my hand, and under their guidance I saved my mother 10 dollar for a haircut.
It was done well, and up till now she thinks the lovely championnieces used their scissors.

So I wasn't afiraid to cut the hair of my own children, and today I did it again.

Two heads look fresh and happy again.
The rest but one will follow during the next days.

Yes, but one....

One of them is lost in time and behaves like a hippy fallen out of the right era into the future.
He looks like his dad in the sixties... less handsome, and less admired for his looks.

I can withstand the impulse to cut his hair when he's asleep, but I don't know how much longer.

Monday, July 9, 2007

july 9

july 9 2007

It has been a while ago I went to Amsterdam.
A friend lived there and I always enjoyed visiting him.

The houses and canals give me such a special feeling, and I'm always in for more.

So today I went to Amsterdam.

The railwaystation was being renovated, but it was as bussy as ever.
I didn't experience the large city buzz however.
Maybe because more people left through the eastern part of the railwaystation and didn't merge in the mix of foreigners. I don't know.

The sun was shining and it was already hot early in the morning.
Only the tourist shops were open.
On monday mornings all other shops are closed, except my favorite bakery... lucky me!!

But apart from that I didn't enjoy Amsterdam.
It was noisy, dusty and it looked more like a building place than the old-and-new town where tourist have too much to look and inhabitants enjoy their time with the diversity of languages and people.

We sat at a bench for a while, visited by the pidgeons, who crowded around my feet when I put my hand in my bag to get a handkerchief. I bet they didn't like me when I left. No crumbs left, nothing.

We left Amsterdam earlier than planned.

At home we heard that soon after we left, bad rain and lightning caused all the public transport to stop for hours.

We only saw dark clouds when we came near our hometown.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

his job

july 7 2007

Just a year ago he was looking down on kids his age filling the shelves in the supermarket.

This year, his life has changed completely, he says.

Because he wanted to get his goals and dreams a bit more within financial reach he looked for a job... everywhere.
But a boy of 16, new on the jobmarket, doesn't have much choice here.

Last year he worked at a farm.
He worked hard, got almost no money, but had an injury that troubled him for over a month.

This year he found only one other job: filling the shelves at a huge supermarket.

He applied, and started to work last week.

It was interesting to see how hesitant he went there, not knowing if he really wanted the job.
But even more interesting is to see how he gives meaning to the most boring activities.
He truly feels he's serving the public and the last days he starts to feel proud about it.

His boss is wise and today he gave him a bit more responsibility.

I wish I could exchange a wink with his boss, because this evening he told me he was going to bed at a reasonable time without being pressed by me... "because healthy living is important when you have a job".

A little angel on my shoulder tells me this is the moment a bit of my parenting is paying off.

I like the feeling!

The meeting (july 6)

People with an autism spectrum disorder often have difficulty sleeping.

It's a wellknown problem in our family.

I feel there has to be a daily rhythm though.
Not because there's some physical wellbeing involved, but because it's more convenient for the rest of society. (And me. LOL!)

It's vacation here, which means my days are endless and hopefully start late.
But my son wanted to attend a meeting at 10.00 hours.

Last evening I told him over and over to go to bed... but I'm just a parent, and he's the director of his own life. And he had the attitude too.

The meeting was not of real main importance.
OK, he had to attend it.
But if he missed it there would be another opportunity, in another town and at a less convenient time.
So I thought it wise to give him the so much wanted responsibility and went to bed myself.


I woke up late... and started my day without calling people to go to school or go to meetings...

untill... 14.00 hours (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

"Hejjj.... it's time to wake up... you have a meeting to attend..."

He woke up and immediately looked at his watch...
Looked again...
and again...

"Uhhh... ???"

"Yeaaaa.... I think you missed the meeting today."

Friday, July 6, 2007

new shoes

I've got new shoes.

I know, it's not the highlight of the day for the newsmedia, but it's important to me.

I'm a bagpiper and I wanted to have an outfit that wasn't one of the standard men's uniforms.

So I took the time to read through the history of female formal scottish dress, did a lot of research and ended up with a diary of a lady who was making a new formal dress at the end of 1894.

Like many things in life "coincidences" strated to happen.

I found a tartan I could use ... and pay, and a lot of other things, and after a full week of hard work I had an outfit, worthy to be used.

And I got some leather to make original shoes.

They are not suitable to wear in our climate, so I started looking for others.

Untill then I used a pair of black shoes... not very ladylike.

Now I have shoes with the same tartan as my dress.... and they're from my favorite shoefactory. So they fit me well and they won't hurt my feet when I wear them for days on end.

The next step to perfect my outfit will be to find some nice jewellery.....
I love celtic items.. so who knows what I find on my path....

Thursday, July 5, 2007

call for parents of autistic children


Dear Parent(s):

My name is Karen Chin and I am a Ph.D. student in the Combined Clinical and School Psychology program at Hofstra University.

I have worked with children with autism and disabilities for the past eight years.
I am currently working on my dissertation and am requesting your assistance.
I am seeking help from families of children with autism to investigate children's early responses to their natural environment.
I hope to observe those responses by viewing families' home videos.
The purpose of this study is to compare the early behavior in children with autism to those of typically developing children, and thus to ultimately identify early indicators of autism.
It is my hope that as we learn more about the developmental difficulties of these children, we will be able to provide more improved and timely services for families in the future.

To participate in this study, you should have home movies of your child during infancy from six months to two years of age. I would appreciate your allowing me to copy parts of these videos so that I can study them.
I would also need to interview one parent about your child and to assess your child's current behavior.
This process will include an adaptive behavior assessment of your child.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please call me at (516) 330-6769 or contact me by email at http://us.f570.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=kchin2%40pride.hofstra.edu, at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your consideration.


Karen Chin, M.A., NYS Certified School Psychologist Ph.D.
Candidate in Combined Clinical and School Psychology Program



Sidney Poitier - Measure of a Man

A pocketwatch

Stickers with Scottish items for on my bagpipe flightcase

Anything scottish

A place to stay in Scotland, so I can afford to go on vacation.

A sessioneer
the Wee Dee in concert D

things for a 1:12 dollshouse
things for a 1:24 dollshouse

A Henderson Tartan long skirt ith Henderson modern Tartan ofThe house of Edgar.

an all black glengarry with a red dot

The Art of the Native American Flute by R. Carlos Nakai and James DeMars
With additional material by: David P. McAllester and Ken Light
(I won't mind a flute too. LOL!).

A Bodhran.

And: this music

I also would love to find a good and affordable psychiatrist for my sons. Even if it would only be one online.

juli 5

I remember those rainy summerdays of my youth so very well.

My mother couldn't cope well with children around her all the time.
I don't know why, because I was such a quiet and friendly child, always ready to help.

She used to send me outside in the pouring rain and I just obeyed.

People enjoyed to see me dancing in the rain with my little green boots on.

Gene Kelly would have been proud of me, as I sang his song so loud that I wouldn't hear the rain anymore.

I had to think about this all when I discovered that the tremendous downpour of last night left it's traces all over the place.
Flowers slashed from branches, berries flattened in the grass, but worst of all: the extra roof we made above the part of the garden between the back door and the shed was filled with liters and liters of water. Soooo bad, that it was hanging so low that it was touching the playhouse of the girls.

It took me quite a while to get all the water out of it, and it took over two hours for the water to sink into the already soaked ground.

No "singing in the rain" this time.
I went straight to the bathroom to have a shower to get warm again.
They say it's summer.... I doubt it.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Women’s Leadership making a Difference on HIV and AIDS
JULY 4-7

I couldn't sleep last night.
One of my best friends was on her way to Kenia, and was about 2 hours on the airport.
Such a pity I heard it too late, otherwise i would have gone to meet her there. Even if it would have been for a few minutes.

She was travelling half of the world to go to Nairobi to the first ever global conference on women and aids.

1500 women will attend the conference. All from different parts of the world, from different professions from different levels of different societies. All will take back what they learn and use it in their work: politics, health care, activism.
I look forward to the changes that will be made to inform people, protect them, give them more access to medication.

But I worry too.

So many people still condemn others for being HIV positive and/or having AIDS.
Even without knowing the person or what caused them to get HIV positive.

Not long ago I met a woman who was in tears because she was treated without ever form of respect because she was HIV positive.
She was one of the few people who got a blood transfusion with infected blood in a western country. It was just before all the blood was tested to prevent it from happening.
I'm not going into her life story, but I think it's time that people inform themselves a lot better.

A long time attention was given to prevent infection in the homosexual scenes, giving rise to the idea that infection is a problem of homosexuals.
But right now it's a problem of all of us, because infections don't look at race, sexuality,profession or area of the world.

Right now 80% of the new infections occur in young girls and women.

Men and women all over the world have the responsibility to take care of each other.
Not only to make protection available and get the pharmaceutical bussiness to make tests and medication available to those who can and those who can't pay, but also to make us aware that there should be respect between people, on all levels, and in each and every life.

My friend is an inspiring woman, and I'm sure she has a lot to offer there.
And she has a lot to bring back to us all.

HIV and AIDS are no longer "far from my bed" diseases.
We all have a responsibility to keep it from spreading.

In my life I can educate my children, and teach them to care for themselves and others, to stand up against preconceptions, and to reach out to those who haven't been as lucky as they are.
I can reach out to friends and unknown people, spread the word.

Have you considered what you can do in your life?

More information at the site of the conference.

july 4

One of the twins was asked to stay with a friend.

So she went, with 4 well filled bags, lots of kisses and a brother who took care of two bags, because they didn't all fit on her bycicle.

Her twinsis waved at length, untill she couldn't see anything more than a bare street and the grey clouds waiting to rain again.

That was yesterday.

Today we got a call.
She asked if she was allowed to stay untill after dinner.

A surprising question after the parents told her it was too bussy to bring her twinsister along with her.

So I asked: "How come you can stay so long?"

"We're with the sitter and she doesn't mind me staying untill after dinner too, as she likes the company."

I have to figure out why those parents invited her to stay with them......

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

thank you

Thank you for taking part in this fundraiser.

It means a lot to us as a family, but especially to my autistic son.

Thank you very much!!

june 2 - the phone

His girlfriend is on vacation.

Too far away to see and touch her, too close not to phone her.

We were engaged in a dynamic conversation with two other boys who suffered terribly from each other's male hormones when he asked his father the phone.

Without much thinking his father handed it over and turned his head back, but I saw from the corner of my eye a twinkle in the eye of the young man...

Now his father is looking for the phone and the son in question.

I'm trying not to laugh out loud!

Somewhere in a tent a young girl is talking with her boyfriend.
The big round almost orange moon sends rays of romanticism to both their heads.
They have nothing else to think about than each other.

I've been young and happy, so I can't force the smile from my face.

His father is going outside again to look for him.
He won't find the phone untill they have guaranteed each other lifelong love.

Monday, July 2, 2007

june 2 - rain

The day started out so well that I decided to hang the laundry outside.
So I got three loads downstairs...
and then it started to rain.


There must have been something happening in the sky, as the airplanes flew really low. Frightening low.
I heard people from other houses opening the doors and commenting.

The rain poured down in large quantities and the garden was almost flooded completely.

Then the sun started to shine, like nothing happened.

And the sirens shot their noise in the air....

A couple of minutes too late... LOL!

(Sirens are tested each month.)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

juli 1

I can't believe it!

Vacation is beginning and most of us have some bellyflue.
They're lucky I ordered toiletpaper yesterday, and we always buy it in huge quantities, because it's cheaper then.

No need to use all 6 sides. LOL!

Before the runs hit me I'd been working in the garden for over an hour. Because of the rains everything had grown so much!
There were new branches of almost half a meter at some plants.

I love working in the garden, especially in this time of year.
There's something surprising in each and every little spot.

Like little red roses when I lifted one of the dropped plants, seed at one of the other, and some interesting bright green animal with long legs and transparent wings.

I know my fauna, and I haven't seen it before.
No, it's not a grashopper, nor a giant little fly.

I went inside when it started to rain.

So it looked like gravity had a good day.