Friday, June 29, 2007

june 29

Last day of school!

Another day of rain and wind.
It looks like fall, instead of the middle of summer.

The weatherman promised it will be better next week.
For him I hope he's right, because he'll otherwise get the whole country all over him.

I juggled with finding a place for the laundry.
By the time I had it all up I was in for a good cup of coffee, so I went downstairs, checked the mail, got a senseo, and.... the kids came home.

Well, the schoolreports are good, so bopth of the boys will be in their final year at the end of august... ugh....

This afternoon I'll clear away their rugsacks and all the other traces of school and start creating a vacation routine.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

june 27

I've always felt very strong about the pressure laid on parents and children by school.

I feel they hardly take into consideration what kind of a life we're living, but are always ready to request all sort of things.

Cleaning classrooms, teaching children to read, accompany children on a trip to a museum, etc etc.
When I was young it was the duty of school, not of parents.
I don't care stepping in at times, but it shouldn't be a one-side directed matter.

The last years I have wondered about the creativity of teachers and schools in arranging day trips.

It's to the pool, and almost always to the pool alone.

Yesterday the teachers celebrated their birthday and invited the kids to the pool... and the kids had to pay themselves.

Already many years I have protested against this "easy-way-attitude", because my children don't like a day to the pool as much as other children.
Even worse, they weren't able to finish schoolswimming to full level, so they need to be watched extra carefully.

I'm alwasy stressed when they go to the pool with school, as in the country a couple of children drown each year.

Yet, I'm unable to get them to swimminglessons, and to be honest, when the school acts as if kids must have a diploma, they should make it part of the curriculum, all the way up to a diploma.

So I've written political figures, councils, the mayor and many others.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, they came home with a message:
they're going to schoolswimming lessons again...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Paris Hilton

So Paris Hilton left Jail and is a free woman again.

So what?

Thousands of people all around the world make mistakes and commit crimes, are jailed and are told to go home.

I guess there's not enough worldnews, so the story of Paris Hilton is covered like were dealing with someone who's about to change all our lives.

At Yahoonews I've seen already three different photos to draw attention to an ABC news movie, and at ABC news itself there are two pages spend on an article by a journalistlike person who is clearly fallen for her girly like guestures.

I don't understand why jails free people after midnight.
Or is that part too of the different treatment this person gets?

It's said at several places that Paris Hilton's stay was far more expensive than normal jailtimes.
To be precise: $1,109.78 a day.

If we spend some of that money on children that really need it, like autistic children and children with learning difficulties, there's no need to be confronted with a cute walk, and nun's folded hands of a 26 year old who can't obey the law.

june 26

Another dream about vulcanism.

I had a look out of the window and saw a bit of ash on the steep hill at the back of the house.

Not much later the dark glowing lava was almost touching the house.
The think mass was layering higher and higher.

I ordered the children to leave and looked around to decide what to take with me.

I wonder what those dreams about vulcanism mean.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

june 24

We have to find a way to rename the seasons.
We're not going through summer.
We're going through a grey time (again), with temperatures that are perfect, but with the burden of humidity.

The girls had a special event with the choir.
Some people are leaving and they got a concert, followed by a party.

They came home and were so happy!
The concert went well, they ate pizza afterwards and got the DVD from the day out a few weeks ago.

Another activity stopped for the season.
In some countries kids have camp, special summercourses and balletlessons.
Here everything just stops.

It's such a pity, as they are so enthousiastic about ballet, the choir and everything else they do.

I now can understand that parents have so much energy during the year, because the time of vacation is a time for rest for them too.

Here the mothers are drained and then the schoolyear starts again with even more pressure... motherhood is a true continuous job...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

june 22

The last schoolday with lessons and/or tests!

That means a new time with turbulence and energyshocks, as a new routine sets in.
Children with autism disorder have a difficult time adjusting, which means moaning, behaviour problems, meltdowns.
One more, one less, but it comes down to a firm truth:

They just can't deal with things changing.

I have 4 kids with autism spectrum disorder.

2 in a very bad way. They have little social, offline ,contact, no other interest than the computer.
They're happy when they can play games and chat with their friends.

Another 1 has to deal with his ADHD, he can do it best when being on the computer, listening some music, reading, chatting with friends. He also likes aikido. He loves almost everything japanese.
He is accepted by his teacher to do other kids of japanese sports during the vacation. Now he needs a white coat... like for judo.

And another one loves to skateboard. He wants to become a photographer and videomaker.
he's on the computer a lot, making videos from what he has filmed on the streets.

Now the vacation start they all express their wishes:
New things for their room, and a new computer.

Well.. they're right a bit. Their computers are old and some of them on the verge of giving up.

So I've started sponsored blogging, maybe I can work a bit of money together to realise a bit of their dreams.
If I ever get a new computer for one...I'm in deep problems, as the others would one too. But we'll see what happened then.

Some people say I have to spend vacationmoney on that.
Well, if we had some left, we would.

But these children need lots of money during the year, they're less carefull with their clothes, shoes, bycicles, schoolbooks than other kids their age. And they need therapy that is not always in the insurance.

Apart from the boys, we have 2 girls.
Living with 4 brothers on the spectrum is not easy.
They always have to take into account that they better not disturb their brothers.
Like me they feel like tiptoeing through life often.
It's why we started bagpiping.. to have a life of our own.

I feel a bad parent as I can't always reward them the way I want.
They deserve yp travel... to scotland or somewhere else. To see people of different cultures, to learn the languages better, to have the experiences kids their age have. They're 11 now.

Well, I haven't been on vacation for 21 years now... after my eldest was born I never had the chance anymore.

At them moment I enter every contest there is. Maybe I win a vacation for us three...

Maybe sponsored blogging helps out.

Thanks Don for helping this realise dollar by dollar...

june 23 - a dream

A black object is suddenly in the sky.

It looks like half a disc and it's movement looks like a boomerang.

When it's just out of sight at the left I hear a soft hit...

Just when I'm ready to resume my acticities I smell something burning.

To have a look I walk to the front door, and discover I'm living almost on top of a hill.

There's something burning. My girls come running to me and tell the airplane has hit something with it's wing and now something is burning.

Walking to the place I have to go through an old building... and see magma bubbling....

With the girls I run to the house and see people leaving the mountain.
I order them to go too, and to call 911.

One of the twin is afraid and leaves, the other stays with me... even though I tell het to leave.

I go back to the place where I've seen magma... and the spot has grown....

Then I wake up...

Friday, June 22, 2007

21 june

Just one more days of schooltests and it's done.

I don't know who made the testschedule of this week, but to put sciences at the last days is a wrong decision.

We had to put up with bad temper, feelings of not being able to do it well, plain nerves and a lot more.

Well... just one day to go...


I changed the look of the blog.
Not that I didn't like the other appearance, but now summer has arrived I wanted something lighter.

It says there's a mistake at the page.

Before all the renewals here, I just had to go through the html and find out where the wrong coding was, correct it and that was it.

Now I have to deal with the coding (CSS) and with all those extra widgets that are added without me having complete control. Ugh!!

It was the code for an advertisement that was wrong.
Ofcourse it was the last one I checked. LOL!

june 21

To my opinion a good functioning society provides for all, enables all to have a basic income that prevents poverty. Up to a certain level of income all can pay for the basic things: food, clothing, school, creativity.

Extra's can be gained by working more hours or do more difficult work.

In reality people have to apply for all sorts of subsidies and compensation, and the one who knows all the rules and regulations best, and the way to influence them, has more money than the others.

We don't have a bad income. My kids eat well, have clean clothes, go to school and go to sports, ballet, whatever they like... but not more than 1.

Untill next year all people who have children get childcompensation. Each child gets it. And it's necesarry. We really look forward to get it in the bank, so we can buy shoes, or whatever is needed at the moment. It's never saved.

Next year this compensation is reduced and even worse, it's paid per family, not per child.
In the plans it's written that this is combined with free books at school.
Even then there is a huge difference between what we now get and what we will get next year.

The government has announced a couple of weeks ago that they can't realise free books for the next year, but at earliest the year after that.

So next year we have to buy schoolbooks for all kids, and get far less compensation, at least 5 times less...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

june 18

The rain woke me.

For a first day of the testweek of the boys all went smooth.
The youngest boy had to go early, as his bike is still with the repairman and he needs to go by bus.
He came home in a very good mood.
His tests went well.

Yesterday he made me write a letter to his german teacher about his speech.
He's autistic and he's not able to have a normal conversation in his own language, let alone in another one.
But at school he found out the woman has brains and feelings, because he wasn't on the list. Phhew!!


I've got a terrible sunburn. Especially at my face.
Luckily I have good aftersunmilk.
I'm not allergic to it.

In the evening I took a peppermint mask... and when I washed it off I opened a blister on my nose.
Didn't know I had one there. Maybe I should look in the mirror closer.
I don't like in the mirror, though.

The father of the kids went with the girls to Festival Mundial, an event where lots of good and great international, unknown, bands gather and perform. It's putting the emphasis on developing countries.
It was father's day and we gave it as a gift, so he had to go. LOL!
One of the boys was working there with a friend.

A few years ago I did so too. It was fun, because people where there for a day out, and the artists were still normal people who enjoyed other people too. So I sang with artists who are now famous and can't be approached anymore.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

june 15

Resized trousers I bought in the sales.

I didn't expect it would only take 10 minutes! Wow!

The girls went for a picknick with their choir.
The weather had been crap all day.. a bit of rain, lots of clouds, grey moods, more rain...lots more.

And during the picknick?

Sun all over the place.

june 14

Sometimes I wonder how certain kids can become responsible adults.

I have seen the worst bullies from my childhood become good doctors, attorneys and great parents.

Now my kid is bullied at school I don't wish them the respect the bullies of my life now get.

They were throwing stones at my son.
Not big ones... but the message was clear.

At school things are changed after we've spoken to the schoolinspector.
This time they got punsihment and a talk in the principals office.
I think the talk won't do anything good, but the punishment.. maybe it works a bit.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

june 13

A true 13th.. and it was not even friday.

One of the children had an assignment for school that was impossible for him: speeching.

Dyslectic children are assisted in all sorts of ways: including spoken instruction during tests.
But autistic children have to speech!

Never before have a told a teacher that an assignment was unacceptible.

But after the boy was completely stressed out, getting everyone who came near him angry or equally stressed, resulting in all sorts of rows between the kids I told them all to shut up and go away, and I told my autistic son this assignment was out of the question.
I wrote a letter to school, stating that this assignement was unacceptible and I would even accept if he would fail this year.

To my surprise my decision was accepted and he got a mark that was sufficient...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blog for your city

We Dutch are not very proud people.
We think that telling other people our country is the best, puts others down, which is not good for relationships based on equality.

But blogging about our country?
No problem!

So when I saw that Hotels by City needs bloggers I applied without hesitation.

I think their concept: have bloggers write about their own cities, is the best there is.

I grew up in the city that's the oldest of the country.
My grandmother took me on walks and told what never was written down.
So I know historical places, the littlest door of town, the best restaurant and the cleanest beds.

Friends of me moved to Amsterdam, and I followed them.
Some people think it's a town of junks and problems.
They're stuck in the past and have no idea about all the changes that can't be found in the books and brochures.

Living in a town makes informing other people so much easier.
And combining it with blogging is so much fun.

Hotels by City is looking for bloggers who want to blog about their own town, who are able to write good reviews a couple of times a week.

Signing up is easy.

When you're accepted you'll write in a blogging community with huge exposure.
And you'll get your own blog.

I was impressed by the site of Hotels by City.
One can find hotels, last minute deals, and everything you need for a good vacation or stay in another city within a few clicks.

Ofcourse I looked at the already excisting blogs.
What a joy to read such lifely reviews.

Well worth a visit.


june 11

What a weather yesterday!
The lightning lasted over three hours.

The result was a humid night and the temps didn't go down much. Ughh.

I've always told the girls to come right out of school to the house.
Well, today an hour after they still were not at home.

I went looking for them, at school, in the park nearby, the shopping centre.
I was worried sick.

When I was on my way home to see if they'd arrived I saw the bright blue colour of one of their trousers.

The girls were standing at the little lake...grrr.
They know they're not allowed to be there, as the grass is green and slippery and the water is rather deep at that place.

They were very quiet when I told them to go home and disappear to their room.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Merchant Circle a true circle


Helping out a friend with computertroubles at her bussiness from the other side of the world isn't easy, but it can be done.

Merchant Circle is a great way for bussinesses to connect online.
There's an online directory that's very easy to use.

Entering "computers"and "New York", gave me within a second the right firm:
Computersource Of Western New York .

I'm impressed by the unique way Merchant Circle presents each and every firm.
They all have their own page. Not only with adres, url and telephone number, but also with enough room for an elaborate description, photo's, coupons, blog, newsletters and a map.
It's a great way of networking between bussinesses and a pleasant way of getting to know the bussinesses that can add to your own success.

So I mailed to get my friend a good maintenance program, and had a look further on Merchant Circle.

It's easy to browse by state and by city. In fact it's so interesting that I tried to see if I could combine a visit to Philadelphia with some bussinessmeetings.

I found Tanya Creations Gift Baskets, LLC , with a welcoming message and an interesting coupon.
And to my delight I also found a place to stay by using the local area directory: Fairfield Inn. The reviews have given me so much confidence about the place, that I'll book in advance.

I don't agree with the presentation of Merchant Circle as a site for networking between bussinesses only.
OK, I started out that way, but as a consumer I've found myself pleasantly surprised by the abundance of information.

Merchant Circle is a true circle for both bussinesses and consumers.


The Stones in town

The weather was terrible yesterday.
So hot and so humid that the kids didn't even want eat.

Some of them just took sandwiches with them and disappeared to the large parc where all the equipment was ready at the huge stage for.... The Rolling Stones!

Ofcourse the tickets were far too expensive, but around the closed area enough sound was heard to enjoy the concert.

It was during the first part of the program of Van Morrison when clouds came from all sides and the expected bad weather started.
The thunder rolled in like the gods of the sky were playing jeux de boulles.

Around 5oo lightnings per 5 minutes were expected, the weatheralarm told us, and we weren't disappointed.

The first lightning was seen behind the stage, the rest was everywhere.
So much water poured down that even the protective screens were used against the rain.
None cared anymore that peeking eyes could see freely what was happening behind the gates.

And between the mud and the weathergods The Rolling Stones played like they could tell heaven to stop.

It was great......

So I was told.

Sometimes we can hear here a concert word after word, but this time we only heard the last sounds of thunder.........

Friday, June 8, 2007

june 8

Went straight from bed into the garden.
And it was already hot.
It was silent in the neighbourhood, apart from the birds singing.

One of the boys left very early for school, as they have a trip to Rotterdam.
They have a look around at some bussinesses and then have a boating trip in the harbor.
Wish I could have gone with him.
The girls left for school already. They did very silent.
I had a bad migraine yesterday and was worn out.

I undid the rose from old flowers, pruned a bit, tidied a bit and then went in.
It's soooo hot.

It'll get above 30 celcius today. Ugh...
So I already cooked the potatoes.

Internet is a pain these days.
The connection at early morning is OK.
So I write my blog offline and then put it at the site. Try to visit a few sites and then it gets down.

Well, I have updated things now.

june 2

Didn't dare to go to bagpipelesson, because I'm afraid that what I gained with my leg will disappear as soon as I start carrying that heavy bagpipecase again.
The girls brought the new reed with them.. at last!
I ordered it for over a month ago..'s a medium one, and not a light one.

Well, it's about at the level of what my heavy reed is now, so that's a gain.

I did some more work in the garden.

We have taken all the bicycles out of the shed.
More and more people start using the shed for household purposes.
It's called a shed, but in fact it's a seperate area built on the house.

My second boy is creating a place there for his music, and the bicycles will go in a seperate area in the back of the garden.
It was the place I intended for my gardenhouse, but when will I ever get one?
If ever, than I'll find another place, or relocate the bycicles.

The day ended with another bad headache. Ugh...

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

june 7

It's already hot and sunny.
Right now a blackbird is singing in the back of the garden.

To my surprise I finally got the boys reading for school.
I understand it's difficult when you have memoryproblems like my dyslectic boy.
His short term memory is crap, so he reads a few pages, gets a drink and has forgotten everything when he gets back.
I got him to make notes while reading and it works.

So yesterday evening they were reading. WoW!

I need a bit of quiet, so I only hear the birs, the sounds of cars, the computer, and the clock ticking.
I enjoy it, as it might be the only "vacation" I have for a long time.

Ofcourse I would love to go elsewhere. But the hotelcosts are criminal, and more and more vacations are for people who have a car.

I would love to go away for a week or so. I wouldn't mind taking the girls with me. But I need to have a break from the boys.
4 times autism spectrum disorder in the house is a bit too much.

The lavender in the front garden is almost blocking the path.
I like people to walk through it and pick up the smell with their trousers. LOL!
I'll have to make bouquets for the teachers of the girls, so the path gets more decent.

I'm visiting a few sites of friends each day now.
It's not much, but the connection is so very bad at times.
It's always interesting to see how few people can accept that others are not as much online.
In their eyes the friendship is gone. Well, I guess they need the attention instead of feeling friendship in their hearts.
But sometimes I feel a bit hurt when I see they have send their summercards around and didn't have me on the list anymore.

I think I'll send my cards this week.
I feel we have skipped spring and are having summer already..

This morning I ate some red berries from the garden again. Noticed I'm not the only one. LOL! But there's a place under the rose where they don't dare to come...

The raspberries are loosing the blossom.
When the leaves fall I can see already little green raspberries.
So much different from the past.
The climate change is having a huge impact.
Some things for the good, but most for the bad.
Makes me wonder what my children and next generations will have to go through.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

june 6

Yesterday my autistic son hit his little toe.. yesterday.
Today he moaned like hell not to go to school. Ugh
He's still at home. I can't force over a hundred kilo on a bike, can I?

Now he's reading the book he was supposed to read ages ago. No computertime ofcourse. The toe has a little blister on it... which means a huge defect between his ears.

I need a little bit of peace and time for myself.. planned this morning.
Forget it!

The appointment that was set weeks ago, was cancelled.
With the boys at home I won't go out. So that's no surprise for a friend who has his birthday today.
I was looking forward to getting him out of bed and taking him to the riverside and have lunch there.
I haven't lunched out in about 30 years, so it would have been fun.

Instead of it I'm stuck at home. With 3 loads of laundry waiting to go outside.
But the weather is crap again. Sooo humid and sooo grey.
On top of it people nearby are sawing either tiles or steel in their garden.
Such a noise!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

autism spectrum parents

want to join?


autism spectrum disorder parents - want to join?

Taking care of children and young people with autism spectrum disorder isn't easy.
I have found out that contact with other parents is a great help.
You'll find a listening ear, someone who understands without many explanations, someone who can give advice, someone who doesn't tell you you're a bad parent.
In case you want to join my blogroll, please do.
Mail me and I send you the code.

You can mail me here:


I'll send you the code, and this is how it works:
Make a link at the sidebar of your blog with the main image,
and put another piece of code at a place where the blogroll can be read.
It's important that you put the information at your page too, so we all link to each other.
Every once in a while I'll check the list and remove the blogs where no link is found.



june 5

Went to the dentist.
My own one wasn't there today, but the one I got was as kind, and even more easy to talk to.

I told him I was told all bad teeth were due to bad cleaning, and that I couldn't agree.
He looked at my mouth and said that if ever he had seen clean teeth, I had them.
And he knew some families who had all bad teeth.
Considering: I came out well, as all my front teeth are OK.

I asked him what he would do in my case and he said he would take a crown at that broken molar, and have implants at the other side.
Hmm.. that's about what I thought.

Onder special circumstances implants are paid by the insurance, except for a little part.
And ofcourse I could make a plan for several years.

I repaired the molar without a bad sound or strange feeling and I was outside in no time.

Played the bagpipe twice 10 to 15 minutes.
The new reed is easier and the high tones already are adjusting to my blowing.
I'm sorry for the neighbours, but I just had to practice. I hope to be able to go to the band tomorrow evening. One of the boys is going with me to bring the bagpipes upstairs, as I can't lift the heavy case.


Don't forget to confirm your message at the new page.

Contact Form


Monday, June 4, 2007

june 4

How lucky I was not to be able to get at my mail.
The other woman in my bagpipegroup mailed they're very far ahead.

I was lucky not to have gone last wednesday. I wouldn't have taken the bagpipe, and they only played bagpipe.
Well, I can't compete with people who have the chance to exercise all day or all evening.
I have 5 minutes a day not to disturb the neighbours.

Went with the girls to the eyedoc.
We were in 3 hours!

We were surrounded by people who were in good spirits. Seeing the same mother and daughter, the same mailman and some others over again.
Also my eyedoc of last week, who was puzzled. One could see him thinking: "She's so familiar, where do I know her from?". LOL!

We ended with the eyedoc that told me to loose weight last year.
It's clear he loves playing games with people, trying to make them react.
He first acted like he didn't know me, but when we were talking children he said exactly what I told him the times before. LOL!
When he realised I knew, he started to smile with twinkling eyes.
Well, the girls don't need new glasses, so that's good!

When we came home we had a little time and then the girls went for dinner at a friend. She took them to the four days marches.
I wouldn't have managed dinner in time after being at the hospital for so long.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

june 3

The idea was to go to town to enjoy a performance of the band, but only of there would be no problem at all...
The girls had a big row, and that was it.

It sounds strict, but at the moment I need to be.
The vacation is approaching and when I don't start with discipline, it ends terribly.

Had no internet, only a few minutes here and there.
Grrr. I wanted to update my site.

Managed to get the father of the kids egalise the place where the bycicles need to come.

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

disclosure policy

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me.

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. That way I can provide my family with much needed items I couldn't otherwise give them.

This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards.
I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.

The compensation received won't influence the advertising content, but will make me create extra topics or posts in this blog.
That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content, or it can be identified by an unexpected link in an entry (to a commercial page or non-profit website).

I'm compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though I receive compensation for my posts or advertisements, I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products.
The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

Each year this policy will be renewed.
This one is valid until january 1 2010.

To get your own policy, go to .


Friday, June 1, 2007

june 1

Woke up feeling a bit better, but I'm not sure if that's the painmeds still working.

The weather is far better. So I worked a bit in the garden.

june 1

Woke up feeling a bit better, but I'm not sure if that's the painmeds still working.

The weather is far better. So I worked a bit in the garden.